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Teamfight Tactics is an auto battler video game developed and published by Riot Games. Initially released as a game mode for League of Legends for Windows and MacOS on June 26, 2019.

Rating: NOTE
Available: Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
Gender: Auto Battler
Players: One player
Launch date: 26 June 2019


Teamfight Tactics Trailer + Game Images

Based on Dota Auto Chess, a mod for Dota 2, it consists of forming a team of up to 9 champions (it is possible to have a bigger team with the help of special items) and last as long as possible trying to be the last one alive.  The arena consists of hexagons, where players can strategically place champions as the rounds progress. Below is the trailer for the game so you can start to understand its operation and plot.

Each round, the battle automatically begins with two players paired at random or against the AI.  The number of champions remaining at the end of the battle will be reflected in the damage suffered by the loser, also taking into account their level. Here are some images of the game to help you get familiar with it.

How to get Gold on Teamfight Tactics

As in most mobile games, you must get a set of basic resources to be able to play the game freely and become the best. In this case, that resource is the well-known Gold. Here’s how you can get it so you don’t get left behind in Teamfight Tactics:

  • You will get 5 gold at the beginning of each round automatically
  • In the form of interest at the beginning of each round, depending on how many gold generators you have.
  • As a reward at the beginning of each round if you keep a record of wins or losses.
  • Immediately after winning a PvP round
  • You can sell those champions you don’t need
  • With the GumsUp platform you can get free gold for Teamfight Tactics

Free resource generator for Teamfight Tactics

The resource generators are used to get resources for almost any game at no cost to the playerr, you will find many generators on the Internet that can help you get resources, we recommend you a very useful and reliable resource generator that will golden you for Teamfight Tactics without problems.

Guide to Getting Gold in Teamfight Tactics

You can surely find useful information on the internet to get gold at Teamfight Tactics. However, you should keep in mind that much of this information is based on the use of hacks (which you should not use). For that same reason, we provide a video where you will see how to get gold and the resources you need in this game:

What is the purpose of Gold in Teamfight Tactics?

As we have mentioned before, gold is the most important resource for this game, as it will give you a number of advantages in it. Below are some of the benefits or uses this gold will have for you in Teamfight Tactics:

  • To buy new champions
  • It will help you to level up
  • To update the Character Shop
  • It’ll give you a big advantage in the game

Basic guide to playing Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics is a very intuitive game, easy to understand and adapted to all audiences. From the start, the game shows you how it works step by step, so you don’t miss a beat. However, there are a few basic points you should take into account to start playing. Here is a video that explains some tips, so that it will be easier to start playing.

Teamfight Tactics Analysis

Teamfight Tactics is a wonderful mobile game that has captivated all the fans of this genre and also gives you a lot of freedom to play. However, there are a few negative points to consider as well. Below, and now that you know better how this game works, we provide you with an analysis of it:


  • Very well worked graphics
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Addictive and well adapted


  • There are some flaws that slow down the game
  • Problems with some devices


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