Kickle Cubicle NES passwords and codes

Kickle Cubicle, known in Japan as Meikyūjima (literally translates to Labyrinth Island), is a puzzle video game developed and published by Irem in 1998, first as an arcade and later (in 1990) for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The gameplay is not too different from that of the game Adventures of Lolo or Pengo, with the protagonist (Kickle in fact) who one day wakes up and finds his homeland, Fantasy Kingdom, completely frozen by the hand of an evil wizard. The magician has also imprisoned the inhabitants of Fantasy Kingdom and Kickle, the only one not to fall victim to the spell, sets out on a journey that aims to free his friends. Kickle Cubicle is not a simple game and we list them below Password of all levels, along with some useful tricks.

Press and hold DOWN on controller 1 and turn on the NES: the screen will be blank. Press LEFT, UP, RIGHT on controller 2 to fight the first boss.

On the home screen, hold A + B on controller 2, then press RESET to have the sound test.

gMgP GICG 1st Boss Koke
XDXI EKBY 2nd Boss Piro
ELGh hHBh 3rd Boss Kapan
LYSe bFBa 4th Boss Wizard King (Final Boss)

SNNC BBCJ Level 30
FbgJ IYAX Special Game

CdhK UYBW Cake Land 1
KJeK VNCe Cake Land 10
PRKV UQCL Cake Land 11
SBDQ FZAa Cake Land 12
RAHW HBBW Cake Land 13
MTTK hPCD Cake Land 14
IHAV PXBB Cake Land 15
ELeA hhBP Cake Land 16
gACJ QaBF Cake Land 2
aUZE UdAK Cake Land 3
WYdD QgAZ Cake Land 4
SMTg UADS Cake Land 5
OQOe QaCF Cake Land 6
KENY UECL Cake Land 7
GIIX QgBN Cake Land 8
HJUh UUCe Cake Land 9
GWZE CKAd Fruit Land 1
hLHA MCDO Fruit Land 10
bXED gKBe Fruit Land 11
STZK hbCe Fruit Land 12
PbaJ OgAb Fruit Land 13
SSIe daCF Fruit Land 14
WGTY IYCI Fruit Land 15
aagL QOBK Fruit Land 16
XDWH EIBP Fruit Land 17
GGIb aACg Fruit Land 2
HTYP OSAR Fruit Land 3
KKKb dKCF Fruit Land 4
OgFG IIBU Fruit Land 5
RRRa QgCE Fruit Land 6
ZZWT AMBT Fruit Land 7
gOSH AODG Fruit Land 8
CCeO YACC Fruit Land 9
CADO QECP Garden Land 1
HVBQ EgAU Garden Land 10
GUBO GaAF Garden Land 11
OdYN OABW Garden Land 12
NLKT WGCe Garden Land 13
RhXY WQBg Garden Land 14
VFUJ WGCe Garden Land 15
ZXBg GACL Garden Land 16
gMHQ GKCQ Garden Land 17
hNRA EODF Garden Land 2
bZaD WCBB Garden Land 3
XKSH HNCe Garden Land 4
TGNd HVBQ Garden Land 5
ORBI XbCe Garden Land 6
PeCL GKBV Garden Land 7
OMUB UaCF Garden Land 8
KITG QUCe Garden Land 9
JPLG IaBF Special Game 10
JEJd DFBa Special Game 11
KQMP AGCe Special Game 12
LBYT YIBR Special Game 13
LRJS aICB Special Game 14
MCXS YIBQ Special Game 15
MSGB IWBA Special Game 16
NTGB YYAh Special Game 17
NDXS IKBO Special Game 18
NYVg VLBK Special Game 19
FLPa YKCG Special Game 2
OEYT IOBW Special Game 20
PVMH YIBe Special Game 21
PFeA ACCY Special Game 22
QWLK UMBT Special Game 23
QGaV IWBM Special Game 24
QbgN JJCD Special Game 25
RHDS EgBS Special Game 26
RdBC FDCN Special Game 27
RMQP JPCK Special Game 28
TZQL YYBV Special Game 29
GdBM IABg Special Game 3
TJBd IKCE Special Game 30
GMQL IgBF Special Game 4
HeEh YYBB Special Game 5
HNVQ IKCQ Special Game 6
IgDg YYBC Special Game 7
IOSF AgBD Special Game 8
IDGN RRBC Special Game 9
XXDS KUBg Toy Land 10
aXMH LXBV Toy Land 11
hhed KICT Toy Land 12
huTD bVCE Toy Land 13
bIgR bFCa Toy Land 14
XMeW bJCE Toy Land 15
TAIL bZBE Toy Land 16
LYTd bFBa Toy Land 17
NBFQ GUBg Toy Land 2
NRSe WgCD Toy Land 3
OCCe WACW Toy Land 4
OSRE OGCe Toy Land 5
PhhW aUBg Toy Land 6
TbER YUBg Toy Land 7
PPRI KICD Toy Land 8
SPSe LDCS Toy Land 9

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