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On the app store of all phones, on April 25, 2018, the free-to-play game was made available Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, developed by Jam City, in collaboration with Warner Bros and JK Rowling.

The game is set 8 years before the events of the film Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. You will find yourself impersonating a first year wizard or witch from the world's most famous school of magic, Hogwarts.

The game's storyline is very simple but at the same time intriguing, which makes the game experience even more enjoyable.

The four houses

Once you have created your character and reached Hogwarts you will have to choose which of the 4 Houses to belong to. To help you in your choice, here is a brief description for each house:

  • Gryffindor - Its members have great courage and determination as well as excellent handling of the various situations of the game, however there will be a strong rivalry with the Slytherin members. The common room of this house is located on the seventh floor of the Western Towers and its manager is Minerva McGonagall.
  • Corvonero – The house more intelligent and with the best grades school, your classmates will push you more and more to improve yourself. The common room is located on the seventh floor in the Western Towers, next to that of the Gryffindors and the house manager will be Professor Filius Flitwick.
  • Slytherin - This house favors students smart and ambitious and, as mentioned earlier, there will be some rivalry with the Gryffindor house. Slytherin members want to be the best at all costs, however they will be friendly and if something doesn't go as you planned, find a good excuse and your mates will accept it. Their common room is located in the basement and your manager will be Professor Snape.
  • Tassorosso - Hufflepuff students are honest, loyal and ready to help you on many occasions. The common room is located in the basement, not far from the Slytherin one and the person in charge will be Pomona Sprout.

We would like to clarify that the choice of the house it will not affect the gameplay of the game, however there will be a Quest level change based on the House choice.

The race of the houses

In this game, as in the saga of films and books, the four houses are in competition with each other for prizes. The ranking, represented by 4 hourglasses colored differently for each house, will show us the score and the position of ours and of the opposing houses.

Once the competition is over, based on where our house is located, you will get prizes. For example, at the end of the first year you will receive:

  • 1st place - 100 save.
  • 2st place - 10 save.
  • 3st place - 2000 coins.
  • 4st place - 1000 coins.

To earn points you just need to complete all the requests for the lessons and be kind to the teachers, if instead you destroy objects or answer a question wrong you will receive a penalty that will make your classmates angry but above all it will make you lose points in the ranking.

How to score points

We have already seen that the ranking is based on the points of the houses, but we have not specified how to obtain them. For this, below you will find a few but practical tips on how to earn points for your house.

  • Attend lessons - Attend as many lessons as you can and do exactly as the teacher tells you. But pay attention to how you behave during the lessons and how you answer the questions, in case of wrong actions you could be penalized and you would end up losing points.
  • Maintain a good relationship with others - during your adventure you will meet many students, stay on good terms with them and help them when they need it. Furthermore, stay on good terms with the professors, never counter them and apologize to them when you do something wrong or you risk losing other points.
  • Don't get caught - at times, you may be caught exploring a forbidden place or breaking the rules. If this happens, try to find excuses. If you openly admit that you don't want to respect the rules, you will lose a lot of points.
  • Improve - just keep improving your character. Learn to cast spells and brew potions for duels. You will get more and more experience points and points for the House.

Another easy way to earn bonus points is respond correctly to dialogues, that is, choose the option that reflects the character of your House.

As we saw in the beginning, Gryffindor favors courage and determination, Hufflepuff favors loyalty, Ravenclaw favors intelligence and wit, and Slytherin favors ambition and malice. Many times the choice will be obvious, however, even when it doesn't seem like the perfect answer it will be fine.

How to get energy

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is free-to-play, so it is normal that there are micro transactions with which you can buy gold, gems and energy. The latter in particular will be your main problem as its bar will drain very quickly.

