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In the upper part of the base will appear two anti-aircraft missile stations, so if we want to escape we will have to disable them. Once the film is finished we go up the structure to the upper area, quickly eliminate the enemies in the area and go to the bottom where inside a crate there are C4 charges. Once we get the weapon, we place charges on both positions, then we use the grappling hook to put us on top - left or right is the same, the important thing is to stay on top and protected from the central area of the base. Once in position we detonate the explosive charges and wait for Kane to return to the area so that we can hang up on his helicopter and complete the mission successfully.

The whole mission takes place at the military base of "Kem Guning Dataran Tinggi", a military base that we can destroy 100% in order to obtain the liberation of the first settlement of Panau. It is highly advisable to use this opportunity to destroy the base because the level of attention from the military will always remain low as we are inside a mission. So let's look in the area for all the targets to destroy - towers, radio antennas, silo, tanks, domes, etc. - easily identifiable thanks to the white Panau star on a red background - these targets will also provide specifications on the object and its resistance to damage if targeted. Remember also that in order to obtain the full percentage, not only will we have to destroy, but also collect, the objects Weapon Parts, Vehicle Parts and Armour in fact contribute to the percentage and in the area there are five weapon parts, four vehicle parts and two armor parts.


Once we get the commands at the end of the movie we will be in front of the big casino in the city. We continue on the main road facing the enemies on the ground - we pay particular attention to those armed with shotguns. We pay particular attention, having passed the statue of the President, to the enemy, the spoiling officer, with the explosives that Kane himself will signal us. Eliminated the man - we then collect from his body the charges of C4 - we reach the towers of the casino and we begin to climb them using the grappling hook continuously on the facade, we aim and pull up, then we aim at a higher point and pull up again. Once at the top we'll have to eliminate the enemies and disable the C4 charges at the top of the two towers - to get through one tower and the other we use the glass bridge roof. Disable the two charges through a simple and quick minigame where we have to press four buttons in sequence, in the area will come one or two helicopters - one if we shoot down the first without getting on board, two if we take possession of the first. When we shoot down the first or the second helicopter depending on the action we will take, we reach the glass bridge and enter inside it from one of the two hatches in the middle so we can finally meet Blaine.

At the end of the encounter with an escape on the fly from the casino we find ourselves on the street with Blaine's car on the right and a tractor on the left. We hook the two vehicles thanks to the grappling hook - we aim at the first and throw the grappling hook while holding the button, then aim at the second and release the button that controls the grappling hook. When the two vehicles are connected, we collect the weapons in the area, then we get on the tractor and release the power in reverse so as to bring Blaine's vehicle back onto the asphalt. This will activate a phase of play, not very short, in which we must repel the enemy counterattack by standing on the roof of Blaine's car. The job is very simple, instead of unloading the blows of our weapons on enemies or the vehicle, we always aim at the front wheels of the car that chases us or that is at our side, so doing in fact the enemy vehicle will skid and after a couple of somersaults will blow up. Once the race is over we just have to listen to Blaine who will explain important information about Panau.

The film will also conclude this second mission, opening up the real Panau and the real Just Cause 2 Panau to the player. The title is composed of several missions, but only those assigned by the Agency - missions that Rico will launch through Kane or information obtained - that will provide progress in the plot. To unlock these missions, however, we will have to raise the level of chaos, which is only possible by performing other types of missions, such as conquering the settlements of Panau and mainly performing tasks on behalf of the three local gangs.

From this moment on then the player is free to follow his way and his order, within this guide the order we have chosen to follow and consists of first completing all available missions on behalf of the gangs and only if there are no more jobs available, move on to missions on behalf of the Agency.


The first mission we face is on behalf of the Ulars, the gang with a clear idea of Panau that wants to control and has understood that destroying is not the best way to extend their control and power. As a first job he wants Scorpio - who is none other than Rico in disguise - to help his technician and his men enter the Awan Cendawan nuclear power plant and protect them enough to allow them to gain control.

