Joe & Mac SNES cheats and codes

Joe & Mac, known in Europe under the full name of Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja, it's a platform video game released in 1991 and published by Data east.

Originally released for arcade, it came then converted for various platforms including the Super Nintendo, the NES, the Sega Mega Drive, the Game Boy and the Amiga. The game features two prehistoric men, Joe and Mac, one with green hair and the other with blue hair. Their goal? Rescue numerous maidens, women kidnapped by a group of men living in other caves.
The dangers are numerous, including enemies, dinosaurs, prehistoric animals and end-of-level bosses. There are many weapons available to the two heroes: bones, boomerangs, fire, clubs and so on and so forth. There are 10 bosses and the levels have a rather high difficulty rate, that's why we thought we'd offer you some tricks and some code.

At the title screen, move the cursor to Option and, from controller 2, press right and L. From controller 1, press Left and R, then Start. The sound test will appear.

During the final sequence, at “Sound Creator Atomic Hanada”, press X + A + L + R and hold them to see an alternate ending.

To get extra lives, simply replay the levels that contain extra lives. Once taken, press START and SELECT to return to the map, repeating the operation as many times as you want.

Joe & Mac - SNES


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