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The fans of the military simulation Arma 3 will also be provided with many new content in 2016. This is the promise of the developer Bohemia Interactive in a press release on the planned features and in the new developer video, which can be found below the news.

The latest DLC's of Arma 3

The free update Eden is already going on in February. This includes the name-giving Eden 3d editor for scenarios. This allows you to place and edit objects directly within the 3d environment and create waypoints and mission targets. A new launcher-based server browser and a revision of the sound with new configurations and sound recordings are also part of the Eden Update. And: The Eden Update is designed to increase usability thanks to a variety of small features, including a leserlicheren font. In the second quarter of 2016, the fee-based DLC Apex will appear, the price is 29.99 euro (23.99 Euro for pre-order). It includes the 100km large island of Tanoa. New weapons and vehicles are also part of apex-among other things, a vertical starter (VTOLs) can be controlled for the first time. Along with Apex, there is also a free graphics update that improves the light calculation and introduces a new sea shader and screen-space reflections. In addition to the expansion and improvement of the game itself, the community service Arma 3 units is also to be improved. Its functions are to be expanded: among other things, players can soon join a unit, get assigned a role within the Unit, organize events and take advantage of other community features. Shortly after the Bohemia Interactive also completed the single player campaign and the game Master mode of Arma 3, the developer announces what is next all planned for the military simulation. In a communication on his website, the studio speaks of three content updates and two DLC to be delivered later this year. ' End of 2015 ' will also be a full extension. With one of the updates, the Steam workshop integration is to be developed specifically. The modding options are to be extended so that players can create their own content for each area of the title and even total conversions. Another update is to integrate a new launcher that includes further customization options for modifications. Only with the new launcher and the workshop support would "mods be able to unfold their full potential", according to the developer. In addition, Bohemia Interactive announces a so-called "bootcamp update" for Arma 3. This is mainly to integrate tutorials for new players. The studio thus wanted to contribute» In the long term «to the growth of the player community in the title, which so far is not exactly known for its beginner-friendliness. For the DLC, Bohemia Interactive offers an add-on with which to expand the helicopters in the game. On the one, additional vehicles are to be integrated, some of which originate from Bohemia's flight simulation take on helicopters. On the other, the flight mechanics of all machines are to be expanded in favor of realism-which also affects helicopters, which are already available in the original game. With the subsequent DLC» Marksmen «, the Firearms game mechanics are to be revised and a number of new weapons are to be found in Arma 3. Which is exactly, that is not yet known. According to his own data, the developer is mainly concerned with the» authenticity «in Military simulation. Last but not least, Bohemia is still looking at the planned expansion, which the studio does not want to reveal any details about. However, it is very hard to expand the sandbox of Arma 3. Thus a new terrain is to be provided. Unlike the Arma-2 extension Operation Arrowhead, the ARMA-3 add-on does not have a standalone output. It is to be completely embedded in the main game. Check this link to know how to download Arma 3 PC for free.

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