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Mobile card games are in vogue. One of the latest highlights comes from Blizzard, developer of the Warcraft series, who introduced Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Of course, the most iconic and beloved characters of Warcraft are in this card game for smartphones and tablets. You can download it for free from the App Store or the Play Store, it doesnt matter if you are an iOS or an Android user, but you will have to pay for some services.


If you are familiar with card games you will have no difficulty in learning. However, playing Hearthstone is very easy. Two players face off with the only weapons on their cards. A draw is made to see who starts and the winner chooses their three starting cards. The other player starts with four cards on the table to make up for this advantage. Before starting his turn, the player draws a card, and from there he can start using his cards as he sees fit. Attack, defend yourself, use your heroes and finish off your opponent. Get the best Hearthstone deck quickly and easily!


But in this ESRB and PEGI video game, as in any other card game, strategy comes first, and no matter how much we have a deck with the best cards in the game, we can fall down before our opponent if we don’t use them properly. The synergy between them and the sum of the skills of each one will end up decreasing the game.

Here are the skills we can find in the game:

  • Charge: Can attack immediately.
  • Grant charge: All your henchmen can attack immediately.
  • Combo: Grants a bonus if you have already played a card this turn.
  • Freeze: Frozen characters can’t attack during a turn.
  • Counter: A counter card has no effect.
  • Spell damage: Your spell cards inflict # p. of extra damage.
  • Enrage: While damaged, this henchman has a new power.
  • Divine Shield: The first time this henchman is damaged, he ignores it.
  • Battle cry: This card does something when played from your hand.
  • Immune: Cannot be damaged.
  • Provoke: The enemies must attack this henchman.
  • Secret: Hidden until a specific action is performed.
  • Stealth: Cannot attack or target until it deals damage.
  • Silence: Remove all powers from a card.
  • Overload: X: You have X less mana crystals in the next turn.
  • Last breath: He does something when he dies.
  • Raging Wind: Can attack twice each turn.



As you start to win games you can get gold and free envelopes with new cards that will allow you to significantly improve your deck. One of Hearthstone’s strengths is that it is much more generous than other free-to-play games like this. It doesn’t cost you anything to get your hands on gold and good cards and to get a strong deck to play against all kinds of opponents. Also, the free card envelopes are identical to the ones you can buy at the game store, so there is no big benefit to buying them. The game is very addictive, you just have to know how to manage card by card and show your skills in the combat arena.

In other games like this one there are exclusive Hearthstone cards that can only be bought at the checkout and we have some of the best Hearthstone decks. The game uses the same micropayment systems, but in that sense if you are patient the reward will be the same as if you pull in savings to buy cards or to get gold!

This game has quite a few expansions that have appeared over the years, but even the specific cards for those expansions are free. However, if your patience is limited and you feel like strengthening your cards and winning at all costs, we have your solution to make the games as good as possible and, most importantly, FREE!



The creators of Diablo and World of Warcraft joined the F2P craze by creating a game that will be very familiar to those who once played card games like Magic. The difference is that here you don’t have to go to the store to buy envelopes of cards and leave half a salary if you want to compete. In fact, it is only by playing that you can get one or more envelopes a day.


The idea is that you can buy the envelopes with either real money or in-game money, either by completing missions or by receiving a sack of 10 coins every three games you win.



Do you want to get all the Hearthstone free cards? Then download Gums Up!

The app for smartphones and tablets that lets you earn money, apps, movie games, music, gold, gift cards completely free. Once you have downloaded the application (the best on the market for unlimited resources, easy to use and very intuitive) you just have to register -it won’t take more than a couple of minutes- and start getting gums, the points that are then redeemed for Gums Up rewards.

To do this, go to Win Gums and a menu will open with all the options available: watch videos, participate in surveys and, the most interesting of all, use other applications. In addition, if you invite a friend you will get 500 gums as a gift. Every action has a prize, so choose the one you like best and start winning gums and then winning games on Hearthstone.

Finally, go to gifts and choose the reward that best suits the form of micropayment you will be using. You will receive the reward instantly, and can immediately purchase the Hearthstone cards. And remember, wherever you buy them, you can use them in every game on every platform you play!




In addition to individual cards and envelopes, if you want to give a gift from the store and you don’t know what to get, we definitely recommend the Hearthstone gift cards which, with a minimum prepaid of 20?, are a great opportunity to surprise your birthday friend!

If you have Hearthstone on your mobile phone or tablet, don’t forget to download Gums Up! the app that will help you get the best cards and the best Hearthstone decks for free! It has many rewards, including PayPal money or gift cards for the App Store or Play Store that you can use to buy new cards at the Hearthstone store.

Do you want the best envelope to compete? That card you want to get but whose envelope never touches you?

With Gums Up you have the solution!

You will win many more games because you will have those powerful cards you are so eager for. Your best card is waiting for you in the arena, go gladiator: play!

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