Jurassic World Evolution: How to Unlock the Jeep Skins

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One of the many fun things to do in Jurassic World Evolution is definitely the customization of Jeeps that will give an extra touch of style to our park.

There are currently three skins available but in the game there is no information on how to get them, let's find out together:

Jeep 2018 Blue

Jeep 2018 Blue.

To unlock the Jeep 2018 Blue you will need to complete the achievement "Accept that you are never actually in control", to complete it you just need to take control of the Ranger Jeep and perform a 3 second drift.

Jeep 2018 Red

Jeep 2018 Red.

Get on your Jeep and speed up for 5 consecutive seconds to get "Must go faster" and this skin.

Jeep '93

Jeep '93.

This skin is undoubtedly the most beautiful but also the most complex to achieve. To complete the achievement "Hold on to your butts!" and get the '93 Jeep you have to make a jump and stay 5 seconds in the air.

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