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In this guide we will explain how to make money fast on Octopath Traveler, so that you can buy equipment or more faster. Not a few times it will happen to come across quite expensive weapons or armor, we propose some methods to speed up the gain!

We also reviewed this great title! If, on the other hand, you are interested in earning experience points and class, you should consult our guide.

Method with Tressa and the Support Skill "Evasive Maneuvers"

Have Tressa or a character with secondary class Merchant in the team is a considerable advantage, since they can use "Collection”To raise money from the battles. But the surprises do not end there, there is a faster method that does not require fights that allows you to quickly buy money.

You can also refer to ours guide on the basic classes of Octopath Traveler to have a summary of the skills required. The method that follows is instead taken by the user DJApoc, and we will try to explain it to you as precisely as possible.


  • Have Tressa on your team, NOT a character with the Merchant class
  • Having a character with the Evasive Maneuvers skill in your team, obtainable from the Sage class
  • Ability to access level 45-50 dungeons, in this case we will use a level 45 one, but don't worry, you won't need to fight so you can also access it at a much lower level.

Go to Reply, exiting east and continuing up, on the right you will find a level 45 dungeon, called Cove of the undertow.

Coastal Territories - Cala della Risacca

Entering, we immediately go down and to the left until the floor changes color, after the staircase.

This is the first part, right after we enter

Go right, then down touching the part that leads to the next floor, but going right afterwards.

Here is the way forward, as indicated in the original source

Then go to the top right.

Go down the stairs until you reach the drop (you will see a chest) and then exit directly from the dungeon. You should have a figure around 1800!

From here go down the stairs as written above, after exiting the dungeon

By following the procedures and therefore without a fight, we will be able to exit the dungeon earning a large sum. You can also do less optimal routes, arriving at different figures! In fact, during some of our runs, we also touched around 2000, so you can experiment with variations with multiple steps.

By repeating the process several times it will be possible to earn a lot of money without having to fight. Don't despair in case of Game Over, Octopath Traveler has one auto-save function by default!

The procedure described above can be used also in other high-level dungeons, as Tressa's ability guarantees higher figures with this type of dungeon.

Traditional method with Therion

Another fairly obvious method is to steal with Therion by the inhabitants of the various cities scattered throughout the game, reselling what we get. Often we will even find sacks containing minerals to resell, but we recommend combining the two methods to make it faster!

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