Kizuna Encounter Neo Geo cheats

Kizuna Encounter, whose full title is Kizuna Encounter: Super Tag Battle, is a fighting video game developed and distributed in 1996 by SNK in arcade version and for Neo Geo.

This is the sequel to Savage Reign. Note how the PAL copies of this game for Neo Geo can be literally counted on the fingers of one hand: they are in fact 5 (or at least, five are those of which we know). A rare gem, an authentic one Holy Grail for every gamer and collector of retrogames. The Japanese version, on the other hand, is not at all rare, although it is almost the same as the European one.
Just like its predecessor, Kizuna Encounter was converted for PlayStation 2 (for the Japanese market only). In Kizuna Encounter, players have the power of change the fighter used by simply pressing a button, provided you are in a special area, the tag area. To lose the match it is enough for one of the two fighters to lose all energy: the other character's life bar will not count and defeat will come instantly. The plot of this handsome beat'em up is the following: a year before the current tournament, King Lion organizes the Beast God tournament, useful to understand if any fighters have what it takes to challenge him for the throne.

9 wrestlers enter the prestigious tournament and, after an endless series of bloody clashes, it is Sho Hayate who is the strongest and therefore the winner. On top of that, Sho Hayate also defeats King Lion. You have the task of replicating Sho's deeds and winning the coveted trophy.

When there is 10 seconds or less of encounter left, make sure both Rosa and her partner have little, very little energy (you will see, they will have typical attitudes of characters with low life bar), then defeat Rosa. The girl will remain in the bra.

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