Hearthstone - How to overcome the Loa Challenge

The Loa Challenge, the new single player adventure of Hearthstone It's been out for a week now, but many players still haven't been able to take home the prize-winning back. If you are among them do not be afraid we have some tricks and tips to deal with the Gurubashi Arena at best and come out the winner.

Welcome to the Arena!

Every year the Trolls gather in the Gurubashi Arena to challenge each other in the name of their own Loathe Wild Gods watching over Azeroth while Rastakhan King of the Zandalarians observe with a watchful eye. In this adventure we will play the role of Rikkar a young troll in search of fame ready to throw himself into the fray to face the 8 champions in the race.

Choice of Sanctuary

To accompany us in our fights is the Sanctuary a kind of totem that channels the powers of the Loa and allows us to create powerful combinations. There are 3 Sanctuaries for each class but we will be given the opportunity to choose one of the three proposed randomly at each start of the adventure. Be careful not to get your Sanctuary knocked down or you'll have to wait 3 shifts to reuse it.

The Sanctuaries are the pivots of this adventure and it is therefore very important to build a bouquet that synergizes to the maximum with what we have chosen. For example, if we choose Progenies of Jan'alai as our Shrine we will receive a Fire for each frozen character comes by itself so that we will have to collect as many freezing cards as possible after each fight. Of course, our opponents will also have their own Sanctuary, so it's important to know how to fight them.

Beating the Champions

At each start of the adventure we will face in a random way 8 champions who will change their strategy according to the Sanctuary they will use below we will show you how to overcome them depending on the situation.

  • How to beat Voone.
  • How to beat Loti.
  • How to beat Zuljin.
  • How to beat Malacrass.
  • How to beat Tekhal.
  • How to beat Talanji.
  • How to beat Zannuncino.
  • How to beat Zentimo.
  • How to beat Jeklik.

Warrior - Voone

The Voone War Master is a ruthless warrior devoted to Akali Loa rhinoceros.

  • Akali champion: If Voone uses this Sanctuary, your strategy will have to aim at zeroing or lowering its armor as much as possible to make the effect of the Sanctuary as ineffective as possible. If you use an Aggro deck, you may find it difficult. If you have the chance, eliminate the Opponent Sanctuary.
  • Akali War Drums: This Sanctuary lowers the cost of (1) Dragons in his hand after summoning a Dragon. Taking down this Sanctuary should be your priority as you try to defeat it as soon as possible, many of its cards are expensive and the presence of [Kazakus] makes us realize that he has a single deck.
  • Akali's Horn: Perhaps Voone's weakest Sanctuary, focus on it while keeping control of the board by eliminating all the evoked servants.

Druid - Loti

The Loti War Druid draws on the power of Gonk the Loa Raptor, lord of form.

  • Brand of Gonk: Rotating all around this Sanctuary which provides +1/+1 to the evoked servants, the bunch of Loti is formed by servants of low power. By quickly eliminating his Sanctuary you will have victory in your hands.
  • Constraints of Balance: As frightening as it may seem, his power resets itself every time he is defeated, so don't be afraid to sacrifice a few servants to keep this Shrine at bay. Beware, however, of the [Astral Tiger] ready to be played in late-game.
  • Clothes of Gonk: This Sanctuary must be kept inactive at all times as it will recharge the mana-crystals every time Loti acquires armor through his hero power. Try not to get to turn 10 because his [Total Infestation] could mark the end of the game.

Hunter - Zul'jin

A true legend of the Trolls, this skilled one Hunter relies on the power of Halazzi the Lynx on her hunting trips.

  • Halazzi Hunting: With this Sanctuary his game will be very aggressive, even playing the [Contaminated Gnome]. So try to contain him in the first few rounds and then devastate him.
  • Halazzi's trap: Despite being a clash based on the Secrets, Zul'jin will not make the most of his [Hawk's Arch]. Once you've made him waste his weapons, pay particular attention to the Secrets at [Hidden Box], [Feline Trick] and [Dart Trap].
  • Blessing of Halazzi: This Sanctuary is perhaps the most hostile, every beast evoked will get Assault, Provocation or Poison. So watch out for the [Raging Hyena] and [Unleash the Hounds] combo.

