Kingdom Hearts PS2 cheats and codes

Kingdom Hearts it's a RPG video game fully developed and then published by Square, a well-known software house now better known as Square Enix.

Released in 2002 for PlayStation 2, Kingdom Hearts is a game that combines elements and characters characteristic of Square and The Walt Disney Company: in fact the protagonist is Sora, a boy who will have to face a thousand ups and downs while being able to count on Donald, Mickey and many other mythical characters of the Disney gang.
There are many peculiarities that make Kingdom Hearts unique: from the dubbing of the characters carried out by the official Disney voice actors to unusual details for an RPG, such as the element of dynamic adventure that pervades the whole game. The mix between Square and Disney is skilful and the videogame's success was immediate, so much so that it soon became Platinum. In over 10 years of career, KH has sold over 20 million copies worldwide, making it the best-selling PS2 game ever. If you need some advice to complete it, the tips below will certainly help you.

The secret ending can only be unlocked in Standard or Expert mode.
- in standard mode, complete the entire grill, 100%, including missions and mini games.
- in expert mode: defeat Xemnas.

To find Tarzan, go to the deep forest, after Wonderland.

To defeat Hercules activate hyperguard: after taking about one life from him, Hercules will start spinning around on himself, using the ability at the right moment, you will stop and cancel the attack, while doing the same thing when he charges you, you will stun him making him vulnerable.

After defeating Riku in front of the portal that opens, turn right: over the wall you have to jump and go straight. At the top you will find a chest, which contains the Oblivion Keyblade.

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