Judgment | Complete Guide to Friends and their Missions

Judgment | Guide to Friends and Friendly Missions. In Judgment , you will meet many characters who can become your friends and give you missions or gifts. In this guide, you will find a list of all friends, and how to get a higher level of intimacy with them. The game features 50 friends who can be helped by Yagami and start the so-called Friend Event, which is a mission that will make Yagami is the character to become friends.

New friends become available by moving forward in the main storyline and after completing some secondary cases. Reach the maximum level of friendship with individual characters to gain access to unique rewards.

Judgment | Where to find friends and increase the friendship level

Kaede Sanada

Available in Chapter 1. You'll find it in the restaurant. Talk to her and you'll reach the first level of friendship. Go back to her later and choose the right answer options. Visit her as often as you can to increase your friendship level.

Kiyoshiro Asamura

Available nice Chapter 1. This man works as a clerk. You must make a total of 7,000 yen of purchases in his store to reach the maximum level of friendship. As a reward, your friend will provide a special EX move when you fight in front of his shop.

Hanae Ida

Available in Chapter 1. This woman is the shop assistant in the photo bar. Eat some meals offered by her. Always agree to take a picture and choose a smiling expression. Come back to the restaurant after a while, order something and take another photo with an amused expression. Come back to the girl later. She will tell you about the competition, that means you have reached the maximum level of friendship.

Hiroto Nasugawa

Available in Chapter 1. He is the chef of the restaurant. You have to eat food in his restaurant - this will increase your level of friendship. After a while, the man will tell you that he has lost his recipe, you must find it to complete the friendly event.

Kunio Ichinose

Available in Chapter 1. This man is a chef and owner of a chain of restaurants in the city. You can meet him from time to time at the restaurant. Order food the first time you visit the restaurant. So, you have to keep talking to him during subsequent visits.

Sota Nonomura

Available in Chapter 1. Purchase items for a total of 7,000 yen to get the highest level of friendship.

Fumio Matsuzaki

Available in Chapter 1. First, eat at the bar, and then come back to this place after a while. Inside, you'll meet a dissatisfied customer. Talk to the friend and he'll offer you a meal for 1,000 yen. Then he'll ask you the following question: "Which of the following entrails is in the back of the cow?" - the correct answer is the small intestine. The answer to the second question is Stomach, and the third is Hip. As a reward, you will reach half the level of friendship with Fumio. When you come back after a while, you'll find him in the middle of a fight. Help him to get the maximum friendship level.

Mami Sakuma

Available in Chapter 1. The woman has a shop in a big hotel. You have to buy any cake from her to start interacting. The next levels of relationship will be reached by buying other types of cakes and sharing your culinary impressions.


Available in Chapter 1. Go to the woman and go shopping. Then have a short conversation and select Fast Food Joint. After a while, go to the man and talk to him.

Haoyu Xiu

Available in Chapter 1. Eat a meal with him and talk. Repeat the procedure again after a while. Once, when you get back to the man, you'll see someone running away from the restaurant, so run after him and catch him, and you'll get the most out of your relationship with Xiu.

Takeo Inose

Available in Chapter 1. Eat a meal with him. On your way out, you will meet another employee. Talk to him and then you will be sent out to talk to other NPCs. Once you've done everything, go back to Inose to increase the level of friendship.

Dwayne Cruise

Available in Chapter 1. You need to make purchases for 7,000 yen to maximize your friendship relationship with him.

Naotaro Terahara

Available in Chapter 1. Go shopping in the store, go out and talk to the man. After a while, come back to the store, and you'll find the person is in trouble. Defeat the customer and the relationship will grow. When you come back again, Terahara will give you a dress that will now be available as a disguise.

Alice Ino

Available in Chapter 1. You must make a purchase from the woman in the amount of 7000 yen to get the highest level.

Kenta Uozumi

Available in Chapter 1. Buy one of the meals. So in the conversation, choose Tea. The person will ask you to choose what to add - choose Honey. Last time, choose Sushi, come back after a while and order a meal to maximize the friendship level.

Toshikazu Sagara

Available in Chapter 2. Talk to the man and say yes to coffee. When you choose the aroma of coffee, choose Kona. Then select the "It was the second" option and, in case of a fight, defeat the customer to get the highest level of relationship.

Rie Tomioka

Available in Chapter 2. Order a hamburger and meet Rie on the way out. The woman will want your help as a taster. From now on, from time to time at the Yagami agency, there will be food in the fridge. You should try it and send a message to Rie. Eventually, her culinary skills will improve significantly, she will become your friend and send regular morsels to the office.

Kazuhisa Norimoto/Miharu Shima

Available in Chapter 2. Go to the restaurant often and talk to the couple. After a while, they'll admit their feelings and you'll get two friends.

Masakazu Nekomiya

Available in Chapter 2. He's looking for missing cats. You need to find them in the city.

Owner Kyushu No. 1 Star

Available in Chapter 2. You have to eat something from the man to start making friends with him. Choose the answer, Honey. When you come back again, you'll see the guests talking in front of the restaurant. Talk to the owner and ask him to create his version of ramen - when you come back again, the man will be very happy and you will be his friend.

Goro Moroboshi

Available in Chapter 2. You're going to meet an injured homeless man, who you're going to have to help. Go to the sewers and meet the doctor, Doctor Moroboshi. Choose "Kondo is looking for you" and he'll run to help you - you'll get half the level of relationship with him. Go back to the sewers again and the doctor will ask for your help. Go to the specified location in the Champion District and talk to the homeless.