However, within the game map there are several points where you can get free energy from the first year:

  • Torri East: interact with the first white picture.
  • Western Towers: interact with the second picture.
  • Lower floor - West: light the torch to the right of the entrance to the Great Hall.
  • Lower floor - East: interact with the pile of books on the bench.
  • Lower floor - West: interact with the second statue of the knight (the one with a sword in his hand) to the right of the entrance to the Great Hall.
  • Castle Gardens: interact with the wand that you will find on the ground.
  • House Elves: you will find them in the most disparate places, interact with them whenever you can.
  • underground: It may appear from time to time Elfi, click it before it escapes!
  • Level: Each time you level up your energy bar will fully recharge.

Energy can also be bought for 55 gems, however we do not recommend buying them with gems.


In Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery your character will have 3 main attributes which will determine its efficiency. The attributes are:

  • il Courage, represented by one green shield;
  • theEmpathy, indicated with a pink heart;
  • la Knowledge, depicted by a purple book;

Increasing or decreasing these attributes will affect the interactions you will have with NPCs. We highly recommend you to keep the attributes always balanced so that you can have all the options open a bit.

The attributes will also affect your friendships, in fact some companions will require a certain level of attributes to be satisfied. From time to time the professors or your friends may ask you questions, try to answer well as based on the answer it could increase one of the attributes.

Winning in duels

Throughout the story our protagonist will be involved in duels with the other wizards of the school that will test our skills. To begin with, we will have 3 types of attacks available: Stealthy, Aggressive and Defensive. 

The attacks will have different characteristics from each other, the stealthy will be able to break the enemy defenses to allow us to successfully launch a new powerful attack immediately afterwards. The aggressive one will be the one who will do the most damage to the opponent. While the defensive will allow us to protect or heal our character.

The duels follow the rules of the classical Chinese morra, making a type of spell more or less powerful based on the one cast by the opponent. An aggressive attack thus interrupts a sneak attack, a defensive attack counteracts an aggressive attack, and finally a sneak attack can interrupt a defensive attack.

In case you cast the same type of spell as the opponent, both wizards will not receive penalties, in fact, they will get a small regeneration bonus.

Each opponent is unique, some, among students and professors, will adopt an aggressive strategy, trying to inflict as much damage as possible in the shortest time, while others will be more defensive and annoying. So understand that knowing the enemy's strategy will be essential to win duels. 

Change clothing

By leveling you will unlock new clothing and hair styles that you can buy or wear. During Chapter 2 you will reach the level necessary to access this function. Each clothing category has only one free item. If you want to change your look you will have to spend some coins or gems.

Get a pet

In Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, players can choose to get a pet. This new friend will be waiting for us in the dorms while we will be around the school completing missions.

There are 4 categories of animals that you can buy: Owl, Cat, Mouse and Toad. Any of these types of animals can be bought with gems at a fairly high price.

To purchase a pet, all you have to do is visit your dormitory and select one of the boxes with footprints to get a new companion inside your room. Alternatively, you can always tap your character icon in the top left corner to visit your profile.

Then touch the icon to display the character customization screen. Then select the square with the paw print to bring up the pets menu. This way, you will be able to purchase a pet using your stash of gems and you will also be able to see a preview of your new friend.

The correct answers to the questions in the game

There will be stakes during the game dozens of questions, which we will try to summarize in our question and answer guide. Some of these questions will determine the course of the story or award points and bonuses. So be careful and come and check our article to make no mistake!

Spell Lesson Questions and Answers

Q: What does Professor Vector teach?
R: Aritmanzia

Q: Which of these spells is most similar to Flipendo? The Spread Invoice?
R: Weaned

Q: What does the Lumos spell do?
R: Luce

Q: Who is the History of Magic Professor?
R: Professor Binns

Q: What is the American government of magic called?
R: Macusa

Q: What kind of spell is Flipendo?
R: Invoice

Q: What is Filch's cat called?
R: Mrs Norris

Q: Who is the director of the Ravenclaw House?
R: Professor Flitwick

Q: Where is Hogwarts located?
R: Scotland

Q: What is the Spell Shield formula?
R: take care

Q: What is the name of the Wizarding Village near Hogwarts?
R: Hogsmeade.

