Koudelka PlayStation cheats and codes

Koudelka is a role-playing video game developed by the software house Sacnoth to Sony PlayStation or PSX if you prefer.

Published in the market Japanese in December 1999, the game arrived in North America in June 2000 and in Europe only in September of the same year. Well thought out mix between survival horror and tactical RPG with grid combat system, Koudelka is set in the year 1898 in Aberystwyth, Wales. The game tells the mysterious events that take place near the Nemeton Monastery and focuses on three protagonists whose task is to investigate the mysterious matter.
Koudelka Iasant, a young gypsy with supernatural powers, arrives at the Monastery and meets Edward Plunkett, an adventurer, and Father James O'Flaherty, a bishop. The woman was "called" by a female spirit and, once she arrived at the Monastery, she saved Edward Plunkett by protecting him from the attack of a monster and by healing his wounds. Thus begins an interesting story that gives life to a video game perhaps underrated but absolutely worthy of being rediscovered.

These secret items are only available at a certain time of the game, so you can only get them once during the adventure. To activate the release of these items, you must have a certain number of items in your inventory. If you have 10, 21, 32 or 43 at the following game time, the corresponding secret item will be released. 

Besh No Yubiwa - 01:11:11
Charu No Eben - 04:44:44
Gargoyle Claw - 11:11:11
Kuronuni No Esa - 03:33:33
Oden's Ono - 10:10:10
Ogden's Shatsu - 02:22:22
Roger's Tsue - 22:22:22
Tamacosoziru - 05:55:55

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