Having completed the various films and listen to the words of the technician we continue on the right, eliminate the enemy in the cage and the four to protect the gate - two on the towers and two in the streets. After this we climb the containment wall, eliminate the men who will arrive after a few seconds and only after cleaning the area, we interact with the gate controls so as to allow the Ulars and the technician to enter. Once this is done we continue inside the base, first eliminating an enemy armed with rocket launchers at the bottom and then other enemies and snipers placed on the rooftops and walkways - the enemies on the ground let's leave them to the Ulars, unless we have chosen the maximum difficulty, our comrades will be able to stand up to the military. Once the area has been cleared, we continue on the right and eliminate the enemies beyond the bridge, but remaining on the rooftops, so that the enemy will not take control of the machine gun. Take out the President's men, go over the bridge and put ourselves in control of the machine gun so as to take out the enemies on foot and those who will arrive on board a semi-armored vehicle. As soon as the engineer finishes his work, our mission on behalf of the Ulars will be over.


In the second mission the Chief of the Ulars wants to get more information about the gases passing through the President's pipeline, so he will provide us with a wi-fi system able to acquire information from the handsets of the pipeline control stations.

Once the film is finished we get into the car, which will have appeared on its own, and we reach the first control station where there will be very few enemies to face before we can get to the laptop. Once the enemies have been eliminated, we reach the laptop and interact with it by playing the typical four-button game, after which we stay close to the laptop in order to acquire the entire data package. Once the transfer is completed we get back in the car and reach the second control station which is identical to the previous one, the only difference is the amount of enemies now doubled compared to the first station. As before we eliminate the enemies first and perform all the work on the laptop after - completed the data transfer we face the two enemies that will come from the road and head to the third and last station which is no longer a control station, but the military port of Kampung Bunga Mawar. Reached the place we can face the job by making as little mess as possible or destroying everything - in the second case a guide to how to avoid the clash is not really necessary, so we enter by breaking through the breakthrough and begin to destroy each case has a white star on a red background. In case the first option is chosen instead, we jump into the port using the ramp, eliminate the few enemies around us and quickly unlock the laptop after which we stay in the area defending against enemy counterattack until the transfer is completed. At this point we have no choice but to escape from the port - by sea with a military boat on the docks, by sky with the helicopter in the heliport on the left or by land over the boundary wall.


Sri Irawan, head of the Ulars, has discovered that one of his men infiltrated the customs and is now trying to escape to the airport where Sri has arranged a flight for him. Our job is to help the man escape.

Once we get the controls we jump on the bike after taking the ammunition, then we push the accelerator to full throttle along the bridge until we reach the checkpoint with Sri's agent and wait for him to get on board with us - or get in his car. As soon as both Rico and the agent are in the same car, let's get back on the move and get to the airport by staying on the motorway. At the beginning of the airport runway, there will be a ramp on the right, so we use it to enter the fenced-in area and then the runway, and then we continue to the plane where Sri's men are so that we can complete the mission.


The Ulars don't want the President to be able to send satellites into orbit to control the national televisions. To prevent the President from getting the upper hand, Sri has decided to send Scorpio to do the dirty work, i.e. destroy those satellites into a thousand pieces before they can reach Earth orbit.

Once we get the commands at the end of the movie we collect the C4 charges, then we get in the car and head to the Panau space station. Once there we will see three rockets, one almost in the middle of the structure and two on the sides very far from the main structure. We attack the external rockets first, then head towards one of the two and climb it using the grappling hook and always keeping the missile between us and the support structure next to it so as not to find ourselves under enemy fire. Once on top we place the C4 charge on the satellite, then launch out of the rocket and detonate the charge. Once the first satellite is destroyed we move on to the second using the exact same technique - we're just trying to be fast in our movements because at about halfway point we'll activate the countdown which will give us ten minutes to destroy the remaining rockets. We also place the charge on the second rocket - we take care to avoid the helicopter fire that will arrive in the area - let's launch ourselves out of the rocket and blow it up and repeat the same operation with the third, but not last rocket. While we hear Sri congratulating us, let's head towards the centre of the structure, trying to land on the long half open and half closed bridge, after a while Sri will inform us that there is a fourth rocket about to leave. Once we have completed our communications and reached the bridge, let us walk all the way to the military aircraft and use the latter to destroy the fourth rocket that has already left - or will leave after a few seconds. Once the fourth rocket is also destroyed, the mission will be definitively completed.