Q: Before Dumbledore, who was the headmaster of Hogwarts?
R: Armando Dippet

Q: What is the effect of Stunning?
R: Stun.

Q: Who is the transfiguration professor?
R: Minerva McGranitt

Q: Who would need the Alohomora spell more?
R: To a thief

Q: If you throw Engorgio on someone's teeth, what will they become?
R: Great

Q: Who teaches Herbology?
R: Professor Sprout

D: Reducio is a spell that shrinks ...
R: Living beings and objects

Q: Which of these is not a cleaning spell?
R: confringo

Q: What is the main use of the Politio spell?
R: To clean

Q: Politio can be used to clean the hauntings of which magical creature?
R: Bundimun

Q: In which of these situations is it possible to use Cistem Aperio?
R: To open a closed chest with an explosion

Q: What appears on the tip of the wand, casting the Vermillious spell?
R: Red sparkles

Q: What formula must be used to amplify the effects of the Bombard spell?
R: Bombarda Maxima

Q: Which spell protects against Dementors?
R: I await a guardian

Potions lesson questions and answers

Q: What is the best way to extract the juice from the Sopoforoso Bean?
R: Crush it

Q: Which of these words best describes the House of Slytherin?
R: Enterprising

Q: What can the Alohomora spell do?
R: Open a door

Q: What ingredient is not used in the shrink solution?

R: Rotten egg

Q: Who held the Potions chair before Snape?
R: Horace Lumacorno

Q: what kind of cauldron do first-year students need?
R: Pewter

Q: Who is the director of the Ravenclaw House?
R: Professor Flitwick

Q: Who wrote Magic Infusions and Potions?
R: Arsenius Jigger

Q: Choose a synonym for "antidote"
R: Healing

Q: What is the formula that immobilizes people?
R: Petrificus Totalus

Q: What potion would make Rowan feel better?
R: Pepper Potion

Q: Which of the following is an ingredient in the Polyjuice Potion?
R: Bicorno horn powder

Q: The Pepper Potion is the evolution of a remedy devised by which XNUMXth century wizard?
R: Linfred of Stinchcombe

Q: What effect does the Awakening Potion have?
R: Keeps you awake

Q: What can a Relaxing Potion cure?
R: Shock

Q: If I wanted to use an Aging Potion to appear older, what should I do?
R: Drink more

Q: What kind of potion is Weedsoros?
R: Poison

Flight lesson questions and answers

Q: Who is the flight instructor?
R: Madam Hooch

Q: What ball can end a Quidditch match?
R: Golden Snitch

Q: What ball can end a Quidditch match?
R: Golden Snitch

Q: Which of these is not a type of broom?
R: Occamy

Q: How do you order a broom to jump into your hand?
R: His!

Q: Where did Rowan Khanna grow up?
R: A tree plantation

Q: Who is the Potions Professor?
R: Severus Snape (yes we know you were looking for Snape)

Q: Who is the Spells Professor?
R: Professor Flitwick

Q: Who is the Hogwarts gamekeeper?
R: Rubeus Hagrid

Q: What is one of Madame Hooch's defining characteristics?
R: Yellow eyes

Q: Where did Rowan Khanna grow up?
R: A tree plantation

Q: There is not yet a spell that allows you to ...
R: Fly without a vehicle

Q: What is the name of the poltergeist who lives at Hogwarts?
R: Peeves

Q: Besides giving flying lessons, what is Madame Hooch's other job?
R: Quidditch referee

