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Kung-Fu, which in the original version was called Spartan X, it's a arcade game of fighting genre horizontal scrolling. The videogame was developed and published by Irem Corporation.

In Japan it was released in December 1984 while in the West arrived a few months later, under license Data east. Conversions for the most popular platforms at the time are wasted, but the most famous is the one for Nintendo Entertainment System. In a certain sense we can say that Kung Fu is the precursor of the scrolling fighting game that from the second half of the 80s had so much success among gamers. The game was released as a tie-in from the action movie The Mystery of Count Lobos (1984 with Jackie Chan), from which it takes up part of the plot as the names Thomas and Sylvia of the protagonists.
The protagonist of the game is Thomas, kung fu master in keikogi. His girlfriend, Sylvia, is kidnapped by "X" and Thomas, after receiving a mysterious note, goes to the Temple of the Devil. This building, a 5-story pagoda, is X's lair, which must be defeated if Sylvia is to be freed. Let's see the tricks just for the NES version.

In each level of Kung Fu, there is a way to easily earn 5.000 bonus points.

All you have to do is give a flying kick to the XNUMXth enemy in each level to earn the points.

To beat the final boss quite simply, all you have to do is kneel down and keep using low kicks.

Thanks to some sort of bug in the game, the bad guy will continue to fall into the same trap and get hit by your move.

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