King of the Monsters Neo Geo cheats and codes

King of the Monsters it's a fighting video game developed and published by SNK in 1991 for Neo Geo. In addition to the classic fighting elements, the game contains others typical of wrestling games.

When it comes to videogames featuring from huge and very bad monsters, King of the Monsters is perhaps the most popular after the unrivaled Rampage of Midway Games, another title inspired by the kaiju of the tokusatsu films, a branch of Japanese culture that deals with monsters of cyclopean dimensions
Among the selectable characters, which in all are six, also the classic monster inspired by the Japanese film of 1954, Godzilla.

If you love monsters and the effects their size has on cities, King of the Monsters is definitely for you! And if by any chance you are stuck in a certain stage, here are some tips / tricks that you will certainly appreciate ...

To have infinite CONTINUE you have to proceed as follows: if you have reached the last Continue, save the game on a memory card. 

Once this is done, load the game again and you will find yourself with 3 continues.

You can repeat this operation indefinitely: the memory card saves your monsters and your energy but not the Continues left at the player's disposal in the last game.

King of the Monsters - Neo Geo


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