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Kingdom Hearts III is an ARPG game developed by Square Enix and published by the same company for Play Station 4 and Xbox One consoles. It was announced at E3 2013, and the D23 Expo 2017 would confirm its launch date for 2018. However, Square Enix announced that this third installment of the saga would be launched on January 29th worldwide. This is the first franchise title to be launched for more than one platform, thus abandoning the exclusivity of a single title for each console.

Available: Play Station 4, Xbox One
Gender: ARPG
Players: One player
Launch date: 29 January 2019

Kingdom Hearts III Trailer + Game Images

The game tells the third adventure of Sora, who goes with her friends Donald and Goofy through worlds based on classic Disney movies fighting the Heartless and the Uncorporeal. In addition, a world based on Toy Story was shown in action, marking the debut of Pixar’s films in the franchise. The following is the official trailer for the game, so you can get a feel for its storyline:

In the game a world based on the movie Monsters, Inc. Sora, Donald and Goofy will take the form of monsters, as well as more details about the world of Toy Story (like the battle against a boss). Here are some images from the game to help you get familiar with it.

How to get all the sword keys in Kingdom Hearts III

  • Kingdom Chain: His skills are Magnet and Extra Transformation. It is the initial sword key and you will get it at the beginning of the game.
  • The origin of the hero: It will give you extra transformation and defense. You will get it at the end of the plot of El Olimpo (Hercules)
  • Shooting star: It will serve you as a magical magnet and you will get it after your first visit to Villa Crepúsculo
  • Deputy Sheriff: The skills you’ll get are good luck and extra transformation. You will get it after completing the plot of Toy Story.
  • Forever: It’s a healthy leaf. You’ll get it at the end of the Kingdom of Corona (Tangled) plot
  • The key to laughter: It will give you extra-powerful magic. You will get it at the end of the Monsteropolis plot (Monsters, Inc.)
  • Crystalline snow: It’s antifreeze. You will get it after finishing the plot of Arandelle (Frozen)
  • Sweet honey: It will serve you as a reaper. You’ll get it after you pass the three Hundred Acre Wood mini-games (Winnie the Pooh)
  • Nanoarm: This is an anti-stun key. You will get it after finishing the San Fransokyo (Big Hero 6) plot.
  • Destination Rudder: You’ll get it after completing the plot The Caribbean (Pirates of the Caribbean)
  • Starlight: It will give you extra transformation. Obtained after defeating a boss in the Sword-Key Necropolis (it’s part of the storyline, so no loss). Alternatively, it’s possible to have it from the start of the adventure by overcoming all the Classic Kingdom minigames in Kingdom Hearts Union Cross.
  • Grand Chef: It’s a Wizard Star key. You must get a 5-star rating at the Minichef restaurant in Villa Crepúsculo.
  • Classic Tone: Hurry up, PM. You will get this key after finding and completing all the Classic Kingdom minigames (23 in total)
  • Phantom Green: It will give you elemental improvement and electro +. It is an incentive for booking Kingdom Hearts III at the Microsoft Store
  • Midnight Blue: Will give you elemental enhancement and ice +. It’s an incentive for booking Kingdom Hearts II on the PlayStation Network.
  • Dawn Till Dusk: Will give you elementary improvement and pyro +. It’s an incentive for booking Kingdom Hearts III on
  • Weapon Artema: Extra Combo, Extra Aerial and Extrasit. This is the best of the whole game and several requirements must be met to achieve it. You must get the recipe of the weapon (you get it after getting 58 different kinds of goldsmith materials)

How to get Arma Artema

Getting the Weapon Artema will give you many advantages in Kingdom Hearts III, but you can’t get it until the end of the game.

To obtain the recipe for Arma Artema, you must first collect at least 58 different types of materials. Once you have obtained these materials (you will get them as you play), you will be given the recipe for the most powerful weapon in the game.

What is the recipe?

To make the Artema sword weapon you require:

  • 7x Orichalcum+, where we give you now all the steps to get it
  • 2x Power glass
  • 2x Clear crystal (achieved by synthesizing one power crystal, two clear gemstones, three clear rocks and five clear pebbles. You have to make this synthesis twice)
  • 2x Power glass

How to get Orichalcum +

The materials you need for this weapon are common materials that you will find and collect as you play. However, the Orichalcum+ is a bit more complicated. Here is how to get it.

  1. In a treasure chest in The Final World. It is not possible to access on the first visit, so you will have to return through the portal in the Necropolis of Sword Keys.
  2. In a treasure chest in the Caribbean, it appears on the map as Exile Island (if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s the one closest to the center, on the west side of the map). It is on the surface.
  3. Send the special postcards in the mailbox of Twilight Village, next to the Moguri store.
  4. As a reward in the Alpine Slide mini-game in Arendelle (the world of Frozen), you must collect all the treasures as you slide down the mountain.
  5. Defeating an optional boss in the Eclipse galaxy with the Gumi ship.
  6. You have to collect 90 fortune holders (all of them in the game).
  7. You must get the highest score in all of the Seven Fantasy Flan mini-games.

Now you know how to get the best weapon in Kingom Hearts III, but you must first finish the adventure. Here’s a video to help you see, visually, how to get that weapon.

Tips and Tricks for Improving Fighting in Kingdom Hearts III

  • Organize your shortcuts well: The key is to create commands that, through triggers or the crosshead, allow you to access the magic, objects and invocations that you use the most.
  • Experiment with the different sword keys: Try all the incoming ones and at least try to find out what levels of transformation they offer.
  • Don’t let special attacks pass you by: They’re more useful than you think, so try to use them unless you have a lot of control over the situation.
  • The autofinish skill is paramount to not letting go of attacks: if you miss the final attacks of summons and weapons, this skill will be your salvation. Be sure to always have it among your active upgrades.
  • All attractions are interactive: All allow you to take action or face enemies, including the pirate ship.
  • Air combat is very important: learn how to use it and use specific skills to get the most out of it.

Basic guide to playing Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III is a very dynamic video game and you will easily understand how to play it. However, there are a few points to keep in mind before you start playing. That is why, below, we provide you with a guide with some tips to make your introduction to this game easier:

Analysis of Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III ends a stage with a fantastic, varied and, above all, very fun game. It is a very dynamic game that will take you back to your childhood. However, there are some negative points to take into account (like most games). Here is a review of the game.


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