Hill Climb Racing 2 - Guide for All Tips and Tricks

The fun Fingersoft machine game is back. Hill Climb Racing 2 is even more fun, complete and varied. The game mechanics are those that led to the success of the first episode: hurtle through environments of various kinds (from farms to a desert), but be careful not to run out of gas. Collect the tanks before you run out of gas and grab as many coins as you can to buy upgrades, new vehicles and exclusive environments.

Hill Climb Racing 2 also adds races against other machines leading to a new level of fun. In this guide with tricks we Hill Climb Racing 2 see some tips to better master the game on iOS and Android.

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Hill Climb Racing 2 - How to win races

Don't break your neck

There are two modes in Hill Climb Racing 2 : the endless "Adventure" and the multiplayer "Cups" race. In both modes, the key is not crashing, i.e. not letting your head hit the ground, as in the first chapter. In Adventure, the crash ends the entire race. In Cups, our breaking neck will end the current race and give you the status of "DNF" (Unfinished). You will automatically be awarded fourth place for that race and no points will be awarded. Although sometimes you will have to take risks and almost certainly end up crashing, you should still make it a priority not to crash before you take coins, fuel or anything else.

Opponents' necks break... but it doesn't kill them.

Even your opponents can hit their heads on the ground. When you play in Cups / Race mode, your three opponents will crash, but that doesn't end their race; it just slows them down. So don't assume they're out of the race just because you saw them crash to the ground; they can still keep driving and catch up with you.

Don't invest too much in the first jeep

Don't invest too much in your first jeep. While you're ahead, you'll be able to buy new vehicles. The jeep that is assigned at the beginning, even upgraded, is much slower even than the scooter. Save some money not only to buy the latter vehicles, but also to upgrade them. And buy the super jeep as soon as possible. It's much faster than the starting jeep, more durable and even has a safety cage to protect you from small accidents.

Evolutions are fun but they don't let you win.

The tricks on the bike or a kart are mainly useful for fun, not for winning. Doing somersaults and getting a good time in the air will reward you with extra coins and celebrations, but it doesn't have many tangible benefits. You'll earn a few coins for each trick you complete, but you'll earn much more by winning races and increasing your rank. Feel free to fly through the air when it gets you to the goal faster or if you're playing alone, but if you're looking for the best time or first place, avoid the tricks and compete seriously.

Keep an eye out for free upgrades and checkouts.

Occasionally, while you're in the vehicle update menu, one of the upgradeable parts will be yellow and will say "Free!". If you touch it, you will be offered the chance to watch a video to earn an upgrade level instead of paying the necessary amount in coins. If you have multiple vehicles unlocked, each vehicle will have at least one "free" upgrade available, so you can choose which vehicle you want to get the gift for. You'll also get this free option sometimes for cashiers.

What is that gold medal at the finish line?

When you play Cups / Race mode, sometimes you see a gold medal waiting for you on the finish line. This appears when you manage to complete the "win 10 races" challenge and when, of course, you are in the lead. The gold medal indicates that you can unlock the corresponding box.

You can restore old car parts

After you have purchased an upgrade of any type (engine, suspension, tires) you can still return to the previous level if you wish. Tap the "Tune" button to the left of the vehicle components to reveal an arrow. Tap the arrow to scroll through the previous levels. You can also do the reverse, i.e. return to the highest level update even after making a first reverse gear. This mechanism allows you to choose the upgrade combination that suits you best.

Open the crates as often as possible

In this comprehensive guide to Hill Climb Racing 2 couldn't miss the crates! You can only store three checkouts at a time, so always try to have a free slot available for every new checkout you earn. And you have to physically touch one till to start the "opening" process, which usually takes a few hours, so make sure you always touch a new till after opening one. The exception to these rules is the blue cashier that you automatically earn every six hours and the daily red "win 10 games" cashier: these do not occupy a slot and will open immediately. Finally, remember that you will often be given the opportunity to open a cashier immediately by watching a video, so check back often to see if this shortcut is available.

Don't worry about fuel in race mode

The levels in the Cups mode are so short that you'll rarely have enough fuel. Unless you're already in the red, don't worry about fuel. In Adventure / Endless mode, however, fuel is crucial and you should aim to collect all the containers you encounter. Keep in mind that fuel is always used, even if you stop moving.

Tricks Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 | How to get more coins and gems

If the question you want answered is: how to have endless gems and coins in Hill Climb Racing 2 ? The answer is that there is no legal way to get infinite coins and gems, but you can still maximize the gain of the same.

Most coins will come from the checkouts. The original Hill Climb Racing assigned large amounts of coins while driving, making tricks and reaching certain distances. Hill Climb Racing 2 Instead, it doesn't assign many coins during actual gameplay: in one race, on average, you'll take away 100 coins, and the tricks only give a few more coins. To get more money for upgrades you need to open the crates, which usually contain at least a few thousand coins, as well as gems and customizations.

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