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The Ban of Xbox One, in this article below you will receive the most extensive and sensitive information about the Ban that xbox has received that you will find on the Internet, either in games or youtube channels. So we'll tell what's going on, with facts and thoughts on the Ban Xbox One, at the sight of people who understand about all kinds of digital games and know what they're talking about, unlike websites and YouTube that are parrots and just repeat things without knowing what they're talking about.The purpose of this article is to clarify and inform that thousands of users of the Xbox One console, what happens, what is rumor, take reflections and also talks more about Xbox One games without connection, magic game accounts, shared, etc... In September 2015 began this story of the ban of Xbox One, rumors spread quickly over the Internet. And from there, thousands of exile experts and parrots began to appear repeating the same things on youtube channels and games, people repeating the same thing without even knowing how to operate the digital games or what they were talking about. But before we talk about the Xbox ban, let's clarify some things about offline digital media games for xbox, which according to internet experts, is the main reason for the ban on Xbox One today.

What is an offline xbox one game? It is nothing more than a normal, digital game, with the same game content on disk, the only difference is that with the xbox offline, you play through the game offline from the internet. In detail, the main point of an account, play offline too, she doesn't even need internet to start the game on xbox one as the main console. But this is another thing, it was simply to say that this to play offline too. Returning to offline jobs (without space), game as follows, first your Xbox has to be connected to the internet. And the moment you enter the game, what happens is simply an online validation that the game has, which is the license of that game to play on your Xbox One after that it is validated and sent to Microsoft data. The Internet's only good for that now. Check out this post to see how to get free xbox gift cards. Once the game start screen appears, you can put the Xbox One offline. And to put the console without connection? Simply because if you are logged in and playing, when someone logs into the game account to play, they will log out of the account and leave the game. When you put the console offline, you are still playing the game even if someone else would like to play.

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For those who don't know, the offline xbox games that are sold are shared by more people, so they can sell cheaper. The number of people, will depend on each place, there can always be 10, 15, 20 or 30 people. Look at the price of the game sold and you can get an idea of how many people can use the same account, connect to the internet, enter the game only to validate it and put the console offline to play and not be overthrown when another person in account. So before going on to say that games can be played offline, taking advantage of flaws in the console or xbox one or other stupid things, experts on the prohibition of the Xbox should understand and know what they are talking about, and not go on repeating what they say out there without knowing well about the subject exposed.  Here we are showing how the game works without connection, which is how to use this type of game, we do not go to the question of whether or not it is correct use of these games or marketing the same.  And to you who reads this article, you will understand and use critical sense to evaluate what you read.

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The use of off-line games is incorrect. We are not going to get into the merits of having and playing games offline, quantities and selling prices sold every store/eBay, let's say about what it is, how it works and how you can use an offline game. For those who use the game offline is incorrect, I'll give you a real example of using a game offline from Xbox. Share the same account with a friend, we buy the game on that account and each gets one of the 2 slots, the primary account and primary (secondary). In case I have the primary wave (which some call the secondary), then only if I start inside the game, I will be connected. Every time I go to a place that doesn't have internet and take the Xbox One, I have a problem playing this game for that account that I share with my friend. How am I using the primary (secondary) need, the internet and how can I not have internet at the place of the game? When you enter the advantage of the offline xbox game, I connect to my phone data network (via wi-fi, cellular phone that works like a router) on the xbox one, just to start the game, ie only to Microsoft validate and send the information over the network where it has to go. After the game start screen appeared, I put the console without connection and it is not necessary to pass the internet data from my phone. There I can play offline the game on my xbox, quietly, no problem.

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Some say that doing this trick with a friend is wrong. Others will say that if you have paid, you can do whatever you want with the game and with the account, sell, lend, rent, give, anything, the game was bought and is yours. Microsoft has let this function perform for years, since the xbox 360 and was improved on the xbox one. Whether you buy a movie, a car, a house or a console, if you have paid for it, you have the right to do whatever you want with it (of course, in common sense). There are many people who use xbox one games in the rental of video games.

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