Landstalker Mega Drive cheats and codes

Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole, is a video game developed by Climax Entertainment and released in 1992 in Japan for Sega Mega Drive and the following year, 1993, in the rest of the world.

Of the videogame it is A sequel was also released, Lady Stalker: Challenge from the Past, released in 1995 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Its spiritual successor, however, is considered to be the Dark Savior game, released for Sega Saturn. The protagonists of the game are Nigel (Ryle in the Japanese version) and Friday, a nymph: the player controls Nigel the treasure hunter, who wants find King Nole's treasure. Landstalker mainly deals with outdoor environments and dungeons, with the gameplay approached from an isometric view.
Nigel can perform various actions: he can walk, jump, use his sword, climb rock walls and stairs, talk to various characters in the game and collect or throw numerous objects. Nigel's weapon and armor can be swapped out over the course of the game with more powerful and improved versions.

The variety of objects in the game is very wide: most of them are used for restore energy of our hero or to give him additional attack power. Features that Nigel will need to find King Nole's fabulous treasure and protect Friday from the thieves (Kayla, Ink and Wally are their names) who chase her.

In the Casino, hold A + B + C + START on controller 2 before entering the room where the chicken races take place. When done correctly, the trick will turn chickens into monsters.

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