With Bolo Santosi, the woman in charge of the Reapers - the gang in red - will go exactly as it did with Sri Irawan, the leader of the Ulars. The woman is willing to give us her men and a hand to find our man, but on condition that in the meantime Rico in the role of the mercenary Scorpio gives them help to win Panau back.

Once the various films are completed, we will find ourselves with a type of mission already faced, namely the conquest of a Stronghold so as to allow the Reapers greater control over the territory. Once we get the commands we go right and continue inside the Gunung Gila Pangkat complex, where the President's scientists are studying and perfecting the jet engines. Once cleared the first area, as already happened, we will find ourselves with a gate to unlock, then we climb the containment wall, eliminate the enemies on the other side of the same and interact with the controls of the gate so as to allow the men and the technician of Bolo to overcome the passage where they will stop to avoid the attack by a helicopter. Once the gate is unlocked then we immediately exit the guardhouse and put ourselves on the anti-aircraft cannon with which to shoot down the helicopter. Once this is done we descend from the cannon and follow the men along the complex on the left facing the enemies at the bottom of the descent from above. After passing the first fixed station we will reach a second one and it will be here where we will have to prepare the defense field. Having reached the second fixed station and eliminated the enemies, we put ourselves in control of the minigun by immediately releasing it from its position, after which we shoot the enemies that will come from the road we followed. After eliminating the enemies on foot we will have to face two armed vehicles, the first will be a Jeep, while the second - which is why you have to unhook the minigun - is a helicopter. Once the latter has been shot down, we'll get the stronghold for the Reapers.


Bolo wants to strengthen the control of the Reapers in the district and to do so decided to attack a military structure of the President with lightning and thunder - which are nothing but useful and beautiful explosions.

Once we get the commands we interact with the crate in order to increase the ammunition supply, then we jump on the motorcycle and follow the road without stopping at the first checkpoint, continue straight ahead and send it inside the military base of Lembah Genting Tinggi. After passing the two guard turrets we continue on for a few more meters, then we dive to the bottom of the well where we eliminate half a dozen enemies first and face some of those who will come down. As soon as we have a few seconds free after eliminating the second group of enemies, we interact with the command console and when the combination is complete, we quickly climb up the shaft following the stairs to the left - if we haven't faced the second group of enemies after going down the shaft, the stairs will be full of enemies to face or overcome, the important thing is to move quickly to avoid getting caught up in the explosion of the shaft. Once at the top let's move away from the area and listen to Bolo's sweet words that will conclude the mission.


Most politicians can be bought according to Bolo, those that can't be bought is because they have already been bought by others or because their price is something that doesn't look like cash. There is one man in the Panau political group who doesn't seem to have a price, but Bolo knows how to get him on his side.

Once we get the controls we interact as usual with the crate, then we jump on our bikes and jump off the mountain - we don't go over the bridge, the limousine with the politician Theng inside is in the road at the bottom of the canyon. At the end of the road let's put ourselves behind the car and use the grappling hook to jump on the roof of the car and from here we eliminate the enemy that will come out of the front door on the right. Eliminated the man we get into the car, throw out the driver and press the accelerator to bring the limousine to the village of Kumpung Sri Puteri where we will have to park it to conclude the mission - obviously along the way the army will do everything to set Theng free, we just need to keep the accelerator at full throttle to not have big problems, we also try to jump in the limousine only after it has completed the journey on the hairpin bends, from here we expect a long straight and a few curves to our destination.


