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The rescue system of Kingdom Come: Deliverance is one of the most criticized mechanics by players in these early days when the Warhorse title was released. Progress is automatically saved when you complete a particularly important objective of a quest, but many of them are so long-lived that players are forced to redo very large portions of the mission in case of failure. You can also save by sleeping in an inn or on a makeshift bed. What about manual rescues, saving the shrewdest role-players? They can be done, but they are limited and require a special drink: the Schnapps savior.

The Schnapps savior is an alcoholic beverage in Kingdom Come: Deliverance that players can use to save their game. The drink is hard to find and can be a bit expensive if purchased in local taverns. If you are near an alchemy counter and have resources at hand, you can opt to create the Schnapps savior instead of spending money. This guide explains how to make the miracle drink in Kingdom Come: Deliverance so you always have a rescue potion at hand.

The Schnapps savior usually costs about 100 Groschen, which is a pretty high price for a bottle, even after dealing a little with the price. Buying it constantly will make Henry poorer than when he started the adventure.

How to Make Schnapps savior

Before you can create your own bottle, you'll need to prepare a few things. First, you must find an alchemical counter. You also need the recipe to begin the process of creating the Schnapps savior, but you'll find this by default on the first page of the alchemy book beside the alchemical counters.

To create the Schnapps savior, you'll need to collect some ingredients. Fortunately, although it costs a lot of money and is very useful, the drink does not require a very large number of ingredients: Nettle (1), Belladonna (2) and some Wine. To get the herbs, you can choose to look for them in the game world or buy them from a pharmacist.

Now, let's get down to business. The process of creating the Schnapps savior is relatively simple. This recipe uses the most basic alchemy steps, so learning it will help you prepare potions in the future.

Here's what to do to create the Schnapps savior on your alchemy bench in Kingdom Come Deliverance:

  • Pour the wine into the cauldron.
  • Place your ingredients so that you have easy access to them.
  • Grind two handfuls of Belladonna using the mortar and pestle, then put them on the plate.
  • Put a handful of Nettle in the cauldron.
  • To boil the cauldron, pull the bellows six times.
  • Let the mixture boil for two turns of the hourglass.
  • Pour into the cauldron the chopped Belladonna made previously that is in the dish.
  • Pull the bellows three more times to keep it warm.
  • Let the potion boil for another round of the hourglass.
  • Take a nearby vial and pour the potion from the cauldron to the vial.

That's it! If you followed the steps listed above, you should now have created your own personal bottle of Schnapps savior in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Next time you run out of rescue drinks, make sure you have some nettle, belladonna and wine on hand to create your own Schnapps.

Note: Schnapps savior is an alcoholic beverage, so drinking it too often can cause alcoholism in Henry with adverse effects on the game. From drunk, the protagonist will become unfit for combat and terribly slower and clumsy. Use it only when you really think you can't do otherwise.

Better to save manually when you are short of automatic saves. To do so, however, you need the Schnapps savior.

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