Horizon Zero Dawn - Exploration and Map Guide

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The world of Horizon Zero Dawn is vast and dangerous, it is easy to get lost among the various points of interest and not understand where to go to perform certain actions. The purpose of this guide, clearly aimed at beginners, is to provide basic guidelines about the various places in the game, so when the time comes you won't be lost and you'll know exactly how to behave. The guide is, of course, free of spoilers, so you can read it without any worries: for more details about the title we suggest you watch our video review and our guide to the tribes!

The Cauldrons

Let's start with the underground world, the most mysterious and fascinating part of Horizon Zero Dawn . In the course of your adventure you will inevitably end up in the cauldrons, autonomous robotic foundries that literally give rise to the machines. These places are very important because reaching the cores of the cauldrons our heroine can understand how to perform the Override on certain machines, while learning new details about the mechanical creatures that populate the planet.

The Bunkers

We remain in the underground world, in this case we mean as little as possible to avoid spoilers but we must still mention them for completeness. You'll enter the bunkers during the main story and using Aloy's device you can easily discover information and details about the game world.

The Observers

These places are memories of an ancient past, their purpose is essentially to allow the game to understand what happened in previous years. Again we want to say as little as possible to avoid spoilers, but we strongly advise you to make the most of your device in these areas.

The Bandit Fields

The world of Horizon Zero Dawn is very dangerous, humanity is collapsing and of course some have thought to use their strength to impose themselves on the weakest. During his journey Aloy will encounter various bandit camps, in these areas you will have to deal with a large number of enemies and, unfortunately for you, they will generally be well armed and in advantageous positions. The attack on a camp must be planned, taking advantage of Aloy's agility and skills you'll be able to clean up with minimal risk and this must be your ultimate goal. Warning: eliminating the bandits' fields will unlock new teleportation points and new merchants, so please do not ignore this component of the game.

Hunting grounds

The hunting grounds are nothing but time challenges in pre-set arenas, the approach will of course have to be varied depending on the case and to win you will have to use all the techniques and skills of Aloy. To successfully complete the proposed challenges you generally need a good knowledge of the machines and their weak points, in case of difficulties we recommend you to make the most of your device. By winning in the hunting grounds you will get sun marks, when you have at least three of them you can join the Hunters' Lodge at Meridiana.

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