Q: Who is the divination teacher?
R: Professor Treenaway

Q: Before Dumbledore, who was headmaster of Hogwarts?
R: Armando Dippet

Q: What is a Firebolt?
R: Broom

D .: What's strange about Madame Hooch?
R: Eyes

Questions and Answers from the Transfiguration Lesson

Q: What does Reparifage do?
R: Undo the transfigurations

Q: What subject does Professor Vector teach?
R: Aritmanzia

Q: What spell would you use to fix a pair of glasses?
R: Repair

Q: What spell was used to expose Gellert Grindelwald in 1926?
R: Revelation

Q: Who is the director of the frog choir?
R: Filius flitwick

Q: Who teaches History of Magic?
R: Professor Binns

Q: Which spell makes an object disappear?
R: Evanesco

Q: What spell can turn an object into stone?
R: Duro

Q: Who is the keeper of Hogwarts?
R: Filch

Q: Who teaches Divination?
R: Professor Trelawney

Q: Which of these tasks isn't the Vanish spell used for?
R: Dance

Q: What animal do Transfiguration students practice turning into a button?
R: Cockroach

Questions and answers of the Herbology lesson

Q: Which potion does not contain valerian twigs?
R: Polyjuice Potion

Q: What part of the Mandrake can be fatal?
R: His cry

D: What is the secret of the Mimbulus Mimbletonia?
R: He stinks

Q: Where are Herbology classes held for first year students?
R: Serra Uno

Q: How many students sleep in each Hogwarts dorm?
R: 8

Q: What does the unmistakable nettle leaf cover?
R: Pungent fuzz

Q: Which of these plants blooms instantly?
R: Smurf Bean

Q: Where do the best quality Wrinkles grow?
R: Abyssinia

Q: What item in the Headmaster's Office allows you to review bottled memories?
R: The Pensieve

Q: Who watches over the Regenerating Trees?
R: Asticello

How to carry out in the best way the various discussions with the other characters.

For each line of dialogue there is one “best answer” it's a second best answer. We have reported both.

Distract Rowan to win at Gobbiglie:

Use the following diversions to distract Rowan:

1. What are your favorite books?  2. Did you hear anything?

1. Let's talk about wand wood  2. I think it's distracting

1. Let's go to sleep after school 2. Let's go get distracted instead

1. The burned-out bookcase  2. Snape is a vampire

Q: Do you know which tree I miss the most?
R: Elder
R: Carpine

D: The trees on our farm are perfect for ...
R: rods
R: Scope

D: There were so many creatures ...
R: Pegs?
R: Fate?

D: I miss mine so much
R: Write him a letter
R: Check out their photos

D: The farm was gorgeous
R: You can learn more here
R: You can make friends here

Discuss your vision with Rowan:

Use the following answer options to get the best possible result

1. I've heard rumors before  2. I don't think so

1. That's why I need your help  2. I'll be ok

1. With knowledge and friendship  2. Keeping it secret -

1. Or a clue. Maybe both ...  2.  I'm not sure

Make friends with Rowan Kanna:

Follow our suggestions and you will be able to get the best possible result.

Q: Where do I prefer to study?
R: In the library
R: In the common room

Q: What do you dream of becoming?
R: A professor

D: Our first potion?
R: pozione Curabolle

Q: what made your cauldron explode?
R: Bulbadox powder

Q: Where was our first flying lesson?
R: Training camp

Q: My favorite teacher?
R: Silent
R: Flitwick

Q: My favorite game?
R: The Gobbiglie
R: Magic chess

Q: What did I buy after meeting you?
R: Clothes

Q: Where did your brother work?
R: Pig's Head Pub
R: Hogsmeade

Q: What position did you hold?
R: Head of the School
R: Supreme Big Shot

Q: Dumbledore's hobby?
R: Chamber music
R: Bowling

Q: My favorite subject?
R: Spells
R: Aritmanzia

Q: Do we tell anyone?
R: Not until we have proof
R: Not as long as it threatens us

Q: What if it was her?
R: We will continue to search
R: Hope for the best

Q: What about the cursed halls?
R: We will continue to search together
R: I will find a solution

Q: Aren't you worried about Rakepick?
R: Not if we stick together
R: I try not to worry

