Hollywood Monsters PC cheats and solution

Hollywood Monsters it's a video game developed in 1997 by the Pendulo Studios to Dinamic Multimedia (and later republished by FX Interactive). It is a'point and click graphic adventure, a very popular genre in those years. In 2001, Hollywood Monsters 2 was also released, which is not a real sequel to the first chapter anyway.

The plot sees reporters Ron Ashman and Sue Bergman, of The Quill, discuss with their boss about which of the two should go to the party of the film producer Otto Hannover, a party that takes the name of Hollywood Monsters. The boss eventually opts to send Sue, who will be able to notice how Frankenstein is acting strangely.
The reporter asks him a few questions about it, but the two are attacked and Sue disappears. It is therefore up to Ron to go to the Hannover residence and investigate the incident. Among the most beautiful characters in the game we mention Dracula, the Mummy, the Wolf Man, The Invisible Man, Jack the Ripper, Quasimodo, The Monster of the Black Lagoon, Igor ((Dr. Frankenstein's deformed assistant) and many more. An amazing adventure full of humor and twists. Play it in one breath… you won't regret it!

Unfortunately we don't have the yet complete solution of Hollywood Monsters, but we can refresh your memory about the game controls and keys used during this beautiful graphic adventure.

It is played with the mouse, while the control panel and the inventory are called up by moving the mouse in the lower part of the screen.

With the ESC key, you can also skip the animated sequences already seen.

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