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One of the most visited posts on our blog is the tutorial on how to buy apps without having an international credit card. In fact, you always need a card, but the good news is that you can ask virtual cards, that is the immediate release. The new method that we will use in this tutorial is the my card. My card is a National Bank Bonsucesso solution for those who need an international credit card. The release of the card is immediate and does not have a minimum deposit. Click on this post for more info on free prepaid cards.

All about Google play cards

You can order the virtual card and use it in any shop in shop, like Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Ebay and so on. -Use of my card on Google Play To order my card, it is necessary to register the site my card and provide the requested information. When applying for the card, a plastic card will be sent to your home. However, you can order, at the same time, a virtual card, which works perfectly in Google Play. Now only has to fill in the receipt of payment and pay the my card. You can put any value, but for a first payment, put a little $ 40 reales R to cover initial rates (one of the disadvantages of this method) and maintain a good balance to buy games. When the balance available in your account card (you need to access the site to find out), the next step is to register the card on Google Play. You can register the virtual card own Smartphone or PC. As it is indicated by the placement of the PC, go to Google Wallet (Google payment service) and sign the card from there. -Conclusion One of the disadvantages are my card many are excessive rates during the first month of use. However, for those looking for some immediate release and 24 hours, you can be the solution. In practice, the pay my card to buy up to $10 actual games. But joint very cheap two to five real can cost dearly because of the rate of use.

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