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Harvest Moon it's a video game simulation of country life that combines some elements typical of role-playing video games, the RPGs.

Developed for SNES, Harvest Moon was released in 196 in Japan and the following year in the United States. In 1998 it was released in PAL version in Australia, Germany and France. This makes it the latest video game released by Nintendo in those countries, which makes it quite appetite on the second-hand market.
Harvest Moon is a game in which you need to have a certain amount of patience, a fun title if you want to spend time relaxing, perhaps to take a break between a fighting game and a platformer, the most popular genres on the SNES. If you want some help to complete your missions, here are some tricks quite effective.

When the carpenter asks you to borrow the hammer, give it to him. When he returns it to you, the hammer will be able to destroy wood with a single blow.

One day you will see an elf lying in front of your house. After talking to him, give him some food and he will make your plow better.

To get the Super Ax in the second year, go to the top of the mountain. Go up to the first level and head left towards the small pond; use the ax on the pond and a lady will appear: tell her it is not yours and she will return it to you.

To see the end without waiting the necessary 31 years, do the following: let a day pass normally and when you are about to write in your diary, answer YES and immediately press L, R, Select and Start, while holding them down. There are a few different endings so… have fun!

To get back to full power, go to the mountain and jump into the springs a few times.

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