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Here are a summary of the current status of League of Legends, plans which have Riot for the coming months and all the news before the world! The main changes that have been conducted in the turrets at the start of the game are: Added additional gold by destroying the first turret of the game Removed the improvement which reinforced those of the lower Street As for the normal games: The turrets of the lower street now are more likely to fall first contrary to the mid or top The central turret does not usually drop the first and the Middle players often help other lines, which can be crucial so that others Bars on the left: are these results to changes in version 6.15,. those of the right, to the rear.

Riot shows the latest update for LoL Besides this also: League of Legends also implemented a small change in the AI from the turrets, this feature is known as a "call for help", it will be activated if the enemy champion is under the turret, but Allied victim is away from her. Earlier, Varus could have attacked Singed safely, since, although it is under a turret enemy, Singed is not within reach of the turret, and therefore this does not register the attack. However, with this change, the turret will hear the call for help and begin attacking Varus. Elemental dragons It takes for granted that the 4 dragons are currently placed in a good position after his recent improvement (statistics and perception of the players). At this time, there are no plans for further changes. The old dragon is not designed to be fundamental in all items. The old dragon is a good option if you have many accumulations of dragons and exert a reasonable degree of control over the map (or if you want to start a fight on the team). Balance of the game in version 6.17 and 6.18 Now that the world you play with version 6.18, during this and the version 6.17: Riot attention will focus mostly on the balance for professional games Minor changes will be made to several champions It will increase the diversity of selections at the professional level Is a little removed from power too strong champions: Ashe, Jhin, Gragas, Trundle Will be given to some who need it to reach their ideal point as: Jayce, Draven, Malphite, etc. Major changes will not be any champion in this period These versions will modify what is already there, but will not result in major alterations

League of Legends riot

Riot has been proposed to improve the clarity of the game: Eliminate visual noise and improve team communication. Clean the minimap icons. Prevent munitions Corki hextech appear them to all players. Adjust the size of the tunnels of Rek'Sai. Add an indicator of invulnerability clearer to definitive as the Taric or Kindred. Include more alerts for chat team (counters of death, of reappearance of objectives, etc.). Attenuate the names of the players and their clubs during combat. Clarifying circular indicators of soil among other things. Between the version of the world and the preseason (6.19 6.21) In the period between 6.19 and 6.21 versions there will be few changes. Riot work will focus on the development of the imminent preseason. Changes will continue to balance the game, but less than usual. Yorick update will be launched at that time. Possibly a new champion is also present.

League of Legends parche 6.22

Preseason (6.22-6.23) The pre-season, is planned for version 6.22 or 6.23. giving priority in these versions to the killers. Is ntroduciran more or less important changes on the kit of four of them. Will be minor modifications (mainly various settings) for many other. Will be new objects, so that they better meet the needs of the assassins. You will be studied: -If it is indispensable to support purchase protection of the legion. -If compensates for more gold and experience obtained farm that out to other streets. -The tendency of ghostly Youmuu edge to remove role to other objects, etc. Some master's degrees will probably be adjusted After the pre-season: Will study the possibility of increasing to 10 champions locks in the normal games in recruiting mode However, this can lead to some problems such as: -The selection of champion is already too long, and they don't want to extend it more with this change (as, for example, allowing more than one player from each team can block at the same time). -They want to be sure that the possibility of blocking a same post champions don't force players to dominate too many of these. -Add four more blocks multiplied by four

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