Encourage your friend Ben Copper:

Choose the following answers to encourage Ben Copper

1. Sometimes everyone is afraid  2. You'll get used to it

1. We will keep ourselves safe  2. They are better at hiding it

1. You are braver than you know  2. You have to trust the Sorting Hat

1. You belong to Hogwarts  2. You can go back for the holidays

Rowan Recruiting:

Choose the first or even the second answer to be able to recruit Rowan

1. We will not. We will be prepared  2. I'll take the blame

1. You will work out with a brilliant plan  2.  We will try to avoid it

1. We will lift the curse 2. We will do our best to survive

1. I need your help, Rowan  2. I'm sure. Just follow my example

Get Ben to join you:

Choose the following options to get Ben to join you

1. You are my friend  2. You are endowed with Spells

1. I'm scared too, Ben  2. You have to face your fears

1. We won't, I promise  2. I'll take the blame

1. We will protect each other   2. I will do my best

Penny Recruiting in Year 1:

Here's how to recruit Penny in Year 1

1. I believe in my friends  2. I've thought about it a lot

1. We need a nap 2. She is just a cat

1. We can break the curse  2. We will try not to touch it

Get Rowan to help you investigate:

Choose the first or at least the second answer to get Rowan to investigate with you

1. We will find a solution together 2. Let me take care of it

1. Choose a great piano 2. We will try to avoid it

1. We will lift the curse 2. We will try to survive

Convince Rowan that Ben will recover:

Choose the first or at least the second answer to be able to convince Rowan that Ben will recover

1. Do not worry. We will find him.  2. Dumbledore will find him.
1. We will never stop looking for it.  2. He will find a hiding place.
1. We will do the possible…  2. He sure is fine.

Make friends with Ben Copper:

Cyclically you will be given the opportunity to eat with your friends. In this way, you will be able to strengthen the bond with each of them, as long as you answer the questions they ask you correctly. In this case, follow our suggestions and you will be able to obtain the maximum possible result.

Q: My favorite drink?
R: Burrobirra
R: Pumpkin juice

Q: My favorite animal?
R: cat
R: Toad

Q: My favorite party?
R: Christmas
R: Easter

Q: My favorite dessert?
R: Caramel dessert
R: Sugar goose feathers

Q: Which student am I most afraid of?
R: The blackbird
R: Your prefect

Q: What potion am I most afraid of?
R: Weedosoros
R: Fire Breathing Potion

Q: What spell am I most afraid of?
R: Avada kedavra
R: Serpensortia

Q: What creatures do I fear most?
R: Acromantula
R: Flame Mackerel

Q: My favorite creature?
R: Puff no
R: Mooncalf

Q: My favorite food?
R: Chips
R: Bruschetta with garlic

Q: My favorite companion?
R: Io
R: Penny

Q: Who is the manager of my house?
R: Professor McGonagall

Q: What jest am I most afraid of?
R: Frisbee Zannuto
R: Mordinaso Teacup

Q: What place am I most afraid of?
R: Azkaban
R: Forbidden Forest

Q: Why am I afraid of Hogwarts?
R: You're from a Muggle family
R: You are not very sure of yourself

D .: Where do I love to hide?
R: The Room of Artifacts
R: The Great Hall

Q: I will need the Relaxing Potion ...
R: I'll always be with you…
R: Madame Pomfrey can help you

Q: I wish I wasn't so afraid ...
R: We will protect each other
R: I will try to protect you

D: It's amazing that you trust me ...
R: You are really kind
R: You're a good person

Q: Why do you want me to come with you?
R: You have the bump of spells
R: You hide well

Defeat Ben Copper at Gobbiglie

Follow our suggestions and you will be able to get the best possible result.

D: Let's play, Isaiah!
R: Do not turn around
R: Don't be too sorry if you lose

Q: Do you like Gobbiglie?
R: Let's talk about You-Know-Who
R: It makes me nervous

Q: I love the next move ...
R: What is your favorite dragon?
R: What's your favorite poison?

