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Bistro Heroes is a new mobile RPG game that was distributed by Team Tapas and is available for the Android platform. In this article we will give you all the information you need to be the best in Bistro Heroes.

Available: Android
Gender: RPG
Players: One player


Bistro Heroes Trailer + Game Images

It brings together various ingredients through hunting and rea tasty dishes with special ingredients for a bistro. Collect hero’s clothing to create unique styles. Develop your city with numerous buildings and furniture. Help different heroes save the world and become one of them. Remember that it is a small RPG and very easy to master. Here we provide you the official trailer of the game so you can start to understand how it works.

An attractive story with the feel of a light novel. Simple controls that are easy to learn, even for beginners. Here are some images of the game to help you get familiar with it.

How to get Bistro Heroes codes

As in many mobile games, Bistro Heroes offers codes to be able to have more rewards and consequently more advantages in this game. Below we explain how you can get these codes in a simple and legal way.

  • Promotional codes will be posted on the game’s official website when available.
  • On the Bistro Heroes Facebook page and Twitter.
  • Pre-registration: If you registered to the game before its launch, you may receive the code in your email
  • Special Events: From time to time the developer may share gift codes during special events in the game, so we recommend being very careful to try to get them.

Resource generator for Bistro Heroes

Resource generators are used to obtain resources for virtually any game at no cost to the playerr. You can find many generators on the Internet that can help you get resources, but some do not provide the expected result to the user. We recommend you to use a very useful and reliable resource generator that will generate rewards and codes for Bistro Heroes.

What are the codes in Bistro Heroes for?

We have explained before how to get Codes for this game. Well, you may wonder what they are for. Basically the codes you will get must be redeemed in the same game so that you are rewarded, either with resources, clothes, food, etc. Anything will go well for you to advance and it never hurts to have those resources secured.

Basic guide to play Bistro Heroes

This is a very intuitive game adapted for all audiences that will be very easy to understand whether or not you have played a similar game or RPG before. Even so, we provide you with a video where you will see how this game works and it will be easier for you to start playing.

Bistro Heroes Analysis

Bistro Heroes is a game that fits very well in the eyes with its wonderful graphics and, in addition, its gameplay will catch you in it. However, there are some negative points that also need to be commented. Now that you have a broader view of the game, we provide you with an analysis of it:


  • Very good graphics
  • Very entertaining and addictive
  • It does not lose its essence


  • It is blocked at some levels
  • Difficult to get rewards

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