Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Guide to Magic Duels

There are now a large number of players intent on playing Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery . The application for iOS and Android, born from the collaboration between Warner Bros. and Jam City, allows the many fans of the narrative universe created by J.K. Rowling to return to the most famous school of magic ever as a magician (or witch) of our creation. In Hogwarts Mystery, our character will live his or her own story, choose his or her lineage from the four available, make important friends, learn all the most important spells, and most importantly, will face several wizards in duel. This guide of ours has the task of introducing you to magic duels, giving you all the most useful advice and revealing all the tricks with which you can easily bring home victory.

How to win duels in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

In all the moments when you are not busy continuing your adventure, and in all the moments when you are not intent on following the lessons of potions and spells, you can always try your hand at gods and spells. Magic duels with the other students at Hogwarts. The duels are nothing but real "magic fights" structured by turns, in which you have to prove you know how to use the magic wand, chosen by you at the beginning of the game, better than your opponent. As always happens in these cases, there are some strategies to bring home the victory without too much trouble.

Just learn a few tricks and everything will be easier.

In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery , the magic duels are very similar to the Chinese Morra.dear old rock, paper, scissors. Each clash is structured in two phases: a duel phase and an "action" phase. In the first phase, we will have to choose what position to make our magician takeThis choice will be very important, because only in this way we can try to counter the move of our opponent.

The three possible poses to choose from are: Aggressive, Defensive e Stealthy. Any one of these positions can be opposed or countered by another. It will obviously be up to the player to choose which pose to adopt, thus trying to predict the opponent's move. Below is a list of the "power ratios" between the various poses, so you can see what you can and cannot contrast with them:

  • The Aggressive Laying beats the Stealthy Laying - Aggressive spells are the most damaging types of attack;
  • Defensive Laying beats Aggressive Laying - Defensive spells can allow your character to regain health;
  • Stealth Laying beats Defensive Laying - Stealthy spells tend to disarm your opponent or take him by surprise;

How to deal with duels in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Duels will test our wizardly skills.

If your position beats your opponent's during the first phase, the duel phase, you must choose a spell to perform on your opponent during the action phase, depending on the option you selected. Most spells will also grant you a subsequent stamina bonus. In the event of a draw, the Stamina will be awarded to any competitor who needs it most during the duel. The duel will end when the stamina bar of one of the two duelists is completely exhausted.

It is important to note that the level of your Attributesi (Courage, Knowledge and Empathy, the three initial stats) will determine your strength in the duels you face in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery . The higher the level of your game stats, the stronger the spells you can use during a duel. For this very reason, try to level up each attribute as much as possible, playing both the story and the friendship missions, in order to increase your chances of victory in magic duels.

Once we understand the way these magic fights work in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery , duels can constitute a great way to earn additional Gems and Experience Pointsso that you can improve your character. Remember that magic duels may cost you a few coins, but the prizes you can get will always be worth the expense.

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