Hitman Absolution - Guide to Trophies and Achievements

Hitman Absolution is finally in our hands and the first desire of any self-respecting gamer is to platinum-platinum/mill his favorite title. If you have problems here is our fantastic guide to the trophies and achievements of Hitman Aboslution! Ready to become real assassins!?!?!?!

Hitman Absolution - Guide to Trophies and Achievements

Burden - Kill Diana Burnwood.
Killer of the King - Kill the King of Chinatown.
The room of secrets - find room 899.
Give me a lift - Get on the train at the station.
Outpost - Kill Wade's men.
Barking Dog Doesn't Bite - Kill Wade.
The bartender always knows everything - Talk to the bartender.Favorite weapons - Get the Silverballer.
How to steal candy - Neutralize Lenny.
It's not worth it - Leave Lenny in the desert. Once you've taken Lenny into the desert, get in your car and drive away and let him die alone in the sand and heat. This goal may be missed if you kill Lenny, in one of the ways offered by the desert or your hood, before you leave.
Towards the light - Get out of the mines.
A hard blow - Kill the leaders of the structure.
Faith can move mountains - Kill Sanchez with your bare hands.
Battlefields - Eliminate Saints.
Galeotto - Access the prison.Resa dei conti - Reach the church.
Good as new - Get dress and gloves.
Death makes you beautiful - Kill Layla.
Countdown - Kill Blake Dexter.Private matter - Travis.
Pure potential - Unlock a technique.


Better move him - hide a body. Kill or stun an opponent and then hide him in one of the various hiding places offered by the game.
Black man - Neutralize someone. Someone.
It's all about the wrist - make a kill with a throwing weapon. Find a knife or axe and throw it straight at an opponent's head to kill him.
Damage Control - Recover a situation that has gotten bad. Once you have been discovered, eliminate all enemies by preventing the arrival of reinforcements in order to recover the situation.
Oops! - Perform for the first time a murder that looks like an accident. something, poison someone, blow someone else up, the environment offers countless ways to unlock this goal in every mission.
Outstanding sniper - 47 shots to the head with a sniper rifle. At the beginning of the last mission you will have a sniper rifle at your disposal, eliminate as many enemies as possible and finish the mission. Now you just have to repeat the process until you reach 47 shots.
A little taste - Complete 10 challenges.
You can always improve - Buy an upgrade
First contract - Complete the Create Contracts tutorial.
Dirty Money - Complete the Basic Notions of Contracts tutorial.
Unnoticed - Go through the entire area of a level unnoticed. hiding places, be quiet, disguise yourself and get to the end of any area to achieve your chosen goal, the first mission is one of the easiest to complete unnoticed.
Steady pulse - Make a quick shot with at least three kills. Enter Quick Shooting Mode using your instinct and select the targets to hit, aim for the head so you have a safe kill and hit at least 3 people.
On the right track - Complete 50 challenges
A true expert - Get all the special ratings.
Information is power - gather all the evidence.
Thumb up - Appreciate a contract.
Settled for life - Earn $1 million from contracts.
Criminal Association - Play a contract created by a friend.
Competitive Spirit - Create a competition in Contracts.
Competitor - Participate in a competition in Contracts.
Disappeared into the shadows - Escape the attention of an enemy. When an enemy suspects your disguise you must try to sow it: walk slowly, turn as soon as you can and disappear into a hiding place. As soon as the enemy's indicator changes from yellow to white and stops looking for you you will get the Achievement/trophy.
Silent Assassin - Get the Silent Assassin rating. You can get this rank in any mission of the game but in completing it you'll have to:
-Don't ever let them find out and don't set off the alarm;
-Don't kill anybody, just the designated target. -No;
-You can stun the targets, but don't leave bodies lying around. -Mm-hmm.
One of the guys - successfully camouflaged. Steal a disguise and put it on, now use one of the environmental cues to blend in.
Grand Master - Complete 100 challenges.
Absolution - Complete Hitman: Absolution as a professional.
Great - Get all the trophies ( Only on PS3 ).

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