Yosuke Saotome

Available in Chapter 2. Talk to the man and then go to the next friend (described below) - Shinzato Madoka. To improve your relationship with Yosuke, you must get to know and make friends with the other residents of the city. You must mention Ryan Acosta (described below).

Shinzato Madoka

Available in Chapter 2. Go to a meeting with her to establish a relationship with her and complete the task for Yosuke. You must acquire a skill that increases tolerance to alcohol.

Ryan Acosta

Available in Chapter 3. Go to the photo location and use the drone to locate Acosta. Go to Theatre Square, go upstairs and play darts, and after leaving the minigame, Ryan will challenge you. Defeat him and you'll have his sympathy. Find Ryan again and he'll challenge you to a duel. Defeat him and you'll make friends. Ryan is a valuable companion because from now on he will help you in battles around the city.

Bantam Owner

Available in Chapter 3, after completing the optional cases. You should visit the man and answer with "Customers ask the impossible," then visit the store again.

Noboru Hiranuma

Available in Chapter 3, after completing the optional cases. You must take a picture of another lens. Go to the indicators, take pictures, and return to Hiranuma. The last task is the most difficult, because your target is the white crow, a very rare bird that can only be seen at night.

You must go to Tenkaichi Street and find the Stardust Club. Behind it, you'll find an alleyway where you can climb to the top of the building. From here, you can take a picture of the animal and return to Hiranuma to complete the last level of the relationship.

Kazufumi Kamaguchi

Available in Chapter 4. You will meet a group of thugs, beat them up. After that, Kamaguchi will come, who will order you to defeat the two minibosses of the Keihn gang, which appear when the threat level increases. After defeating both of them, you'll be rewarded and completely make friends with the man.

Morio Onodera

Available in Chapter 5. The man can be found in the sewers, near the doctor. You can buy special items from him. Once you have purchased several items, you will be able to progress to the highest level of friendship with him.

Dragon's Palace hermit, Iyama

Available in Chapter 5. The old man will help you in the fight against thugs in the fifth chapter of the game. From now on, you will unlock the extracts and take them to your friend.

Shin Fujimori

Available in Chapter 6. You'll meet him at the beginning of the chapter. The man will talk to you about a business idea and unlock an app on your phone: Quickstarter. You can't miss this meeting because it's part of the main story.

Noboru Tateyama

Available in Chapter 6. Talk to the man and Yagami will have to finance his Quickstarter project. That way you'll get the highest level of friendship with him.

Toshiro Koizuka

Available in Chapter 6. This man requests help with his lock-picking business. You have to complete several orders from his customers and open several locks.

Kenji Tanago

Available in Chapter 6. The man is a master at dodging and will challenge you to hit him. When you hit him twice, you will make a new friend who will help you fight in the city.

Takumi Katagiri

Available in Chapter 6. This friend becomes available when you solve the secondary investigation where you have to guess the code of the safe. Building a relationship with Katagiri takes a long time.

Hideaki Deguchi

Available in Chapter 7. A man wants to work for Starlight and you have to help him hire women. First go to Tenkaichi Alley's woman. In the second case, approach the guy at the Sega Club (Nakamichi St.), then find his sister and help her. Then help Hideaki fight, and after that you will advance in the level of friendship with him.

Owner of Takemitsu

Available in Chapter 7. You must help your friend several times to defend himself against attacks by large Yakuza groups.

Kim Won-Soon

Available in Chapter 8. The level of relationship with this friend can be advanced quite easily. All you have to do is go back to the man from time to time and choose the right dialogue options.

Voluptuous woman

Available in Chapter 9. You will find this woman in the casino. You must win twice with her at poker to get the highest level of friendship.


Available in Chapter 10. The woman resides in the Tender Bar. The first level of the relationship can be obtained during the main plot, and the second level requires you to visit the woman after a while.

Sakura Amamiya

Available in Chapter 10. This woman is a masseuse who experiments with acupuncture. When you are at the Yagami Detective Agency, you can call her and ask for a massage. Support a few therapies (she has to spend some time with each other) and you will become friends.

Ryo Suzaki

Available in Chapter 11. To make friends with him, you have to agree to drink with him twice. You must acquire a skill that increases the protagonist's resistance to alcohol.


Available in Chapter 12. The man is in trouble and you will have to help him twice to defend himself from the Yakuza attack. As a reward, the man will become your friend.

Shun Isaka

Available when you run away from the police at least once. Note: The police show up when you have been fighting enemies for too long and stay at the scene of the fight. You have to talk to Isaka twice and take part in a chase sequence.

Yurika Tachibana

Available after playing mahjong at Lullaby Mahjong. You must first play a single Mahjong match at Lullaby Mahjong. Then, a woman appears on the map, talks to her and unlocks access to the new Mahjong mode. You have to play and win a round.

Owner Ebisu Pawn Fukutsu

Available when you have one of Suzuran's paintings in your inventory during a conversation with the Ebisu owner.

Five paintings are needed to advance this relationship to the maximum level. You can buy Suzuran paintings at some places, for example it is at L'amant, Dragon Palace 2F and Dragon Palace 3F.

Sebastian Hutton

Become available after completing the Grand Prix Beginner League drone race. To become his friend, you must find all QR codes of drones (about 50) in the city.

Shuichi Hatano

Hatano becomes available after finishing at least 2 batting courses at the Batting Center, the center where baseball is played.

After finishing 2 batting challenges, purchase gloves. Then finish three more challenges, return to the man and buy a golden stick from him.


Yoshida becomes available as a friend after completing all the homerun races and challenges in the Batting Center.

After talking to the man, you will unlock new challenges in the baseball center, complete them and have the highest level of friendship with Yoshida.

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