How to earn money by walking?

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Lately we have all focused on something as essential as a second income, because we all like to indulge ourselves from time to time, And what is more feasible than making money by walking?

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Doing sport is more feasible if we have something that drives us to it, in this case it would be make money through your mobile phone, because, there are applications that recognize all the paths you can giveWhat else can give you this kind of motivation, can you imagine fulfilling all your dreams just by making money walking or exercising?


There is a high diversity of so many apps that are available to earn money while you walk, are some applications that have become fashionable among people who exercise Many times a day, yes, we talk about those people who are passionate about sport and who strive for a healthy life.

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These are apps we are referring to, are available for all kinds of people who want to change their lives for the betterThis is not only for those who are used to exercise and always be in the sport movement, because this is not a line of work that will judge you by your appearance but by your performance in it.

If you perform well and the page acknowledges it, it will have no reason to judge you and will not even ask you to leave it, because it is not convenient for you, but it is about to notice the willingness with which you do the work, it pays you an extra bonus to the salary that you have been creating since you started it.


Not all pages offer this good work, some do, because, in the interest of keeping people who invest a recognizable amount of time, they prefer to reward them to keep them focused on the work and always loyal to their facilities that allow you to earn money by walking.


This is an App focused on keepingr to people working out and earning money for it, often to thatThe “Running Bonus”, is one of the few applications that give bonuses for running a certain amount of miles awarded to you.


If you meet the amount set to earn the proposed bonus, this page sets a second plan that you can follow if you want a higher bonus than the previous one. But this page is not only based on the innovative idea of earning money while running and paying you for bonus methods, nor on its wonderful method of earning money for every kilometer you run. It also allows you to level up and pay yourself more and more for the same kilometers you run, an example of this:

  • YOU’VE COME 10 MILES: The first month you had with this company, if you are already advanced you will know for sure that it was free, but the second month is asking you in advance to fulfill it a portion of money that you will count on it if you ran at least 15 kilometers a day.
  • YOU’VE COME 70 KM: The average person cannot run this many miles in a day, but perhaps a person who is passionate about sports can run this estimated amount without any inconvenience and raise the payout in a remarkable way.
  • YOU’VE COME 100 MILES: This amount of time can only be covered by one athlete in one day, because not all the people reach that time that they invest to accomplish the goal of 150 km, but common people and enthusiastic to the sport can also fulfill it in several days if they remain stable in it, anyway, it will remain the same payment and in the same way, you do not have to get depressed.
  • YOU’VE COME 200 KM: This is already a goal that tends to excite more any type of athlete and even people motivated with the page, because not everyone runs 200 kilometers in a month, much less in a day.

But it is obvious that the payment is bigger and the amount in bonuses can be quite high. Not to mention that after running 200 kilometers you go up to the second level on the page you are on.


They exist in various forms and We have a number of apps ready to offer you a sum of money that you might be interested in is barely mentioned, so much so that the worldwide average of people using them is almost higher than other apps available from the Marketing Association.

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They offer the amount of money that they propose at the beginning of everything, just for a series of kilometers that you can run at the moment, it is not only that, but it also offers you a support with bonuses, and so that you have not been able to finish the proposed goal the application gives you the opportunity to continue it the next day.


When we talk about earning money by running we refer to those methods that some apps offer us to use as a second source of money into our pockets for just exercising our body.


Not everyone is willing to make money while running, as not everyone has the willpower, mental or physical strength to do so. Therefore, they prefer to follow their normal work routine without any influence on their lives, not even a second income that can be invested in luxury.


With so many apps out there in the world to make money while running, it’s a little hard for us to get the most specific to offer in this article, but among them the most outstanding in a professional and efficient work regarding payment are

  • VICE SPORT: This is one of the most efficient applications created in Spain that will make you earn money if you offer a good investment of time to your daily training.
  • PUBLI RUNNER: This is another efficient application if you want to make money while exercising your body. People who use it claim that it is reliable and effective in every way.

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