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Making money since the beginning of time has been essential, for the reason that thanks to it we have our daily bread, the clothes we wear daily, the cell phone, the computer and all those devices that surround us.


But, Have you ever imagined traveling the world just to live off a social network? Making money on Instagram?Imagine walking around those hidden places where no one has been, imagine swimming in the most crystalline beaches where anyone would want to be, just imagine going around the world just to take pictures.

But yes, this could be you if you just follow a few simple steps that in the course of the article we will be announcing, stay and you will be able to discover this and more!


The primary way to earn money on Instagram is to have an account with a significant amount of followers. If you don’t have a large number of followers it’s not a problem, you can wait with patience and constancy so you can be influential on the network.


But for the record, the competition is getting higher and higher every day, you should take precautions when posting a Hashtags, a picture or even a video, they have to be of very good quality and at the same time show wisdom or whatever you want your profile to represent.

Having said all this, here is a small list of things to do so that your account and followers can rise to the point where you can monetize it and bill with it.


Most people who get to this point tend to ask themselves Can you make money on Instagrams, really?There are even some who add, I dont know, it seems wrong. But the answer is yes, of course you can make money on Instagram, on all social networks you can make money if you know the right trick and tactic for it.

That’s why in this article we’ve decided to train you to be the next to make so much money on Instagram that even you won’t believe it.

#1 HIGH-QUALITY IMAGES AND VIDEOS: This is very essential to start the tour, because we have to take into account that Instagram is a social network based on photos and stories. How would you differentiate yourself from a large crowd with low quality photos, there is no way, so you need to consider having a high resolution camera that focuses on each color to bring the image to life, edit the photos to your liking and upload them when you really feel they have potential.


#2 CHOOSE A MARKET NICHE: You must know that every day that passes it will always be more difficult to achieve the goal, so you have to excel in something and that people notice what your profile is about, that will make your followers go up while you only laugh at one thing. When it comes to choosing a niche market, it’s like saying we’re choosing what will represent your life for the rest of the days on your Instagram profile, you always have to find a way to stand out.

#3 YOU ARE READY TO PUBLISH: By following steps 1 and 2, you are ready to begin your life as an Instagram photographer. It is recommended that you follow the advice of friends, family, or acquaintances who have a certain specialty in photos to make you stand out more when taking one.

#4 YOU CAN SELL THE PHOTOS: If you’re really interested the idea of making money on Instagram may be your best option. Once you have completed the above steps, you can start selling your Instagram photos to followers on Instagram benches. It is important to note that it is not only the photo, but also how the artist who took it expresses himself to offer it on the market.


#5 USE THE SUPPORTS OFFERED BY INSTAGRAM: When we talk about taking advantage of Instagram’s support, we mean nothing less than Instagram Stories. Live video can be made using this tool that Instagram provides to give you the opportunity to increase your followers and monetize your profile faster.


After abiding by all the above events, it is necessary to clarify that you only start earning money after you exceed the limit of followers Instagram places, you can not get a single penny before that. The next thing would be to monetize the account if you already exceeded the limit set and ready, you’ll have money and other small details that would not be wrong to mention

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SPONSORS ON YOUR ACCOUNT: When we say this, we mean that you will get people you may not know, who share your same dream and are willing to emerge and give you some support to continue on your path with only a few more followers.

YOUR COMMENTS WILL BE SHARED: Everything you post will be shared by your followers and those people who are there to see what you do. This will certainly increase your earnings on Instagram and you will no longer be the dreamer but the one who achieved his dreams.


It is worth noting that if you do not have a follower on Instagram it is very difficult to achieve the goal of traveling the world taking pictures and living from them, for this reason we clarify from the beginning of the article that you need to have a large following to make money on Instagram.


Followers are those who drive what you will be for the rest of your life if you want to follow this Instagram path forever, because, even though it is not bad at all, there are people like us who are willing to live this and more, you should not get stuck in one thing, but if it is not your case, take each picture as if it was the last one you would take in your life and you will notice how you accomplish the goal in less than expected!

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