Harry Potter: Wizards Unite - Complete Guide and Tricks

Complete Guide and Tricks Harry Potter: Wizards Unite | Aspiring witches and new wizards can now pursue their dream of entering the world of magic with Harry Potter: Wizard Unite. After the huge success of Hogwarts Mystery, a title for fans of witchcraft and the literary and cinematic saga of Harry Potter is back on mobile devices.

What is Wizards Unite? It's an Android and iOS game similar in mechanics to Pokemon GO, so it allows players to become magicians and wizards using their mobile phone as a magic wand. This guide will explain the basics of the game, teaching the different elements of the user interface to help you understand the different elements of the game.

Although there's a tutorial and occasional pop-up help at the beginning of the game, it's always good to have extra help on hand. In this guide, we'll also give you the tricks Harry Potter: Wizards Unite to help you climb to the top of the magic school more easily.

How to download Harry Potter: Wizards Unite | The game is available access to -> Google Play | App Store.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite | The Complete Guide

The basics for getting started

Every magician has a personal ID

Each player in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite gets his personal ID which can be accessed by clicking on the Player icon in the lower left corner of the map.

From here, players are able to access information such as their Hogwarts home, magic wand, wizards, titles and name.

  • Hogwarts House: You can choose from four different Hogwarts Houses, which change the emblem on your ID and also the emblem can be changed at any time and is not viewable by other players.
  • Magic Goals: You can select up to 5 different badges to show your magic goals on your ID. There are also targets that keep track of different in-game stats, such as the total Lost Property collected.
  • Wand: You can choose and change your wand at Harry Potter: Wizards Unite any time. Currently, all wand options are cosmetic and don't really change the gameplay.
  • Portrait: players can upload selfie and apply a wide range of stickers and filters to their photos.

Overworld map

Like other GPS-based and augmented reality mobile games such as Jurassic World Alive or Pokemon GO, most of your time will be spent on the game's virtual world map. The graphical interface of the map is similar to the one in Niantic, in Pokemon GO, and it is quite intuitive. The player appears on the map as a character in wizard's clothes and hat, the entire list of Lost Property available until now, stay tuned on We will draw up a complete and exhaustive one.

  • Ingredients: Ingredients can be found all over the map and can be affected by time of day or weather. Interact with them to collect them and include them in your inventory! They are used to make potions. To see the entire list of ingredients, go to the corresponding section by interacting with the summary above.
  • Fortresses: Fortresses are dungeons that require several passages to be completely freed. You will face magical challenges, fighting enemies both alone and with friends. To enter a fortress you must use a rune stone, whose quality determines the lost fragments that can be obtained in the Fortress and the amount of XP that can be received.
  • Inns: Inns are places found in the game that work similarly to Pokestops, as they provide valuable resources. Players visit them to restore magical energy, which is used to cast spells. You can also deposit items called Dark Detectors at the inns, which serve as bait for the Lost.
  • Greenhouses: Greenhouses are usually placed around the world map. Players who visit them must solve a small mini-game in which you must extract useful ingredients from a plant.
  • What are Dark Detectors

    The Dark Detectors are the equivalent of the Pokemon GO recall modules. You get them quite often as a reward when you level up and enter the game. They last 30 minutes and can also be used up to three times at a time to amplify the effect. These detectors can be placed in inns to attract events and challenges. detectors can be purchased, as you can see in the picture below.

    User Interface Guide

    Main menu

    The suitcase is the name given to the main menu, and is quite self-explanatory. You can access it by clicking the central button in the map interface. From here you can see your level, total XP earned, and then access other menus such as Registry, Passports and Professions. You can also access the settings at the top left and the premium store at the top right.


    The register is the Wizards Unite version of the Pokédex. As you perform the tasks of the Lost, complete magic challenges, and progress through the main story, you'll collect stickers that can be placed on different pages of the registry.

    The register is divided into categories, which are themed. For example, you have the section ' Magizoology', which has stickers for creatures like the niffler and erumpet. Each category also has its own rank, which is a system of leveling / experience separate from the player's level.

