Just Cause 4 Trophy Guide

This is a game of action and adventure that belongs to the Just Cause saga. It is a video game that you can enjoy at your own pace to get the trophies, since there is none that you can lose and you can always replay some part of it.

The story related trophies in Just Cause 4

There are a number of trophies that you are sure to earn because they are story related. Others belong to the side missions, which you'll also be able to do for the most part while playing the game in a natural way. The story trophies are as follows:

Chaos Milestone

To get this trophy you must increase your Chaos Army level by filling up the chaos bar.

Let me introduce myself

This is a story related trophy that you won't miss either. After starting the game you will have access to the entire map, and 3 mission branches will appear. One of them for Sergeant, one for Javi and one for Garland. If you meet these characters and complete their first missions you will get the trophy.

What if... I jump in?

You must complete Operation Windwalker to get this trophy.


You must complete Operation Thunder Ship to get this trophy.

Traveling Spirit

You will need to find 50% of the discoverable locations to get this trophy.

Better with a Giant Weapon

You will have to complete Operation Punzarenas to obtain this trophy.

The Scorpion's Tale

This trophy will be unlocked after finishing the last mission "Operation Illapa" from the main story.

Unseeing Eyes

You will need to gain control of all the factories to get this trophy.

Bomb Disposal

You will need to get rid of all the VBIEDs on the Solis docks to get this trophy. To do so, you will need to finish all 3 missions of this type.

...Harder is the fall

You will need to destroy all surveillance aircraft to get this trophy, these will appear on your map after finding locations, mostly enemy bases or in big cities.

Show me the way

You will have to uncover all the ancient statues to get this trophy and there are a total of 12.

Side Mission Trophies in Just Cause 4

Once you have obtained all those related to the main story you will also have to focus on getting the side quest trophies, these are linked to the different characters and you will be unlocking them throughout the game. The trophies are as follows:

I Came to Stay.

You will have to gain control of all the regions to get this trophy. It's important to know that you will only be able to secure the regions next to the ones you already control and that they are unlocked as you complete missions.

I like having options

You will need to unlock all the modifications for the grappling hook if you want to get this trophy. There are 3 different loadout modifications for your grappling hook, and each of them have different upgrades that you must unlock. Unlocking them will require you to earn points:

  • Sergeant - You will earn points by completing S-side missions and destroying airships.
  • Garland - You will get points by completing G-side missions and performing stunts.
  • Javi - You will earn points by exploring ancient ruins and discovering statues.


For this trophy you will need to discover all the locations in the game.

You move well

You must shoot all the stunts in an air suit to get this trophy, they will appear on your map after you find the location of the first one.

Specialist Driver

You will have to roll all vehicle stunts to get this trophy. They also appear after finding the first location although they are a bit more difficult to perform.

The Ultimate Action Hero

If you want to get this trophy you will have to complete all 6 side missions for Garland.

Knowledge is Power

To unlock this trophy you will need to explore the 7 ancient ruins of Javi. They are not marked on the map but the menu will show you their location.

His name is Luis

To get this trophy you will need to complete 17 side missions for Sergeant, marked with an S on the map.

Weapon Cache

You have to get all the light and heavy weapon plans to unlock this trophy.

Fully Stocked

You must obtain all supply delivery blueprints to get this trophy, which means 100% completion of the game. The requirements to obtain all of these blueprints are as follows:

  • Complete all the main story missions.
  • Complete all stunts.
  • Complete all side missions.
  • Discover all the statues.
  • Complete all ancient statues.
  • Destroy all airships.

Remaining trophies in Just Cause 4

There are a couple of more unique trophies that you may have missed out on. They are the following trophies:

An Army of Chaos!

This trophy is probably going to be the last one to get, as it's a bit difficult since you have to reach Chaos level 14 to unlock it. You'll have to put in a bit more effort but on the plus side, destroying enemy vehicles in the process will earn you a lot of points.

Remember My Name

This is the only online trophy in the game. To get it you'll have to enter the scoreboard for each achievement, online challenges that are automatically tracked every time you play, as long as you're currently connected to the internet.

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