Heroes of the Storm - Guide to the Most Powerful Heroes

- Heroes of the Storm Guide to the Most Powerful Heroes - Welcome to our comprehensive guide to Heroes of the Storm , the new BLIZZARD title that is making a sparkle by taking a respectable place in the MOBA Olympus.

In this section of the guide we will see which are the most powerful heroes to use, analyzing their skills and characteristics. Before we get started, it's a good idea to take a look at our ROLES GUIDE to Heroes of the Storm clarify some of the terms of this guide.


These heroes are, without a doubt, the backbone of a team because of an unparalleled combination of skills and parameters.

WARRIOR: Anub'arak - A TANK with a high level of HP, strong resistance and a fair amount of damage.

SUPPORT: Alachiara - Thanks to Polymorphism can arrest any hero and increase while treating allies.

WARRIOR: E.T.C. - A very powerful TANK especially thanks to its high defense and stun skills.

ASSASSIN: Illidan - It is able to move quickly thanks to its jumping skills and is equipped with high speed and power.

SPECIALIST: Lost Vikings - Allows the team to accumulate a lot of experience but has to try to stay in the back lines until towards the end of the game where the skills of the last levels make him a very powerful character in all respects.

SUPPORT: Rehgar - Great support and healing skills.

SPECIALIST: Sylvanas - Increases the damage against opponents attack after attack is hit from a distance.

ASSASSIN: Demon Hunter: Valla - The high damage and the ability to hit from a distance make Valla one of the most powerful killers in the game, but try to have a good support on your side because the resistance and HP of Valla are really poor.

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