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Horizon Zero Dawn is a splendid game, there are many things to do and it is certainly pleasant to spend dozens and dozens of hours in the company of the title. Today we are here to talk about the trophies and to give you a guide to complete the game 100%: getting the platinum trophy is not too difficult, but don't expect even a walk (you only need one run). Warning: the guide obviously contains spoilers!


Override on 7 types of machines

Unlock and use Override on 7 different types of Machines.

All Killed Capture Machines

Kill at least one specimen of each type of acquisition machine.

All the reconnaissance machines killed

Kill at least one specimen of each type of reconnaissance machine.

All the killed Combat Machines

Kill at least one of each type of fighting machine.

All Transport Machines killed

Kill at least one specimen of each type of transport machine.

First Override on Collolungo

Climb up a Collolungo and access his information.

First bandit camp cleared

Save a settlement from a clan of bandits.

First Override on core

Reach the core of a cauldron and access its information.

All the Suns in a land

Get at least one Half Sun in all three Hunting Ground Challenges

Suns in the Fiery Suns in a terrain

You get a Fiery Sun in all three Challenges of a hunting ground.

First corrupted area cleaned up

Kill all the corrupt machines in a corrupt area.

All Machines Catalogued

Meet and examine all types of machines with the Focus.

First observatory found

Find and access an observatory.

First metal flower found

Discover a strange metal flower (get the maps from the merchants right away so you don't waste too much time).

First Banuk figurine found

Find a wooden effigy left by a Banuk traveler.

First antique container found

Find an ancient vessel used by the Predecessors.

All observers found

Find and access all observers.

All metal flowers found

Find all the metal flowers.

All Banuk figurines found

Find all the Arnak figurines.

All antique vessels found

Find all the antique vessels.

Shield weaver dress obtained

Recover and use ancient technology.

Rost's teachings followed

Learn to hunt and fight together with Rost.

Secodon defeated

Defeat the Secodon who threatened the Nora.

Triumph in the Trial

Overcome adversity and come first in the Trial.

You've eradicated corruption

Undo corruption in the Nora Valley.

You have uncovered the secrets of the past

Discover the secrets of the past at the End of the Creator.

Eclipse network destroyed

Infiltrate the eclipse camp and destroy their network.

You found out the truth

Find out the truth about Zero Dawn.

Foiled the siege of Mother

Defeat the invaders and enter the sacred mountain.

Powerful weapon recovered

Explore the Falling Mountain and retrieve a powerful weapon.

All allies have participated

Thanks to Aloy's actions, all possible allies took part in the defense.

You won with the warlord

Find warlord Nora and defeat the assassins in the metal circle.

Sundial saved by his enemy

Help Erend investigate Ersa's fate and foil a plot against Meridiana.

Helped deserters

Help Uthid and the child king Itamen escape from the Carja of Shadows.

Faucirosse hunted with Talanah

Climb the ranks of the Hunters' Lodge and help Talanah defeat Faucirosse.

Sneak-killing on 10 machines

Run a sneak kill on 10 cars.

3 Shots from above

Kill 3 enemies with the skill Shot from above.

10 components detached

Detach 10 components from the machines during the fight.

10 kills on vulnerable Machines

Kill 10 machines vulnerable to fire while on fire, or vulnerable to ice while frozen.

5 heavy weapons detached

Detach 5 heavy weapons from the machines during combat.

30 blows to the head on human enemies

Kill 30 human enemies with blows to the head.

23 Dismantled puppet searchers

Find and shoot down all the puppets of the Cervaviti in the Nora region.

First modification

Use a reel or fabric to modify a weapon or suit.

Level 10 reached

Reach player level 10.

Level 25 reached

Reach player level 25.

Level 40 reached

Reach player level 40.

Level 50 reached

Reach player level 50.

All skills learned

Learn all available skills.


Override on all Collilunghi

Climb all the Collilungos and access their information.

All bandit camps cleared

Save all the settlements from the bandit clans. There are six of them, found marked on the map after the override on the Collilungen.

Override all the nuclei

Reach the core of all Cauldrons and access their information. There are four of them, found on the map inside the cauldrons.

All the Suns in all the grounds

Get at least a Half Sun in all Challenges of all hunting grounds.

All corrupt areas cleared

Kill all corrupted machines in all corrupted areas. That's eleven.


Fiery Suns in all terrains

You get a Fiery Sun in all Challenges of all hunting grounds.

End the threat of the War Machines

Put an end to the Ancient War Machine threat.


All trophies

You get all the trophies of Horizon Zero Dawn .

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