D: Don't worry me ...
R: What if this game is cursed?
R: What if we both lose?

Make friends with Penny:

Follow our suggestions and you will be able to get the best possible result.

Q: What's in Bubble Hitter Potion?
R: Snake fangs
R: Horned snails

Q: What's in Doxicida?
R: Bundimun secretion
R: Dragon's liver

Q: What's in the Awakening Potion?
R: Luparia
R: Base Ingredient

Q: What's in the Oblivious Potion?
R: Water of the river Lethe
R: Twigs of Valerian

Q: What's in the Dilating Potion?
R: Dry Nettles
R: Puffer fish eyes

Q: What's in the Polyjuice Potion?
R: Dark Grass
R: Bindweed

Q: What's in the Restrict Potion?
R: Powdered rat spleen
R: Dried figs

D: I'm half-blood ...
R: Thanks for telling me about it
R: It is really interesting

Q: I'm a Londoner ...
R: Do you have any brothers or sisters?
R: tell me more

Q: I'm not talking about my family
R: you can talk to me
R: I don't want to pressure you ...

Q: What do you want to know?
R: Where are you from?
R: What do you want to say ...

Q: How will we find the Centaur?
R: Lancerò Vermillious
R: With Revelio

Q: How will we stop the Red Cap?
R: We will use a Beauty Potion
R: We will cast spells

Q: How do we get into the Forest?
R: With the broom
R: Cautiously

Q: Why do you want me to come with you?
R: You have the Potions bump
R: Stay calm under pressure

Q: We need a reserved seat to prepare the potion ...
R: the Room of Artifacts
R: The Grove of the Forest

Q: What about the fairy wings?
R: Curated by Magical Creatures
R: The Forbidden Forest

Q: Where do we find ginger root?
R: A Erbology
R: In Hagrid's garden

Q: Why a Beauty Potion?
R: To eliminate a Red Cap
R: To remove the curse

Q: What is the potion for?
R: To help a friend
R: To keep a secret

Q: Why do you need my help?
R: You're great with potions
R: You have my friendship

Q: What is my surname?
R: Haywood

Q: I met you when you challenged ...
R: The blackbird

Q: Who is the manager of my House?
R: Professor Sprout

Q: What is my favorite lesson?
R: Potions
R: Herbology

Q: My favorite Hufflepuff?
R: Professor Sprout
R: Newt Scamander

Q: Where did we meet?
R: West Tower

Q: What am I famous for?
R: Be good at Potions
R: Be liked

Recruit Bill Weasly:

Follow our suggestions and you will be able to get the best possible result.

Q: A famous Gryffindor?
R: James Potter
R: Sirius Black

Q: Our founder?
R: Godric Gryffindor

Q: The director of our House?
R: Professor Mc Gonagall

Q: Where is our common room?
R: Gryffindor Tower

Make friends with Bill Weasly

Follow our suggestions and you will be able to get the best possible result.

Q: The coat of arms of our House?
R: A lion

Q: What do you associate with us?
R: Courage

Q: Do you think I'll find love?
R: I know for sure, Bill
R: I hope so.

Q: Could you try again ...
R: Find someone you deserve
R: Doesn't seem like a good idea to me

Q: Emily looks perfect ...
R: Perfectly awful
R: Nobody's perfect

D: I don't understand what I did ...
R: Bill, the problem is you
R: Try not to think about it

Q: Where did you face Merula?
R: The courtyard of the Clock Tower

Q: Who gave you House points?
R: Silent
R: Flitwick

Q: How did you avoid Mrs Norris?
R: With the Sleep Potion

Q: A famous Gryffindor?
R: James Potter
R: Sirius Black

Q: Our ghost?
R: Nearly Headless Nick

Q: The Forbidden Forest is dangerous ...
R: That's what we need you for
R: You will practice for your career

