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In the lonely island of armor, the first DLC released for Pokèmon Sword and Shield, we will immediately be given a long secondary mission, which we will carry until the end of the expansion.

As we head to the dojo behind the station, we will come across a bridge that must be crossed in order to continue with the main strand of the expansion.

But this will not be possible, as we would be blocked by a Diglett alola, as soon as we try to interact with the Pokémon, it will come out of the ground and a trainer will arrive to warn us that there will be many others scattered throughout the island.

After a short conversation we will be prompted to find all 150 diglett.

To find a diglett: you just need to look for the tufts that come out of the ground and once you spot them you just have to interact with them. Doing so can be difficult as it will be easy to exchange them for tufts of grass.

In this guide we will show you every single point where you can find the 150 diglett of alola scattered around the map of the new adventure set in the island of armor.

All locations

Antro Scontro - 7 Diglett

Beach Challenge - 9 Diglett

Grotta Grinta - 7 Diglett

Plain Bow - 18 Diglett

Deserto Paiolo – 10 Diglett

Quietarnia Island - 11 Diglett

Gymnastic Sea - 11 Diglett

Mar Sperdipelago - 7 Diglett

Fresh Marsh - 20 Diglett

Bosco Concentration - 8 Diglett

Flat Training - 15 Diglett

Circular Bay - 7 Diglett

Mar Lineapelago - 6 Diglett

Heating Tunnel - 3 Diglett

Way Challenge - 8 Diglett

Quietarnia Sea - 3 Diglet

We will find ourselves wasting enough time behind the diglett, but we will be well rewarded by receiving special pokèmon in exchange.

Rewards list


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