Kingdom Hearts 3 | How to Level Up Fast to 99

You're playing Kingdom Hearts 3 but do you have problems with the more ruolistic aspect of the matter?
You're playing Kingdom Hearts 3 but you don't want to know about gunning for some level because you've been waiting for this title for years and years?

Don't worry, we have found for you a rather quick method to make levels and that will allow you to run fast enough within the title.

The guide in question contains spoilers that could ruin the experience and waiting for those players who don't want to know anything about the title before they have it on hand, so read it at your own risk.

How to quickly level up in Kingdom Hearts 3

The above mentioned video collects in a quite clear way the functioning of this exploit: it's about killing in a indefatigable way a great amount of heartless that respawn with infinite rate, managing to collect about 10,000 experience points per minute if you're lucky.

How is this possible?

You first need to trigger the events in the story that ask the player to return to review the various game worlds; this happens naturally on the journey to the game's finale after exploring all the worlds at least once.

Returning to any world you visit, you'll soon see that things have changed quite radically: no more world-specific heartlessness will appear and instead there'll be a jumble of little black monsters breathing almost endlessly.

Since the respwan of enemies is, in this case, virtually instantaneous, it is natural to get there to slaughter any type of creature in order to gain experience, this process is productive in an interesting way because at a time spawn five to six units of Shadow and one or two units of NeoShadow.

Since the former gives 89 experience points to death while the latter gives 266 experience points, it gives you an understanding of how you can do so many levels in a few hours of unbridled farming.

What to use to do so many levels?

The best way to kill heartless players and earn experience points is to abuse the spells, attraction controls and great spells.

Since the enemies in question have a low amount of HP and appear in small groups, the magic we recommend you use is the strongest of the Thunder | Thudara | Thundaga group, paired with the Magic Carousel attraction that does damage in large areas around Sora.

To speed up this practice even more, we recommend that you equip as many twins as possible among the accessories in order to have more chances to trigger the Great Magic; in this way it will be possible to throw lightning so powerful that you can earn a thousand experience points with a single stroke or to use special fusions that can simplify your work (such as those related to the keyblade of Big Hero 6).

This method can only be applied during a certain period of the game's storyline, which is why we recommend that you do as many levels as you want as soon as you find the above mentioned features and do not go any further. For farmare in the last stages of the game there are other methods that include different worlds, features and tips.

Don't let them get away.

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