Legacy of the Wizard NES cheats

Legacy of the Wizard, initially released in Japan as Dragon Slayer IV: Drasle Family, is a action platform video game with RPG elements developed for Nintendo Entertainment System, MSX and MSX2.

The game represents one of the first examples of open-world video games, in which one can explore a very large map that represents an authentic world in its own right. This non-linear RPG that combines elements of gameplay typical of action games, a genre later known as Metroidvania, at the same time mixes elements of adventure that make it particularly playable and intriguing. 
The game follows the story of the Drasle family (short for Dragon Slayer) and the latter's attempt to destroy an ancient dragon named Keela who is magically trapped in a painting found in an underground labyrinth. To achieve their goal, family members and their pet must find the Dragon Slayer, magic sword which is protected by four secret crowns.

The player must use the abilities of individual family members to regain possession of the crowns and destroy the evil Keela. The caves to explore are filled with traps, pitfalls, puzzles and monsters, all of which are designed to conceal the hidden crowns. Each family member in Legacy of the Wizard has, in addition to strengths, also weaknesses, which requires you to choose well which character to use on various occasions.


To activate the other codes you must necessarily activate this one. At the title screen, press and hold UP-RIGHT + A + B on Controller 2. Then press and hold LEFT + DOWN and SELECT on Controller 1. At this point, press START on Controller 1: you will hear a sound and you will be taken to the game.

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