    Combat Guide

    In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite you fight and it will obviously be very important to use magic and spells. The combat of Wizards Unite is divided into three phases: aim with the wand, defend against enemy attack and attack.

    Aim with the wand

    In order to aim your wand, you must align the sphere that serves as your sight with the circle on the enemy's body. You must also hold it there until the circle is fully charged. It's harder than it looks, since some enemies are extremely agile. If the enemy moves, try to keep up with your sphere and wait for it to charge.

    Attack Phase

    If you can aim with your wand, you have a chance to attack the enemy. You can't choose which spell to cast at the moment, as the game will set the spell for you. Simply trace the spell that appears on the screen. You can also activate potions to increase damage, or health potions to regain stamina.

    Defense Phase

    The final phase is the defense phase. This can happen if you fail to point your wand in time (in which case the attack phase is skipped), or after attacking during your turn. If an enemy is attacking, you must cast Protego to defend yourself, which is done by drawing a straight, simple line. Keep in mind though, that this doesn't completely undo the damage, and enemies can attack several times.

    Supporting Spells

    During Magic Challenges, before a battle begins, you have the chance to cast a support spell to help your team. These skills differ between professions and cannot be used during battles against Weird.

    These spells use "focus," and each character has an initial focus (the one with which the magical challenge begins), and a maximum focus statistic. To use one of these spells, simply drag + release the spell from the selection menu before a battle.

    Places where you fight

    Fortresses: Fortresses are generally the places where you will find the most fighting because of the Magic Challenges. Before you actually fight an enemy in a Fortress, you have the chance to cast a support spell that provides a debuff in advance.

    The oddities: The oddities are generated on the world map under specific conditions, usually at night. By fighting them, you also unlock the stickers to be entered in the register. Unlike Fortresses, you can't cast a spell on enemies in advance.

    Potions and Potions List

    Potions are a type of in-game consumable that can be found as a reward for completing tasks or creating with ingredients. Potions have a wide range of uses, ranging from experience boosters to health potions for combat and increased effectiveness in combat.

    You can find the cauldron to prepare Potions in the Suitcase menu by clicking the button labeled "Potions". You can prepare up to 4 potions at a time, and there is also a "Main Notes" system that allows you to manually enter commands to reduce the time it takes to prepare a potion.

    Elixir Mind of Baruffio
    Provides twice as much XP from magic. Duration: 30 minutes

    Brew Bountiful
    Currently not available in the game.

    Dawdle Draft
    It reduces the probability that enemies can avoid the attack, giving you more chances to complete a track with the wand. Duration: 3 spells

    Perception on tap
    Currently not available in the game.

    Weak Extimulus Potion
    It improves the spell in Magic Challenges. Duration: 3 spells

    Powerful potion of Extimulus
    Incredibly improves your spell cast in Magic Challenges. Duration: 5 magical throws.

    Strong potion of Extimulus
    It improves the spell in Magic Challenges. Duration: 4 magic throws

    Felix Felicis
    Currently not available in the game.

    Healing potion
    Restores 35% of your maximum resistance when damaged.

    Invigorating potion
    Grants 1 Focus to cast Strategic Spells in Magic Challenges

    Strong invigorating potion
    Guarantees 3 Focus to cast strategic spells in magical challenges.

    Memory Potion
    Produces extra XP for each track you complete with the Magic Wand.

    Sparkling Potion
    Currently not available in the game.

    Wideye Potion
    Improve your speed and accuracy, producing a perfect spell.

    Potion Aguzzaingegno
    Increases the spell's effectiveness against elite enemies in Magic Challenges by 50%. Duration: 3 spells.

    How to recover magic energy quickly

    Magic energy is one of the main resources in Wizards Unite. It is your magical power reserve - without it, you can't cast any spells! That means not completing Tracks, not taking part in Magic Challenges, and not even helping to grow plants in greenhouses. You'll soon realize that without magic energy, it won't recover over time. Let's see how to recover magical energy quickly.


    Fortunately, there are more sources of magical energy in the game.

