Hustle Castle - Tips and tricks and some Free Gems

Do you want to manage your fortress by giving the local rednecks a safe place to spend cold winters? Hustle Castle is the title for you! This interesting mobile game takes some of the mechanics seen in Fallout Shelter, but offers some unique and intriguing challenges.

Hustle Castle is a mobile game from My.Com B.V. The game offers many challenging missions, including boss fights. It is an Android and iOS role-playing game in which the basic concept is very simple: all you have to do is take care of the inhabitants. You can make a character chef, fighter, alchemist and treasurer - each with their own peculiarities and bonuses.

Take a look at our guide to Hustle Castle, for useful tips and tricks that will help you progress faster.

Let's find out together how best to govern in this guide.

Help and useful tips

In this part we will learn about the inhabitants, their roles, how to strengthen their roles, how to get more inhabitants, how to remove the inhabitants from the castle and much more.

The inhabitants of Hustle Castle

The inhabitants are the main characters in the game Hustle Castle. By default, you have some inhabitants in the castle. These inhabitants are classified as follows: 1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars, 4 stars and 5 stars. Depending on their role level, you have to upgrade them. The roles of the inhabitants are:

  • Fighters
  • Cooks
  • Alchemists
  • Treasurers

How to identify their role? Well, all characters can do any job: fighter, cook, alchemist and treasurer. But their role level determines the field in which they perform best. A practical example: if a character has the following statistics

Cook - 5
Alchemist - 3
Fighter - 2
Treasurer - 1

It means that this inhabitant is good at cooking, he is a good alchemist, while it is better not to send him to fight. All you have to do is touch the inhabitant to check the details.

How to place the inhabitants in the castle

You have to position the inhabitants according to their role to get more benefits. For example: place the cook in the dining room, the alchemist in the mana pit, the fighter in the barracks and the treasurer in the treasury.

Of all of them, the fighters are really important. You have to constantly increase their role level to defeat powerful enemies in PvP, tournaments or invasion battles. Let's get to know the fighters.

Tips and Tricks for fighters

There are three secondary roles in the fighting class: Maze, Tank and Archer.

  • Maze: Use magical weapons and contribute to the battle with special abilities. Some of its weapons can heal allies, revive allies in battle (you have to equip a character with this type of weapon to assign him as a healer or reviver). Simply touch the weapon to check its details.
  • Tank: inflicts a good amount of damage to enemies, but from a close distance.
  • Archer: Inflicts enormous damage to enemies, from close range, but with very low health statistics.

To increase the power of an inhabitant in the game Hustle Castle, you can equip equipment (armor, weapons, accessories). Depending on the type of weapon, your character will have a specific role - if equipped with a sword, then he will automatically be hired as a tank.

How to increase the role level of the inhabitants

To equip high-ranking weapons and armor, the inhabitants must meet the requirements of the role level. To increase their level, you can train them. Every kind of inhabitant must be trained in the right place:

  • Fighter: Training room,
  • Cook: Kitchen
  • Treasurer: Mint
  • Alchemist: Laboratory

How to increase the number of inhabitants

Send a male and a female resident into the living room. After a certain period of time, the female resident will become pregnant and give birth to a baby. Touch the baby icon just above the pregnant inhabitant -> the baby will grow after a certain period of time.

The role and rank of the child depends on the parent. For example: If you use a 3-star female inhabitant and a 3-star male inhabitant, the child's rank could be 3 stars or even higher (4 stars).

Hustle Castle tricks for iOS and Android

How to reduce room construction time

If you're building or upgrading a room at Hustle Castle, it takes time. The player can reduce the time by sending free inhabitants to that room. Tap that room -> info -> tap the + -> drag and drop an inhabitant into the empty slot.

How to get rare crates

By completing the daily missions, the game rewards you with a number of free items. The game offers you many missions every day. By completing all the daily missions you will get a rare crate, from which you could get valuable items, better weapons and armor, resources or something else.

How to get diamonds and gold for free

By default, the game provides a builder to the player. You can recruit more using diamonds. Since the builder is obliged to build and upgrade rooms, it has a significant impact on the progress of the game. Make sure you do not spend diamonds on unnecessary activities and keep saving until you get the second builder. You can recruit the second builder for 750 diamonds. How to get diamonds in the Hustle Castle game?

  • Watch the video ad every day to get 5 diamonds a day.
  • Remove obstacles with dynamite to get diamonds.

Other methods and tricks to get free gold and diamonds

  1. Get the daily access bonus: The daily access bonus allows you to generate free daily resources in a limited amount. Never forget to withdraw it from the daily rewards menu, which will slowly generate a fair amount of free diamonds and gold each week.
  2. Connect to social networks: entering the social network page of the game will also give you free diamonds. Even if it will only happen once, it's still worth it for free diamonds.
  3. Keep Fighting: Keep sending your troops to fight with the enemy of the Lord of the Abyss, as by winning those battles you can collect various types of loot that also contain free diamonds and gold.
  4. Watch the free ads to earn free diamonds every day: You can watch the in-game ads that follow one after the other.
  5. Open Ad Chest: Ad Chest can be accessible when you watch more than 5 ads a day. This ad chest will have 25 free diamonds in it. Keep watching the ads to get an additional batch of 25 free diamonds each day.
  6. Play Portals: Simply by playing in the Portals section, you can easily get souls to trade for diamonds.

This is what you need to know to get off to a good start in Hustle Castle and to get free diamonds and gold.

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