Introductory and very short mission, Bolo wants an armored vehicle in the hands of the military for his battle and we will have to get it for him.

Once the film is finished, we collect the ammunition and get on board the motorcycle with which we will reach the base of Bukit DengKang, about one kilometer from the point of activation. Once near the base we do not enter, we locate the position of the hangar where the vehicle is, then we turn behind the base and use the grappling hook from above to pull ourselves down inside the base and land above the hangar so as to run towards the opening and quickly descend and enter the armored vehicle. Once this is done we are inside a kind of tank, so let's not care about the enemies and get out of the hangar first and from the base then until we reach the highway on the left. All we've got to do here is keep the throttle on full throttle until we reach our destination. Once arrived at the delivery site we eliminate the military too much after which we stop the vehicle at the checkpoint and get out of it thus completing the mission.


Tired of spending money on politicians to blow up the Panau government, Bolo has chosen to throw himself body and soul on the men and women of the archipelago showing them what the government has done to the dissidents and this show Bolo is planning to show it on Panau's only television, obviously with our help.

Once we get the controls we reach the huge skyscraper on the right and climb it almost completely, before reaching the big antenna on top we have to align the four smaller antennas placed on the four platforms. Arrived in one of these areas we eliminate the enemies, then we reach the control console of the antenna and perform the usual game with the four buttons to unlock and move the antenna. We repeat the operation four times in all, paying close attention to the antenna with the four automatic machine guns - we use the explosives to throw them to the ground and avoid hitting them. Once the four minor antennas have been addressed, Bolo's message will start to go on air, in the meantime we will have to reach the big antenna at the top of the building where we will have to place two charges. Arrived at the top we obviously take out the enemies first, then we reach the two weak points of the antenna and place the two charges by launching immediately afterwards down in a dive so as to avoid being involved in the explosion.


Usual access mission to the group, this time the Roach - in blue - led by Razak Razman, an old fat guy in a jacket with very unusual ways of doing things. As usual Rico, as Scorpio will offer his skills for the group as long as the Roach keeps him informed about the man Rico is looking for.

The first usual mission is the conquest of a stronghold, in the specific case of the port of Pelabuhan Saudagar. Once we have obtained the commands we face the enemies at the gate and then, as usual, we go over the walls and open the gate for the men and the technician. Once this is done it will be a long ride to the final position, the port in fact, of the three initial strongholds, is the one with the least obstacles, but not for this less men. Passed the two hangars and reached the position where we will have to defend the technician, we release the minigun facing first the men on foot and then two Jeeps. It's very important to unhook the machine gun because we eliminate the two Jeeps in the area a helicopter guided by the Commander of the Stronghold will emerge - and here's the difference between this stronghold and the others, the commander is in fact a skilled pilot and the helicopter he drives is definitely well armed, so let's try to follow the line always keeping the minigun always with the trigger pulled. Destroyed the helicopter the Stronghold will pass under the control of the Roach, let's take advantage of the usual to conquer it totally destroying the cranes and chimneys and collecting parts of armor, weapons, vehicles and money scattered in the area.


Razak has drug refineries in the city that have been discovered by the military. The President's men have placed charges to blow up the refineries and take away Razak's gain and control of the area. To prevent this from happening, Rico as Scorpio will have to reach these four refineries, eliminate the military and deactivate the bombs.

