Hungry Shark World How to Unlock All Sharks in the Game

Hungry Shark World | How to unlock all sharks | Hungry Shark World is the mobile game of the moment, although the period is not suitable for a swim. Sharks scare us a lot, a feeling caused by the vision of Spielberg's masterpiece, so what better way to fight this fear than by immersing yourself in the predator of the oceans?

In Hungry Shark World , our task is to complete daily quests, get bonuses and rewards by managing our shark's ravenous craving for meat. We will start with a small animal and then unlock many more. In this guide we tell you how to unlock all the sharks and offer you some tricks to get the most out of the game experience.

How to download Hungry Shark World | To download the game, go to --> Google Play | App Store.

Hungry Shark World | How to unlock all sharks

Sharks are different in size: a small shark can only eat smaller or smaller prey, while an extra large shark can make a single mouthful of huge prey, thus greatly varying the gameplay and hunting modes. Let's see how to unlock them all.

To unlock a shark category, you need to make sure that the sharks in the previous category reach the maximum in each statistic.

Very small size sharks

There's little to say here: there's only one tiny shark in the game and you get it by starting the game. This animal can eat small fish and some humans, but you'll have to unlock the next dimension of shark to really start exploring the game world.

The only shark available in this section is the Blacktip Reef Shark.

These are the maximum attainable statistics:

  • Health 75
  • Speed 129
  • Bite 86
  • Boost 97

Small size sharks

Small sharks are unlocked after getting all the upgrades for the very small shark described above. They can eat a pet and provide a 3x multiplier. As an attack bonus they can break the bone of their prey to slow it down. The sharks in this category are as follows:


Whitetip reef shark | S 102; V 147; M 135; B 131

Emery | S 113; v 136; M 159; B 124

Blue shark | S 95; V 168; M 111; B 151

Medium Size Sharks

Medium sized sharks are unlocked after maximizing the statistics of every single shark in the previous category. They can eat a medium sized animal and provide a 4x multiplier. They can break rocks and eat smaller sharks, squid and sea turtles.

Sand Shark | S 113; V 129; M 257; B 131

Thresher shark | S ?; V 200; M 184; B 178

Hammerhead shark | S ?; V 140; M 208; B 171

Large Size Sharks

Large sharks are unlocked after completing the size shark class. They can eat medium and large sharks and even killer whales and provide a 5x multiplier. Their massive size also allows you to break metal structures.

Bull shark | S ?; V 196; M 257; B 204

Goblin Shark | S ?; V 162; M 232; B 218

Mako | stat in update

Echo (Ichthyosaurus) | S 168; V 252; M 257; B 248

Very large size sharks

Extra large sharks are unlocked after maximizing large shark statistics. They can eat large sharks and killer whales and provide a 6x multiplier. They can break black rocks, much stronger than normal ones.

Big mouth shark | S 244; V 196; M 330; B 211

Great hammerhead shark | S 224; V 213; M 330; B 231

Tiger shark | S 217; V?; M 354; B?

Extra large sharks

Extra Large sharks are unlocked after maximizing the statistics of very large sharks. They can eat very large sharks and whales and provide a 7x multiplier. They can also destroy crystals.

Elephant shark | S ?; V 252; M 427; B 231

Whale Shark | S 414; V 275; M 451; B 229

Great white shark | S 310; V 331; M 476; B 332

Megalodon | S 431; V 421; M 500; B 399

Hungry Shark World | Tips and tricks

  1. Play a lot to not spend real money | The first tip is the most obvious one: keep playing to unlock everything to not spend real money on apps. To unlock bigger and stronger sharks, you can also use coins and gems, these can be purchased with real money, but the best thing is to play a lot, eat any prey within range and unlock the biggest sharks that will allow you to eat bigger prey and maximize your efforts.
  2. Buy the map | The map is useful to find prey without turning aimlessly and to find the letters to form the word HUNGRY.
  3. Surprise enemies | Even if you are a strong and fast shark, the best thing is to surprise the prey, including divers, other sharks, giant squids and whales, behind you to give them no time to react.
  4. Use the boost often | The boost not only increases speed, but also offers a damage bonus, so when you want to attack prey give yourself a boost to do as much damage as possible.
  5. Beware of some sea creatures | If you are not yet an XXL shark, you must be careful of jellyfish, giant squids and puffer fish, very tough creatures to digest.
  6. Explore the surface too | In Hungry Shar World you can also put your snout just below the surface of the sea. Here you can find pelicans and other birds that feed quite well.
  7. Complete missions | Take a look at the daily missions that allow you to get gold, the currency in game essential to unlock everything.

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