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From Gamerslance, we want to offer you different ways to earn money through YouTube, either through advertising or the videos you have created on your channel. For them you will have to form your own brand in this way it will be much easier for the viewer to remember you, as well as generate conversation with them through the chat. If you want to know more tips in depth and increase your income, don't miss this post!

Creating educational, informative and entertaining videos can be your main source of income. All you have to do is upload your creative videos to YouTube to get paid. How to Become a YouTuber is a guide that teaches you how to create and upload videos that can pay you on YouTube.

According to Investopedia, top YouTube stars earn nearly $20 million a year. Launched in 2005 in San Mateo, California, USA, YouTube has been a reliable way to make money online for fifteen years.

makes available to its clients, whether individuals or legal entities, a team specialized in the area of bank malpractice, able to provide specific advice and assistance in the field, in matters such as: Ryan ToysReview, who is the highest paid Youtuber, earned more than $ 22 million in 2018. This is absolutely good money to be made by having fun and entertaining, if not educating others.

Interestingly, Ryan, who was only seven years old at the time, reviews toys online for other kids. His video about Easter eggs and a bouncy house has over 1.6 million views, while his YouTube channel has over 25 million views.

Creating good, quality videos, uploading them to YouTube and generating traffic turns into good money. So, you like to appear on camera, you have lots of ideas to share with the world, why aren't you a Youtuber?

Well, How to Become a Successful Youtuber is carefully written to guide you and help you start and grow as one.

Who is a Youtuber?

The term Youtuber refers to a YouTube content creator. Basically, YouTube is one of Google's products that hosts videos of all genres. Therefore, a YouTuber is a type of "videographer" who creates videos for the YouTube video sharing site.

The main content on YouTube is videos. They can be funny, informative or informative. The goal of the website is to collect videos for the viewing pleasure of YouTube users.

Therefore, YouTube content creators are also known as Youtubers. Most of them monetize their YouTube content. The following paragraphs will explain how to monetize your video content on YouTube.

How can I make money on Youtube?

There are many ways to make money on Youtube. Even if it all seems to boil down to good content and crowded traffic. However, there are certain eligibility requirements to get certified to access the Youtube partner program.

Ways to make money with the YouTube partner program.

Generally, YouTube allows you to choose the type of video to produce. Although your choice is limited to genre, it is whether you want to produce informative, entertaining or educational videos.

YouTube, however, reserves the right to review what you produce in terms of quality, censorship and overall content. Indeed, they have a responsibility to do right by their viewers, creators and advertisers at heart.

    YouTube Partner Program Eligibility

    Ad revenueBe at least 18 years old or have a legal guardian over the age of 18 who can handle payments through AdSense. Create content that meets our easy-to-understand content guidelines.
    Channel subscriptionsBe at least 18 years old Have more than 30,000 subscribers
    Merchandise shelfBe over 18 years old Have more than 10,000 subscribers
    Superchat and Super StickerBe over 18 years old Live in a country/region where Super Chat is available
    Sign in to YouTube PremiumCreate content viewed by a YouTube Premium subscriber viewer

    Can I earn money on YouTube without creating videos

    Yes, you can make money on YouTube without creating videos. Although videos are the only content on YouTube, YouTube stars can still monetize their channels without having to produce new videos every week.

    An easy way to accomplish this is to repost very popular and trending videos on your YouTube channel. Consider the following when choosing which video to repost on your channel.

    • choose videos from popular categories, such as sporting events, video games, and fitness sites
    • republish videos with a large amount of views
    • click on the common creative in the filters section of your channel. This way, your video will appear in search results for shareable videos.
    • Optimize for Google trending keywords with fairly high search numbers and medium difficulty level.
    • With optimized keywords drive traffic to your video.

    Who are the richest youtubers of 2022?

    Ryan, a 9-year-old boy who reviews toys for other kids, tops the list of richest YouTube stars in 2022. He earns more than $26 million with more than 23.3 million YouTube subscribers. Other rich YouTubers in 2020 include:

    • Jake Paul earns $11.5 million with over $19.7 million.
    • Markiplier earns $13 million with over $25.7 million.
    • Logan Paul earns $14.5 million with over $20.1 million
    • VanossGaming earns $15.5 million with over $24 million
    • PewDiePie earns $ 15.5 million with more than $ 102 million

    You can also become a YouTube gamer. Read this article on how to become a video game designer now.

    What are the requirements to become a Youtuber?

    Other than eligibility to meet the YouTube Partner Program, there are no special requirements to become a YouTuber.

    However, if you want to be successful, you better do what successful people do.

    So, get the right training, equipment to become a successful Youtuber.

    Online training to become a YouTube star.

