Kirby's Fun Pak SNES bonus content and cheats

Kirby's Fun Pak it's a platform game genre developed in 1995 by HAL Laboratory to Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

The videogame is known with the name of Kirby Super Star in North America and as Kirby Super Deluxe instead in Japan. In the Japanese country it was released in 1995 while in Canada and the USA it arrived the following year, in 1996. In Europe, even, only on December 30th 1996.
As the cover of the Kirby's Fun Pak box says, the videogame consists of platform games and others more similar to puzzle genre minigames. The protagonist is always Kirby, who can move across the platforms of the game, thus avoiding the clash with enemies.

Kirby is able to copy the abilities of enemies and use a wide range of attacks, wearing different hats that change color, to indicate the skill you are using. A notable feature of this game is the addition of a support worker: he has the appearance of an enemy and helps Kirby during the adventure.

This trick makes you invincible for the duration of a level.
At the start of any stage, press R, R, R, L, L, L, A, B, A, B, A, B to become invulnerable.

You can reset the game simply by pressing R, L, START and SELECT at the same time.

Kirbys Fun Pak - SNES


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