Wizard - Malacrass

With the power of Jan'alai the Dragofalcon, Malacrass he sets the arena on fire.

  • Jan'alai's cloak: In this case we will be faced with a bunch with a strong magic component and several cheap AoE. So try to let your opponent's hand run out to lower the power of his Sanctuary and try to get the most out of yours.
  • Progenies of Jan'alai: In this clash we will have to be careful of 4 factors [Destafiamme], [Arcimago Antonidas], [Malygos] but above all [Torment]. Keep the removals for the servants listed above and try not to have too many servants on the field in order to limit the damage caused by Storm and the Sanctuary. A control strategy should lead you to victory without problems.
  • Flame of Jan'alai: With this Sanctuary, Malacrass will rely heavily on his hero power and inflict as much damage as possible on you in the first few rounds with the help of inspiring servants. Also in this case, eliminate the Sanctuary as soon as possible.

Paladin - Thekal

Being the crowd favorite, Thekal presents the most synergistic bundles with its Sanctuaries. Let this be the power of Shirvallah the Tiger Loa?

  • Grace of Shirvallah: This Shrine is not one of the easiest to deal with since it will tend to strengthen its servants (and consequently the Shrine) in the first rounds, while in the late-game [Shirvallah, the Tiger] and [Lynessa Solearso] can destroy any hope of victory. Therefore, try to counter the Sanctuary as much as possible in the first rounds by finishing the game by round 7.
  • Protection of Shirvallah: Expect many servants with the Divine Shield, so that they don't get it back, always focus on the Sanctuary.
  • Revenge of Shirvallah: This is perhaps the worst Sanctuary to play against, the deck of Tekhal will be full of magic and servants who will inflict damage and cure it at the same time prepare to receive a lot of damage in one turn. To knock down your Sanctuary it is advisable to prepare a good board and knock it down in one turn.

Priest - Talanji

The Princess Talanji Use the power of Bwonsamdi the Death Loa after his father, King Rastakhan, has made a pact with him.

  • Tome of Bwonsamdi: Eliminate this Sanctuary as soon as possible to prevent Talanji from duplicating too many cards.
  • Bwonsamdi Pact: This Sanctuary will not be a problem in the first rounds. Evaluate some trades in the late-game.
  • Sanctuary of Bwonsamdi: Also in this case destroy the Sanctuary to avoid too many Death Rale effects.

Thief - Zannuncino

Captain Zannuncino Waving the flag of Gral the Shark fills the arena with pirates.

  • Bottled Terror: Unlike other Sanctuaries, this one must be killed last to prevent it from giving +2 attack to the servants present.
  • Pirate's mark: Pay attention to this Sanctuary that doubles the magic cast by Zannuncino. Take it down to avoid double AoE.
  • Treasure of the Depths: This is the most powerful Sanctuary and will turn your deck against you with some discount. Here only a Loa can save you!

Shaman - Zentimo

This devotee of Krag'wa the Frog he's not very talkative and lets his amphibious friends do most of the work.

  • Grace of Krag'wa: If you are not a Hunter, a Paladin or a Thief his 10 life points will really be a feat to beat.
  • Krag'wa Bait: The easiest of the three, go ahead and play your game without worrying too much.
  • Tribute from the Tides: For this clash try to use AoE magic at the right time to stem the effect of this Sanctuary.

Sorcerer - Jeklik

The High Priestess of Hir'eek the Loa Pipistrello...uses the powers of the blood pacts to summon terrible... Demons.

  • Blood Pact: This may be the easiest or the most difficult encounter, depending on when you are going to clash with Jeklik. Because of his terrible AI Jeklik will cast spells even when his life is low, in that case it is better to ignore the Shrine.
  • Dark Reliquary: To minimize the RNG of this encounter (the Sanctuary will call a random demon for each discarded card) destroy the Sanctuary as soon as possible.
  • Hunger of Hir'eek: Again, the Sanctuary will be your main target in the first few rounds to avoid taking too much extra damage while in the late game you'll have much more room to manoeuvre.

And the winner is...

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