    Basically, there is no set training to become a YouTuber. However, you can opt to watch successful YouTube stars' videos on how they started and how they grew.

    In addition, you will need the basic skills to succeed as a Youtuber. These skills include:

    • Creativity
    • Editing
    • Persistence
    • Be Fun
    • Branding
    • Network/collaborate with larger channels
    • Be innovative
    • Organize
    • Have a strong work ethic
    • Be ambitious
    • Fede

    Equipment to become a YouTuber

    In addition to the basic skills and online training to become a YouTuber, you will need the following equipment to become a successful YouTuber.

    • Cameras; This is the most important equipment to become a successful YouTuber.
    • Microphone; You need an external microphone to record quality audio to complement your video.
    • Tripod or gimbal stabilizer: These are excellent tools for stabilizing photos and videos.
    • Lighting: Lighting is required to change the mood and match the brightness of your settings.
    • Video editing software: Adobe Premiere Elements 18 is a popular choice for videographers in general.
    • Laptops

    Can I become a Youtuber with a phone?

    Yes, you can become a YouTube with a phone. What really matters on YouTube is your content, how creative is it? Can they generate traffic and make money for you?

    If so, you can definitely capture the moment and edit it carefully before uploading it to YouTube.

    However, to produce quality work that matches those recorded with camcorders and DSLs, you may need a phone with a good quality camera. In addition, you can add good selfie stick editing software.

    How much does it cost to become a YouTuber?

    It costs approx. $300-$500 to start and create a YouTube channel. Basically, the cost is to buy the equipment needed to produce good quality content.

    If you have a quality camera, access to a good external microphone and editing software, you may be spending less than the above figure.

    While they may seem expensive, it's important to get quality ones that can stand the test of time and deliver amazing content to become a successful YouTuber.

    How much do YouTubers earn in 2022?

    In general, how much you earn as a YouTuber in 2020 depends on the revenue streams available. Previously, this article covered various ways to make money online on YOUtube.

    Basically, it is best to use all streams to increase your total YouTube earnings. For example, you can earn a fixed amount from advertising revenue, affiliate links, donations, and other YouTube partner programs.

    Simply put, you can earn up to $26 million like Ryan, or up to $100 per month. Regardless of how you choose to make money, you need traffic to make it happen. The following story will explain what 1 million views means for YouTuber.

    What does 1 million views mean for YouTuber?

    On average, a YouTuber with at least 1 million subscribers earns around $60,000 per year. Earlier, this article said that no matter how you choose to make money on YouTube, money flows to where there is traffic.

    So, 1 million views means more money for YouTuber. For example, at least 1 million people can now see your products or services.

    This, of course, will increase their chances of selling their products faster and to people. If they provide a service, it is likely that more than 70% of their viewers will welcome them.

    In addition, advertising revenue will also increase as more ads are placed on the channel to reach 1 million people.

    How much does YouTube pay for 1 million views?

    On average, YouTube pays YouTuber $1.50 - $3 per 100 views. So, judging from the above statistics, 1 million views on YouTube means that the YouTuber can earn between $3000 and $7000.

    In short, the traffic and the time your audience spends on your video affects how much you earn as a YouTube star with 1 million views on each video.

    What is You Tube Views to Money Converter?

    In general, YouTubers receive 55% of every dollar paid by advertisers. Therefore, YouTubers earn from the ads placed on each new video posted on their channel.

    Basically, if an advertiser pays the average CPM of $7.60, a YouTuber with 1000 views on a video will earn 55% x $7.60, or $4.18.

    However, there is software that could help you convert your YouTube views into cash. They are called YouTube views to cash converters.

    You can use the one offered by YouTube or download the file Estimated Money Calculator for YouTube by Social Blade .

    How does YouTube send me money?

    YouTube sends you money in your Adsense account. The money sent is usually an accumulation of all money earned through ad revenue.

    You will receive money in your AdSense account for ads placed on your channel. At the end of each month, if you have $100 or more, you will be paid the next month. However, you may need to verify your address with Google once you have earned $10.

    Steps to becoming a YouTuber

    Basically, anyone can become a YouTuber. To become a YouTuber as a beginner, follow these steps:

    #STEP 1: choose a niche.

    To succeed as a Youtuber you have to choose a niche that interests you. Since it is only your passion that drives you to be consistent, it is best that you choose a niche that aligns with your passion.

    Choosing a niche doesn't just limit you. Therefore, you can also leverage other ideas related to your niche.

    For example, if you choose a lifestyle and fashion niche, you can also make the subcategories revolve around healthy living and killing even on a low budget. World Scholarship Forum YouTube channel niche also offers scholarship opportunities for students. However, we also offer educational tips for students from all over the world .

