How to change the character in Fortnite

One thing we often see asked on the Internet is: “How to change character / avatar on Fortnite: Battle Royale“, Or:“ How to change the gender of a character ”. With this guide you will find out how!

How to get characters in Fortnite

Before seeing how to change characters, let's see how the various ones are obtained skin. If you have just downloaded the game you shouldn't have many avatars, surely you will have only the avatars available 8 basic characters which will alternate each time you restart the game.

Characters can be purchased in the shop using i V-Bucks or they can be obtained as reward leveling up in the Pass Battle. However, as you will see later, there are also other ways to get the various skins and increase the choice.

The shop

As mentioned before, the Shop offers us many possibilities.

Here the skin characters can be bought using i V-bucks. Besides the Shop it not only sells avatars, but also new ones piconi, emote, scie for the fall, parachutes, camouflage for weapons and occasionally levels to the Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass

Il Pass Battle rewards players every time they complete challenges, these rewards are varied, and as you level up, you may unlock many skins. However, you can also shop with the V-Bucks il Golden Battle Pass and you will have insured yours reward.

Save the world

There are many characters on Fortnite and each of them has some unique features and his own history, at least in the version Save the world.

Within this mode you will have the possibility to choose between many classes such as Outlanders, i Soldiers, i builders and even i Ninja!

However, if you have not yet unlocked any hero you will have to choose the soldier, which you will have in possession from the beginning.

To unlock other characters you will have to complete the tutorial to start playing and collecting i flame.

The latter can be found very easily around the world and, in addition, they can be purchased. You will also be able to receive them as reward of some missions.

I flame can be destroyed with the pickaxe and, if you're lucky, you'll have the opportunity to unlock a new character.

How to change the character

Once we understand how to get the characters, let's move on to understanding how to equip them.

The thing is very simple, in reality, all you have to do is go to the menu and select the item: "LockerTop center.

From here on you will have the possibility to change the skins of your avatar, pickaxe, hang glider and much more!

Last but not least, many characters can vary their appearance by completing certain objectives.

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