Q: I'm afraid for my career ...
R: You can still become a Spell Breaker
R: You can still be successful

Q: What would Rakepick think?
R: He would like us to break curses
R: He would like us to take risks

Q: What if we get caught?
R: They won't catch us
R: I'll take the blame

Q: Why do you want me to come with you?
R: You are a talented spellbreaker
R: You have the most experience of all

Q: Where did we meet?
R: The training ground

Q: What is my surname?
R: Weasley

Q: What is my goal?
R: Become a Spell Breaker

Q: Where did we meet?
R: The training ground

Q: How many brothers do I have?
R: Five

Q: Where do I live?
R: Diagon Alley

Q: Where does my dad work?
R: Ministry of Magic

Q: How did you find the cursed ice?
R: I followed Snape and Filch

Defeat Bill Weasly at Gobbiglie

Follow our suggestions and you will be able to get the best possible result.

D: don't try to distract me ...
R: McGonagall is behind you!
R: Flitwick is behind you!

D: I almost never lose ...
R: You must be cursed.
R: You have a lot to think about.

D: My brother taught me that.
R: He must be better than you
R: My brother has disappeared

D: Maybe you are better than me ...
R: I'm also a better spellbreaker
R: I'm actually a Weasley

Q: Do you like Gobbiglie?
R: Let's talk about your brothers
R: Let's talk about your grades

D: Let's play, Isaiah!
R: We find the cursed halls
R: We study for exams

Make friends with Tulip Karasu:

Follow our suggestions and you will be able to get the best possible result.

Q: The worst punishment?
R: Being expelled
R: Getting punishment

Q: Do you trust me?
R: Yes. You are my friend
R: I try

Q: I always lose friends ...
R: I trust you, Tulip
R: This time it will be different

Q: Have you ever cheated on anyone?
R: I cheated on my brother ...
R: I have my faults

D: But it's all my fault ...
R: To err is human, Tulip
R: You are too hard on yourself

D: You wouldn't understand ...
R: I also have a difficult past
R: Give me a chance

Q: What is best for a joke?
R: Frisbee Zannuti

Q: Where can you keep something?
R: The Room of Artifacts

Q: Which potion is useful for sneaking in?
R: Potion of Invisibility
R: Polyjuice Potion

Q: Who has the most trouble?
R: Tu
R: Peeves

Q: Where can you buy jokes?
R: The Zonko Prank Emporium
R: Hogsmeade

Q: Why are you breaking the rules?
R: I don't want limitations
R: Why don't you do it?

D: They could punish us ...
R: Just act sly
R: I will take the risk

D: I could betray you ...
R: No, you are too smart
R: We can help

Q: Should I trust you?
R: Can I help you
R: We want the same thing

Q: Where do mine work?
R: Ministry of Magic
R: London

Q: Who was I friends with before?
R: The blackbird

Q: My favorite joke?
R: Caccabombe

Q: Who should you watch out for?
R: Professor Snape
R: To Mr. Filch

Q: My pet?
R: A toad

Q: Where did we meet?
R: In the Hall of Transfiguration

How to win Gobbiglie against Tulip Karasu

Follow our suggestions and you will be able to get the best possible result.

Q: what can make someone flee?
R: Frisbee Zannuti
R: Boomerang Bounce All

Q: What can you put in a drink?
R: Burp Dust
R: Bulbadox powder

Q: What does the most damage?
R: Frisbee Zannuti
R: Biting handles

Q: A nice smelly makeup?
R: Caccabombe
R: Bullets Skunks

Q: What can disgust someone?
R: Hissing Worms
R: Frog Egg Soap

Q: What is best to cast?
R: Frisbee Zannuti
R: Boomerang Bounce All

Q: What can disgust someone?
R: Hissing Worms
R: Frog Egg Soap

Q: What can you eat?
R: Shock-o-Chocs
R: Acid Shot

Befriend Nymphadora Tonks

Follow our suggestions and you will be able to get the best possible result.

