Killer Instinct SNES cheats and codes

Killer Instinct it's a fighting game genre, developed in 1994 by the Rare first in version arcade and subsequently for SNES, Nintendo 64 and Game Boy.

From a purely graphic point of view, Killer Instinct is considered one of the best games of those years, especially for the techniques used in the game, which make the scenarios appear as if they were built in three dimensions. The Rare videogame is also known for the particular combo system, rather complex and made up of autodouble, linker and ultras. To defend against these moves you can use combo breakers, moves that interrupt the opponent's chains of moves. 
The plot is as follows: Ultratech, a company that supplies weapons to the main nations of the world, has discovered an alien (Glacius) who has fallen with his ship on Earth and has stolen some technologies to use them in some secret projects. He later organized a tournament among the best fighters on the planet, all just to experiment with alien technologies on the participants. If you are looking for tricks or bonus content for Killer Instinct, you just have to continue reading: we have some gems for you!

To access the bonus stage, go to the character select screen and press DOWN + B on both controllers.

On the VS match screen. press the following buttons on both controllers:
SLOW: Hold LEFT and all 3 kick buttons.
MEDIA: hold RIGHT and all 3 kick buttons.
FAST: Hold RIGHT and all 3 punch keys.
HYPER: Hold LEFT and all 3 punch keys.

In the character selection screen choose Cinder, kill your opponent until the background flashes red and press BACK, BACK, A. If done correctly your opponent will start dancing.

To bring up the options screen during a match, go to the VS screen. and press DOWN + START. However, you cannot change the difficulty level.

Killer Instinct - SNES


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