Once the film is finished, we reload the two-handed weapon with the one provided by Razak, then we head left to the first of the four refineries - these are on the terraces at the top of buildings, the first three in low buildings, the last one at the top of a skyscraper. We use the grappling hook to move from building to building and when we reach the first cultivation we quickly take out the enemies, then we approach the bomb and interact with it to perform the typical timed game with the keys - game that should at this point be increased in difficulty to five keys in the sequence. When we reach the first cultivation, however, we'll add a second problem - time - so we'll have just over four minutes to get to the four refineries and disable the bombs. Once we have done the work in the first refinery let's hook on the buildings on the right and continue straight on these to reach the second refinery and from here - after disabling the bomb - always straight to the third refinery. Disabled the bombs in the first three the military will call air support and the last refinery, as mentioned, is on top of a skyscraper - not the one in front of the third refinery, but the next one. However, let's use the grappling hook to reach the fourth refinery in the middle between the two last refineries, let's use the grappling hook to reach the intermediate base of the building, the point where it narrows. Once on this base we use the grappling hook again to reach the building where the last refinery is located, and when we reach the top we use the two-handed weapon to quickly eliminate the spoilage officer. Once the officer and his buddies have been taken out, we reach the bomb and disarm it with the usual game to complete the mission.


Mission simple and personal, Razak was caught with his mistress and wants the incriminating photos to disappear and with them the author of the same.

Once the film is finished we collect the ammunition, then we jump on our motorbike and head towards the paparazzo by firing the single-handed weapon in order to eliminate him - or if close enough, we jump on his motorbike so that we can unhitch him and take him out on foot without having to run. Once the paparazzo is eliminated we collect the photos on the ground and then head to a trash drawer in town where Razak wants the photos to be left. To make everything complicated there will obviously be the police who will not accept our shooting in the middle of the city, so we pay attention to the damage, especially those suffered by vehicles and after recovering the photos we use the flight to reach the dumpster.


Yet another simple mission in concept and execution. A Roach traitor is trying to escape from the criminal group after providing the government with sensitive information and Razak doesn't want the man to get away, so our job will be to take him out.

Once we get the controls we collect the ammunition left by the Roach, then we jump in the car and go left and immediately right so that we have the tree-lined area on the right and the airport terminal on the left. From here we continue straight ahead until we reach the heliport from which our target will take off. We do not waste time and get on the second helicopter armed with miniguns, we take altitude and after reaching our objective, we fire with the minigun until the enemy's helicopter will blow up. After that, the mission will be over.


Another mission definitely not impossible to tackle. Little Guy was the Roach reference hacker, but the man was found and arrested by the army who, in exchange for his life, proposed to the hacker to provide the President with all the information he had over the years about the Roach. Obviously Razak doesn't want this to happen and thanks to a stroke of luck he found the right way to find and hit Little Guy.

Once the film is finished, we collect the ammunition, then we get into the car in the stand and continue along the road to the left using the ramp to enter the hangar area. Once here we go to the bottom left, to be precise in the last hangar where the pilot is located, from which we will have to get the information. Once we reach the hangar we eliminate all the soldiers, including the pilot, and we collect the PDA next to his body, thanks to which we will know that Little Guy is already on board a plane on the main runway of the airport. Once we get the information we get back in the car and reach the plane paying attention to the military checkpoints to stop us using rocket launchers - in particular two soldiers armed in this way are next to Little Guy's plane, so before entering it is important to eliminate these two men. Take out the military and get on the plane by firing full throttle, holding the button to gain altitude and avoiding the military Jeeps that will make us skid and lose speed and direction. Once in the air we head for the drop-off point, but before we get there Little Guy will give us all the data the Roach wanted, so it's up to us to choose what to do with the hacker and it will be handled out of the mission - we can keep the hacker alive by landing or not give a damn, throw us out of the plane and let the man die, which in any case, whatever the choice, will bring us nothing.

This is not the last mission provided by the criminal groups of Panau, in fact we have only completed the first series linked to the first Strongholds of the three criminal groups. Before continuing with the second series of Strongholds, however, we have chosen to carry out some missions on behalf of the agency so as to take us a little further with the story of JC2.


Thanks to information obtained from the three criminal groups in Panau, we have discovered that Tom may be hiding behind the name of The White Tiger, who leads a group of rebels and mercenaries working for the employer who offers the best. To get close to this White Tiger, we'll have to exploit one of his men named Pang, a guy with a gambling habit taken by his creditors. If we can keep Pang alive, maybe we can get the Tiger's position from him.

