How to Connect a Controller to Android Devices

Have you always wanted to play your favorite Android titles using a controller? It's not science fiction, it's absolutely possible and in some cases it's even quite simple. With Android devices, such as tablets and smartphones, we can play with controllers designed specifically for that or with the joypads of our home consoles, although in the latter case the procedure may require a little more patience and some accessories to buy separately.

How to connect a controller to an Android device is a doubt that often comes to those who are used to play on tablets and smartphones. Touch controls are not always intuitive and for some types of games they're not the best solution at all. As we've mentioned, there are controllers designed for just that, and since Android is not particularly restrictive with its policies, we can be able to buy controllers that are supported by Android devices at great prices.

How to make sure a controller is supported

Mind you, connecting a supported controller doesn't solve all the problems, because if a brand works well with some games it doesn't have to for many others. Also, a game might be compatible with a controller, but not with another model. An application that can be downloaded from the Play Store called Gamepad Games comes to our aid, giving us some indication of which controllers are supported by Android and in reference to which games. To download it, click here.

How to connect a controller to an Android device

The procedure to connect an Android-supported controller to a device with that operating system is very easy to perform. Controllers designed specifically for gaming on tablets and smartphones are mainly wireless because they use Bluetooth technology.

So follow these steps:

  • Turn on the controller
  • Go to Android device settings
  • Activate bluetooth connection
  • Select the one that interests you, the controller then

At this point, the device will ask you to perform an action, such as pressing a button a series of buttons at the same time, to let the device know that the controller is ready.

Now you can play.

But what are the best controllers supported by Android? Let's see some of them.

Best controllers supported by Android

Below are some of the controllers that could be suitable for you to play Android titles by connecting a joypad to tablets and smartphones. Along with the list, you'll also find Amazon's links to purchase the controller of your choice.

  • Joypad Pyrus Gapo PG-9037: ergonomics similar to home console controllers. It is also supported by Windows.
  • iPEGA PG-9025: Also supports iOS devices. It can be used with both cable and Bluetooth.
  • Rii Gaming GP500: Rii is one of the most popular brands of Tv Box. At the heart of this gamepad, you can also find a touch pad, like on modern home console controllers.
  • GameSir G4s: High-end controller. The keys are exactly what you'd find on an Xbox One joypad. There are also backlit keys. Supported by Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows.
  • Moga Power: Not compatible with all games, but with this controller you can map commands in games that support HID drivers.It works with a dedicated app.
  • Phonejoy: very special design for this controller that allows you to insert the device in the central part. The price is a bit higher.

Below are the Amazon links to buy these controllers for Android.

How to use joypad PS3 on Android device

What if we don't want to spend extra money to play with a controller on an Android device? Just use the controllers we use every day with our home consoles. You can do it, and it's simple, but it takes a few extra tricks.

Anyone with a Playstation 3 joypad needs a MicroUSB-OTG cable. This can also be purchased from Amazon:

You will then have to follow the following procedure:

  • Connect the joypad to the Micro USB-OTG cable.
  • insert the OTG cable into the microUSB port of your Android device
  • access the Play Store and download the Sinaxis Enabler application by clicking here
  • configure the controller by following the wizard

How to use the Playstation 4 joypad on Android devices

You don't need any cables to install a PS4 controller on your Android tablet or smartphone. Just follow the steps below.

  • turn on the joypad
  • activate bluetooth on your Android device
  • press the PS button and the Share button on the joypad at the same time
  • the controller will have the light on at this point
  • search for bluetooth devices from your mobile phone/tablet (as we have already seen for Android controllers) in the device settings
  • make the connection between joypad and device by pressing a few keys on the controller when prompted.

How to use an Xbox 360 and Xbox One controller on Android

The procedure for using the Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers on Android devices is the same for both joypads. Again, you will need the OTG cable.

  • connect the Xbox controller to the Micro USB-OTG cable
  • insert the OTG cable into the microUSB port of your Android device
  • the controller will turn on and you can already start playing.

Note: Unlike controllers designed specifically for Android devices, controllers borrowed from home consoles may not support the commands of many titles downloaded from the Play Store. To remap the controls there is an application called Tinycore Keymapper. You can download it by clicking here.

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