Hogs of War PS1 cheats and passwords

Hogs of War, which in Italian we could translate as "War pigs", is a turn-based strategic video game distributed by Infogrames Europe to Sony PlayStation.

The player actually takes control of one team of pigs and must defeat rival factions, with the ultimate goal being the conquest of Maialustralasia, an island nation with borders that give it the appearance of a pig. Controlling Maialustralasia, in Hogs of War, is essential to conquer the entire planet as it is an area rich in slop, essential nourishment for any self-respecting pig. As long as it is possible to respect a pig, of course. Parody of the Anglo-Saxon term Dogs of War, the game can be played in Single Player mode, against the computer, or against another human in Death Match mode.
The teams of pigs are in total 6, each marked by a specific color, by different nationality and by a typical name. There are the English Hot Hogs, the American New Porkers, the Italic Suini Bellici, the Teutonic Krautentruppen, the Soviet Porkotroika and the French Cochon. Then there is a bonus team in purple, Team Lard, which can be unlocked using the trick you find a few lines below. Each team sees their soldier pigs having a different function, for example we find paratroopers, grenade throwers, nurses and so on.

Enter the following codes as team names on the "Name Your Team" screen:
PRYING PIGS - All FMV scenes
WATTA PORK - Scene Bonus FMV
MARDY PIGS - Team Lard

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