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Electronic Arts is currently very generous and gives away all the important content improvements for Battlefield 4 to players. The action includes the previously paid DLC packages final stand, dragon teeth, naval strike, second round and rising China.

Buy Battlefield 4 and get your free DLC

  Until September 20, you can download the upgrades for the PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360 and Xbox One. When you create this message, the corresponding DLC extensions on the PC through source still cost money. But that should change soon. The content you receive free of charge can be seen: 20 multiplayer cards, new weapons and fresh vehicles.   Presumably EA wants to draw attention to battlefield 1 with this action, whose beta came to an end a few days ago. The new EA game that brought back to the time of the First World War. The shooter was released on October 21st for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.   With Battlefield 1 released, over the last few months, have been giving all the extensions already released for both games to all who play on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC Source, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. But we haven't reached the end of the battlefield 1.   Electronic Arts says has made all major download enhancements for Battlefield 4 available for free as part of the "Road to Battlefield 1" campaign for the upcoming version of Battlefield 1.   Update: Electronic Arts suggests that free download is only possible today. "From September 14th to 19th, all Battlefield 4 expansion packs are available for free." Yes, you read it right, everybody. "And there are even thematically appropriate community missions."   Original message: "Battlefield 4" players who have so far renounced the purchase of DLC extensions will ultimately be rewarded for their long breath, as EA and Dice now offer all the great DLC packs free to download. In the last few weeks, more and more of the great DLC for "Battlefield 4" have been made available for free.   This is the drastic reduction of EAS prices in the "Road to Battlefield 1" campaign, which aims to draw attention to the approximate release of Battlefield 1 by keeping action on Battlefield 4 and on the hard line of the battlefield. The extensions already released for both games will be given to all you play on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC Source, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. You can see more information about how to get free DLC in Battlefield 4, the link we left.

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