    One way to recover magical energy is to regularly visit the inns.

    • The inns act as a primary resource for magic energy, providing 1 to 10 units per visit.
    • Inns have a recovery time of 5 minutes, but you won't always get the same amount of energy.


    • Greenhouses can, once in a while, reward you with magical energy instead of ingredients for potions
    • However, this method will not cover your needs as it only provides 2 units.

    Daily tasks

    • Magic energy is distributed as a reward for logging into the Daily Treasure screen
    • You can also earn 5 units of magical energy as a reward for completing one of the daily tasks

    Buy magic energy

    • The direct purchase of magic energy is an option to consider
    • Sapientone (second tab of the store in Diagon Alley) sells 50 magic energy for 100 gold units.

    Ingredients Guide

    The ingredients are used to create potions and can be found by exploring the Overworld map and at greenhouse checkpoints. Ingredients can be rare or common depending on how many units are drugged.

    Rare ingredients (1 drop)

    • Ashwinder eggs
    • Unicorn Horn
    • Scurvy
    • Hermione crab shell
    • Shrake Plugs
    • Horned snail
    • Horklump Juice
    • Mandrake stew
    • Chizpurfle tooth
    • Jobberknoll Feathers
    • Daisy root
    • Lady's mantle
    • Scilla bulb
    • Deer Horn
    • Dragonfly Chest
    • Leech juice
    • Tincture of Demiguise
    • Unicorn Hair
    • Dragon Scale
    • Dry nettle
    • Peacock feather
    • Eel Eye
    • Dragon claw powder
    • Abraxan hair
    • Fairy wings
    • Griffon claw powder
    • Acromantula venom
    • Occamy Eggshell Powdered Eggshell
    • Alihotsy

    Ingredients (2 drops)

    • Jumping poisonous mushroom
    • Lovage
    • Roman Absinthe
    • Ginger root

    Ingredients (3 drops)

    • Sneezewort
    • Caramel
    • Snowdrop
    • Sopoforoso bean
    • Valerian root
    • Frog Brain
    • Runespoor eggs

    Ingredients (4 drops)

    Armadillo Bile

    Ingredients (5 drops)

    • Bitter root
    • Company
    • Dragon Liver
    • Spleen of newt
    • Granian Hair
    • Blood of Re'em
    • Powdered earth beetles
    • Toffee
    • Wheat Horsehair

    Ingredients (6 drops)

    • Bubotuber Pus
    • Honey water
    • Verbena infusion

    What are Passports

    The Key and Passport system is very similar to Pokemon GO eggs and incubators. Use gold (unlimited) or silver (one-time) keys to access Passports. From there, you have to travel a certain distance to open them.

    The Passport is, in fact, a kind of house-shaped trunk that you can find around. It serves to take you straight to the lost and found. To open it, you need gold or silver keys. Once you put these keys on, you have to take a few steps to open the trunk.

    How keys and passports work

    There are 3 regular types of Passports that vary according to the distance to open them.

    • 2 km passageway.

    • Passport from 5 km.

    • Ten-kilometer passport.

    There are 2 types of keys:

    • Golden Key

    • Silver Key

    Golden keys can be used infinitely but only once per trunk. Players only have access to one golden key.

    Silver keys can only be used once each.

    Since Passports are purely AR environments, players need phones with AP functionality and a 3×3 meter free space to move around in.

    Players can only hold 8 Passports at a time, so it's a good idea to scroll through them as quickly as possible to avoid losing the rarest drops.

    Guide to Professions

    The Profession system is very similar to class systems in most MMORPGs. There are currently three in-game professions, and they all offer different roles and skills for combat, as well as Magic Challenges. You can choose to be an Auror, a Magizoologist or a Professor.

    Each class has its own "Lessons" tab, which serves as a skill tree. You will collect different scrolls and books to unlock new skills and spells for your Profession. Each profession has a mentor from whom you can learn new skills and secrets.

