Layton and the Azran Legacy World Times Articles Guide

Here we are again to play the enigmatic professor with the long tuba in the new "Professor Layton and the Azran legacy" to unravel the mystery behind the ancient Azran civilization. After a few hours of play we will meet a nice journalist who will fill the professor's suitcase with the news of the World Times. All we have to do is go to the place indicated by the news and discover the truth about the curious article.

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IMPORTANT: The news will be unlocked continuing in the main story. By going to the right place to check it you can unlock new puzzles, places, mini-games or collectibles. The guide shows you where to go and what to do to solve the news.


WORLD TIMES-ARTICLE 1- After you finish the puzzle with Luke's father, go to Scotland Yard and talk to the policeman near the bus stop. Solve riddle 102 to investigate the news.


WORLD TIMES-ARTICLE 2- Speak with Mascha in Froenborg. Get to the snow bus stop and zoom in on the building on the right to find it.


WORLD TIMES-ARTICLE 3- Speak with Boris at the Kodh level crossing. The discussion will unlock a new location called Boris' cabin. Talk to Boris again to find out the truth about the news.

After collecting all 5 eggs, before unleashing Aurora's powers, it's a good idea to read all the news of the World Times and go around the world solving the mysteries related to the newspaper. To find the new puzzles you just need to wander around the locations of the game and arrived in the right section, the game itself will warn you of the presence of a new place to investigate ( REMEMEMBER READ THE NEWS BEFORE RETURN TO THE DESIGNED PLACE ):


WORLD TIMES-ARTICLE 17- Talk to Luke at the Loose Bow and solve his riddle.

WORLD TIMES-ARTICLE 14- Talk with Lasse on the Snowy Bridge and solve his enigma.


WORLD TIMES-ARTICLE 4- Talk with Chief Morchel, at the party stage to solve the article.

WORLD TIMES-ARTICLE 5- Talk with Pioppino in the village path and solve his enigma.


WORLD TIMES-ARTICLE 20- talk to Arthur in the Hangar.

WORLD TIMES-ARTICLE 6- Zoom left into the Museum area and talk to Lucille to solve her puzzle.

WORLD TIMES-ARTICLE 11- Speak with Clark in Laboratory B.


WORLD TIMES-ARTICLE 10- Talk with Pavlova on the Kodh lakefront and solve his riddle.

WORLD TIMES-ARTICLE 7- Speak with Larissa in Larissa's bistro and solve her riddle.


WORLD TIMES-ARTICLE 8- Talk with Bud at Bud's Bar and Grill to solve the 8th World Times article.

WORLD TIMES-ARTICLE 9- Talk with Aldus in the lobby of the hilltop hotel and solve the puzzle.


WORLD TIMES-ARTICLE 13- Talk to Jesse on the main road and solve his riddle.

WORLD TIMES-ARTICLE 12- Talk to Old Red and Ruby in the cave to discover that the wolf cub has a stomachache. Go back in front of Ruby's house and get the corn. Go back to Old Red to solve the 12th World Times article.


WORLD TIMES-ARTICLE 16- Talk to Peter at the watering hole and you'll find out he's looking for his sheep. Go to the hill to find it. Talk to the sheep now, Casimir, and solve its riddle. Go back to Peter to solve the article too.

WORLD TIMES-ARTICLE 15- Talk to Francis to resolve the 15th World Times article.


WORLD TIMES-ARTICLE 18- Talk with Umid at Umid's house to solve the 18th World Times article.

WORLD TIMES-ARTICLE 19- Speak with Babak in the forest of Oniribad and solve his enigma.

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