Knight Rider NES cheats and codes

Knight Rider it's a driving video games published for Nintendo Entertainment System. The game takes free inspiration from the namesake telefilm, very popular in those years, starring David Hasselhoff and KITT, a car equipped with artificial intelligence.

The gameplay is very simple: there are 15 different cities, the first of which is San Francisco while the last is Los Angeles. KITT can be upgraded with more fuel and improved armor, useful for absorbing enemy hits. Its top speed can also be improved, as well as the amount of lasers and / or missiles available at the start of the mission. In the first 6 stages we also find allies, represented by trucks that leave powerful power up, to be collected and exploited to our advantage. If you find yourself in trouble, here are some tricks for this nice video game.

During the game, press Start to pause the game. At this point, press e and hold down A, B, Up, Left simultaneously on controller 1. Use the Select button to scroll through the various weapons and press Start to go directly to the end of the level.

Hold down A and B and press Reset on the console. Release A and B and select "Mission" or "Drive". When Devon arrives and says "Select Mode" press Up or Down to select the level and Start to start the game.

Press and hold Select, then press Reset on the console to see the game's final message.

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