    Auror: They are members of the Ministry of Magic who fight the Dark Arts and its supporters, including Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Aurors are combat veterans who defeat enemies by combining their innate leadership with a series of spells. Aurors are most effective against dark forces. Mentor: Harry Potter.

    Magizoologist: Trained in the care and preservation of magical creatures, in combat magizoologists focus on healing and helping their teammates. Magizoologists are more effective against beasts. Mentor: Hagrid.

    Professor: Professors are highly experienced enchanters who use their deep magical knowledge to weaken enemies and at the same time support their teammates. Professors are more effective against Weirdness. Mentor: Minerva McGonagall.

    Harry Potter: Wizards Unite | List of all the Lost

    There are three types of Lost in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite .

    • Exploration
    • Challenge
    • Mysteries

    Exploration The Lost are met by exploring the game map. Each encounter has a degree of rarity and threat level that affects how often players will see them and how easy it will be to catch them before they have a chance to escape. Each lost has one or more fragments to complete in order to completely record the lost one in the registry.

    Challenge The lost can be found mainly in Passport and Fortresses. Each lost person has one or more fragments that must be completed in order to fully register the lost one in the Registry.

    Mysteries Lost and Found mainly in Passports and Fortresses. Each lost person has one or more fragments that must be completed in order to fully register the lost one in the Registry. Many of these lost items are also linked to the lore of the game.

    Lost and Found List

    • Crystal ball
    • Carillon
    • Plums airships
    • Loophole
    • Giant helmet
    • Sirius Black's Wanted Poster
    • Screamer
    • Baby Mandrake
    • Self-sounding harp
    • Weasley's Flying Machine
    • Grop
    • Whimpering Willow
    • Hogwarts Express Engine
    • Neville Longbottom's Wand
    • Fred Weasley's wand
    • Wand of George Weasley
    • Harry Potter Wand
    • Ron Weasley's wand
    • Ginny Weasley's wand
    • Cho Chang's wand
    • Hermione Granger's Wand
    • Lovegood Moon Wand
    • Coccarda of Hogwarts
    • Stuttgart of Ilvermorny
    • Winged Thundercock
    • Black brand
    • Coccarda of Wampus
    • Death gifts
    • Cockade of the horned snake
    • Coccarda of the Ministry
    • Gryffindor Coccarda
    • Coccarda di Corvonero
    • Coccarda di Tassorosso
    • Cockade of Slytherin

    How to earn XP quickly

    Leveling is essential for gameplay. Many of the fundamental elements of gameplay depend on the Magic Level, including:

    • Lost: A magician's ability to return the Lost is related to their level. Higher levels will result in a greater chance of success in returning a lost one.
    • Potion recipes: The ability to make potions is unlocked at level 4, with multiple recipes unlocked up to level 15.
    • Profession: The Profession system is unlocked on level 6.

    Lost is the most common source of experience for many players. Bonuses are awarded for spell casting skills. You can also earn a bonus amount of XP by returning the lost. Here is the distribution of the score.

    • + Basic XP Amount (50 for lower difficulty / 75 for average difficulty)
    • + 250 XP - For each bonus accumulated for the first time
    • + 10 XP - First Success bonus for casting a spell
    • + 200 XP - New Spell Bonus
    • + 20 XP / +50 EXP / +100 EXP (bonus XP points for good, great and masterful spell casting)


    SOS assignments will also contain XP rewards. Rewards range from 50 to 300+ XP

    Daily missions

    Sometimes daily missions will produce XPs. Every day, by visiting at least 2 inns, players can receive 250 XP.

    Daily Treasure

    The Daily Treasure grants XP every third day from 150 to 450.

    Fortress duels

    Battles give XP. When you complete a Fortress (lv1), you get 250 XP. Presumably, XP rewards can change as the selected difficulty increases.


    Passports will take players into an AR environment where various prizes, including XP, can be collected.

    Harry Potter: Wizards Unite | Tricks

    In this section you can find some tricks, all absolutely legal, to maximize your efforts. In Wizards Unite it is important to have a good amount of coins, but getting a lot of them is difficult. So let's see how to accumulate money quickly in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite .

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