    Generally speaking, choosing a niche makes you recognize your audience and the best way to become an expert in that niche.

    #STEP 2: Set the goal of your channel

    The next step to becoming a Youtuber is to have clear goals for your YouTube channel. First, choose a specific audience, then map out what you want to achieve.

    Your channel objective should clearly be a guide to what you intend to achieve. For example, your channel goal could be "help 200 people lose weight by 2022 with practical tips."

    Since you have a specific number and explicit intent, you can easily access your growth to achieve the goal.

    #STEP 3: Gather content ideas.

    Once you've clearly established your channel's goal, you need to move on to generating ideas for content that could help you achieve this feat.

    Thorough research can help you come up with content topics to tackle in your channel. Basically, listen to other vloggers in your niche, identify what you would do differently. Then apply it to your video ideas with a touch of excellence.

    If you are serious about becoming a successful YouTuber, you should have 40+ content ideas clearly marked in your sequence order. This should take 40 weeks if you post content every week or 1 month if you post content every day.

    #STEP 4: Get a recording team.

    There are a thousand vloggers in virtually every niche in the world today. So, you could dance your way to failure as a Youtuber if you start with poorly recorded videos.

    Basically, access your recording equipment, if they are not good enough, it is important that you invest to buy good ones.

    It costs around $500 to get a set of good cameras, lighting, external microphone, tripod stabilizer and good editing software. It's actually a worthwhile investment to make. You can scroll up to see how much you could earn as a successful YouTuber.

    #STEP 5: Become a YouTuber

    Once you have your recording equipment and content ideas, you need to create a YouTube channel. Then, optimize it for your niche and upload your first video.

    If you have a video on your channel, you've become a YouTube star. However, what determines whether you'll be a successful YouTuber is a reflection of what you do next.

    A guide on how to become a successful YouTuber

    An African adage says that "there is not much work to get rich, the work is to keep the wealth."

    Now that you have become a YouTube star, to become successful and profitable, follow these steps:

    Be consistent and patient

    What brings you together or makes you on this journey will be strongly determined by your consistency. Earlier, it was clearly stated that you should choose a niche that aligns with your passion.

    Ultimately, you must be consistent with your content planning and niche. If your content schedule says once a week, consistently publish one piece of content each week.

    To stay ahead of your viewers, you can always indicate in your video when the next piece of content will be uploaded.

    Improve your search engine optimization

    No matter how good your content is, without viewers, it's automatically irrelevant. Most importantly, if you plan to make money as a YouTuber. One way to accomplish this is to generate organic traffic by optimizing your channel for search results.

    For every piece of content you post, you must optimize your keywords so that it becomes the first choice on YouTube for search engines. Quality is important, but appearance in Google search will generate traffic that will convert into cash.

    Promote your channel on other platforms

    In addition to organic search, you can also promote your channel on other platforms to get traffic. In fact, you should create a social media platform and run ads to reach your target audience.

    You should see your YouTube channel as your community. Then, do what you can to grow it.

    Keep up with trends

    To stay relevant in the eyes of your audience, you must post trending content in your niche. Otherwise, hey will find it elsewhere.

    Therefore, continuous research should help you find relevant topics in your niche, especially trending ones. Talk about it in your new video to keep your audience interested.

    Monetize your channel

    You can now apply to the YouTube Partners program to monetize your channel. However, it's important to consider the above suitability before applying.

    Once your application has been approved and you have obtained your adsense, you should focus on increasing your view per video from the minimum you should.

    In addition, you can sell products on your channel or post sponsored videos to earn more money as a YouTuber. Regardless of the way you choose to monetize your channel, always remember that money flows in the direction of traffic.

    Get traffic, get money. More traffic as a Youtuber means more money, therefore, you get traffic.

    How to become a successful youtuber as a kid.

    Well, the highest paid Youtuber in 2020 is Ryan, an 8 year old kid. Therefore, you can become a Youtuber even as a kid. First, you need to choose something that you are really passionate about.

    Find a topic or subject area that you won't get bored talking about. Choose a niche around it, then follow the above steps on how to become a YouTube star.


    While it seems very easy to become a YouTuber, having a YouTube channel doesn't make you a successful YouTuber.

    Basically, there is a lot more to it than just uploading videos to You Tube. In fact, you have to be willing to learn. Alone or underestimating the very famous YouTube stars.

    In fact, you must be committed, consistent and determined to grow your YouTube channel. Most importantly, if you want to earn from it.

    Overall, becoming a YouTuber is quite easy if you follow the steps outlined in this article.

    In fact, with this complete guide on how to become a YouTuber, you should be able to generate more than 1000 views on your videos to start earning ad revenue.

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