Kirby's Dream Land - Game Boy cheats and codes

Kirby's Dream Land it's a platform video game developed in 1992 for Nintendo Game Boy by Masahiro Sakurai, developer of HAL Laboratory, in collaboration with Nintendo. In Japan, the video game is known as Hoshi no Kabi

Kirby's Dream Land is the first video game in the popular Kirby series, named after the chubby and likeable protagonist of the same name. The terrible and greedy King Dedede, tyrant of the country of Dream Land (located on the planet Pop Star) has stolen all the food of his subjects to organize a midnight party. It is up to Kirby to sneak into the party, defeat Dedede and her underlings, and retrieve all the food stolen by the tyrant.
Once defeated, Dedede will be thrown out of the castle where he lives. There game mechanics of Kirby's Dream Land is very similar to that of the most popular platformers of the era, the early 90s. Many objects and enemies populate the levels to be overcome to get to the clash with the bad guy on duty. Every few points accumulated, Kirby earns a life, so try to collect as many bonus possible!

At any time during the game pause and wait a few seconds. Kirby will start dancing around the screen.

On the home screen, press and hold UP + A + SELECT.

Immediately after facing the boss of the Bubbly Clouds, Kirby will fall down a waterfall. Behind it is a mint, and if you eat it as you fall, you will blend in with the background. However, if you touch the water, the glitch will cease to exist.

Also keep in mind that you are not invincible, you are simply invisible.

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