Reached the activation point and discovered thanks to the guy that Pang is at Gambler's Den, a gambling den less than 500m between the jungle and the desert, we move, reach the place and eliminate the snipers on the towers and the enemies on the ground in the middle of the courtyard. After this we take possession of a sniper rifle and interact with the walkie talkie so as to calm the executioner and bring him out into the open with Pang. As soon as the executioner is in range, we take him out and dive into the courtyard using the grappling hook - this way we avoid opening the parachute and wasting time. Once in the centre, we immediately eliminate the two guards, then we stand alongside Pang and follow him on his escape route, taking care of the enemies we encounter step by step.

Once out of Gambler's Den, Pang will not only thank us but will also tell us to follow him if we want to meet the Tiger, so we get on the bike and follow the man through the desert stopping only twice. The first time will be due to an ambush by gambler's men - let's take him out quickly but avoid wasting too much ammunition. The second stop will be when we leave Pang. The Tiger's hideout has been found by the army and the only way to get some information is to steal it from these men - the colonel in particular has something we need to recover. After the film we collect the ammunition on the right and take care of it with first aid kits on the left, then we infiltrate the area by first eliminating the base enemies and then dedicating ourselves to the colonel by shooting him in the head, the only place where this type of enemy can be damaged. Once the Colonel is eliminated, we collect his PDA and watch the film.

At the end of the film, we'll have to reach the beacon a little over a kilometer away. We then jump on the helicopter that will arrive, eliminate the pilot and co-pilot and reach the point indicated by the beacon.


It is definitely back to the past as style, the helicopter, the caravan and the grill are back. Moving on to the work that awaits us, we will have to save Jade Tan, the agent who took us to the Casino where we saved Blaine. The woman is held prisoner in the military base of Kastelo Singa and we will have to find a way to recover the woman and get information about what is happening in Panau.

Once we have obtained the controls we jump aboard the helicopter and head for the military base. Once there we will be told that to take Jade outside we will have to make as much noise as possible in the base, but mainly we will have to destroy the four ventilation stations located in different places and altitudes. The best tactic at this point is to get off the helicopter and face the destruction of the stations on foot, in order to blow up these stations we will have to hit the generators inside the structure that is in no way penetrable from the outside. Once we reach one of the four stations - it is advisable to start from the highest one and then finish with the lowest one at the center of the largest structure of the base - we enter inside through the opening that will be present on a single side and after eliminating the enemies outside and inside it, we place two charges of C4, then exit the station and blow them up. For each station the type and amount of enemies will be different, in the higher one for example we will have to deal with an enemy armed with rocket launchers, while in the one in the center of the base we will have to pay attention to two fixed positions on both sides of the structure.

Once the four ventilation stations have been destroyed, we will have to reach an area called the entrance. This is a platform on the cliff, just behind the big building with the big parabolas - also targets that we have to destroy if we want to conquer the base 100%, which is not necessary anyway. Here after a short film we will have to face three ninjas, we use an extremely powerful weapon or extremely fast in unloading shots as the ninjas after receiving a few shots will disappear in a cloud of smoke to reappear behind us. Eliminated the ninjas we enter the structure through the gate that will open to discover that Jade is somewhere else and that Baby Panay, among many things, is also equipped with a nuclear submarine.

Once the film is finished, we jump down towards the glacier, open the parachute and use the grappling hook to increase the flight speed and as soon as it is in range, we jump over the car in which Jade is held prisoner. Once we reach the roof of the Jeep, all we have to do is eliminate the two enemies left and right and take out the driver to complete the mission and discover that each criminal group has a man inside who is trying to undermine the stability of Panau in order to settle on the throne.

Having completed the fourth mission of the Agency - three more to complete the storyline - it is advisable, if you have not already done so before, to proceed to the second series of conquest of Strongholds and related missions for the three criminal groups of Panau, namely the Ular, the Reapers and the Roach.

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