Q: The previous guardian?
R: Apollyon Pringle

Q: Where do you go on vacation?
R: No here goes

D: Cosa loved Filch?
R: Mrs Norris
R: Of Chains

Q: Filch's charge?
R: guardian

Q: What do you have in your office?
R: Of the fireworks
R: Of chains

Q: What is the name of Filch's cat?
R: Mrs Norris

Q: The previous guardian?
R: Rancorous Carpe
R: Apollyon Pringle

Q: What does Filch hate?
R: Peeves

Q: What potions can you make?
R: Corroborating Solution
R: Dilating Solution

Q: Where did we meet?
R: A Lesson of Transfiguration

Q: What did you unveil with Revelio?
R: A secret staircase

Q: What clues did you find?
R: A transfigured black pen
R: I heard footsteps in the cursed corridor

Q: What do you dream of becoming?
R: Un'Auror
R: Zonko's saleswoman

Q: Where did you sneak in?
R: In the common room of another house

Q: What was guarding the Cursed Hall?
R: An Ice Knight
R: An enchanted door

Q: My favorite greeting?
R: What's up

Q: What am I famous for?
R: you are a rebel

Q: What is my name?
R: Nymphadora

Q: what spells have you learned?
R: Fire

Q: What was inside the room?
R: My brother's broken wand
R: A mysterious book

Q: Who is the manager of my House?
R: Professor Flitwick

How to win at Gobbiglie against Nymphadora Tonks

Follow our suggestions and you will be able to get the best possible result.

Q: What if I lose?
R: You will become a Death Eater
R: You will end up in detention again

Q: Do you like Gobbiglie?
R: Let's talk about the Zonko Emporium
R: Let's talk about Filch's nails

Q: Let's enter the Gobbiglie club
R: We start a joke club
R: We invite Filch

D: Don't try to distract me ...
R: Peeves is coming
R: Sprout is coming

D: Let's play, Isaiah!
R: We fool Filch
R: Let's deceive the Pince

Q: Wait until you see this move ...
R: wait to become Auror
R: Wait until you are grounded

D: I think you will win ...
R: I could be a Metamorphomagus
R: I could be an Auror

Make friends with Barnaby Lee

Follow our suggestions and you will be able to get the best possible result.

Q: Do you think I'm out of my mind?
R: You just had a hard life
R: Not at all

D: How Do You-Know-Who ...
R: You are best
R: Maybe he didn't have a choice

D: Mine and hers were Death Eaters
R: You are not like your parents
R: It must have been tough

Q: Why does Merula hate you?
R: I think she is envious
R: ask her

Q: You will think it's out ...
R: They say the same about me
R: I try not to judge

Q: Which creature can speak?
R: Jarvey
R: Acromantula

Q: Which creature can fly?
R: Ippogrifo
R: Sprawling Dragon

Q: Who is the manager of my House?
R: Professor Snape

Q: What do I love most?
R: The duels
R: The magical creatures

Q: Who is a Dragon Specialist?
R: A dragologist

Q: What is my surname?
R: Lee

Q: What am I famous for?
R: You are strong

Q: Where did we meet?
R: Potions Lesson

Q: Name a creature expert ...
R: Gulliver Pokeby
R: Newt Scamander

Q: Which creature comes from Africa?
R: Fenice
R: Fwooper

Q: Which of these creatures lays eggs?
R: Chimera
R: Augurey

Defeat Barnaby Lee at Gobbiglie

Follow our suggestions and you will be able to get the best possible result.

Q: What if I lose?
R: You will become a Doxy
R: You will get expelled

Q: Do you like Gobbiglie?
R: Gobbiglie are my favorite food
R: It's difficult

Q: Let's enter the Gobbiglie club
R: But we founded the Gobbiglie club
R: Let's drink a confusing concoction


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